Dec 12

Green Calcite–Stone of the Week (December 15th-21st)

The holiday season is upon us!  It’s a time of wrapping up lots of presents and lots of end of the year business.  When you have added stress and extra germs floating around due to cold and flu season, it can be a recipe for illness.  There are so many sick people right now that you might be tempted to wear a surgical mask upon exiting your home.  But instead of that, why not try wearing Green Calcite?  It’s a stone that can boost your immune system and improve your well-being in many ways.

dreamstime_xs_11156486 Green Calcite works on a physical body level to improve the functioning of the immune system.  When I work with it in healing sessions, I can sense the energy moving into the spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow to help boost the production of white blood cells.   This is why many people have had success in eliminating bacterial and viral infections with Green Calcite.  Green Calcite is a natural amplifier of positive energies.  When placed on the body, it can expand your general health and vitality.  It connects to higher energy patterns of physical and emotional well-being and delivers them into the cellular level.  

Green Calcite is also a top clearing stone, releasing the root cause of illness in a variety of ways.  Many times it is stress and tension that compromises the immune system, making you susceptible to contracting infections.  Green Calcite has a highly soothing quality to it. Holding one can induce a sense of relaxation, like your are letting out a sigh of relief that releases anxiety and stress on a deep physical level.  Green Calcite can also clear general lower energies that you are exposed to, such as negative emotions from others or EMF’s from technology. It releases old energy that has become stuck, stagnant, or trapped anywhere in the body that would otherwise lead to disease. 

You can also work with Green Calcite to affect your mental body and to create wellness.  Many times your own thoughts and belief patterns can contribute to illness.  For example, if you believe that you are vulnerable to catching the flu at certain times of the year, then it is likely you will manifest that.  Or perhaps you have a belief that your respiratory system is weak.  Since your body is conscious, it takes your thoughts as instructions and runs with them.  You can work with Green Calcite to consciously reprogram your thought patterns around your physical body.  Write down the new beliefs you would like to adopt about your health. Then spend some time in meditation with a Green Calcite over your solar plexus chakra, focusing on your new beliefs.  

If you become sick, it is recommended that you seek treatment from a qualified medical professional.  But know that you can safely work with Green Calcite, in conjunction with any prescribed medicine, to naturally speed up the healing process. You could use medical tape to secure it directly over an infected area, so that it is continually infused with healing energy.  You could also place it over the spleen or thymus to boost the lymphatic system and the creation of white blood cells.  One other suggestion is to place it over the high body point. This point is located between the heart and solar plexus chakras, about an inch or two beneath the sternum. Activating it allows your entire physical body to vibrate at a higher rate. This increases vitality and helps to boost the functioning of all organs and systems to a higher level.  Please stay well this holiday season with Green Calcite!  Get it at Nature’s Treasures this week, while it is ten percent off.