Nov 15

Mookaite Jasper–Stone of the Week (November 17th-23rd)

Being incarnated onto a 3-dimensional planet can be quite a trip–and modern living can take its toll!  We are increasingly becoming disconnected from nature, our instincts, and our true essence. And instead, we are connecting more to a compartmentalized, electronic world with shallow values and health-diminishing stressors.  When you need to feel and remember what being in a human body is really all about, you can work with Mookaite Jasper to tap back into your physical birthright.

Mook JasperFound only in Australia, Mookaite Jasper is a sedimentary rock formed from the skeletal remains of ancient creatures, silica, and other minerals. It can contain a wide and pleasing range of colors:  deep red, burgundy, mustard, white, beige, cream, mauve, and purple.  It is a stone that can activate the lower three, more physical chakras and link them with the third eye, our psychic center.  Having these chakras engaged can help us more consciously connect into the Earth grids, the ley-lines and energy currents that feed this planet.  We can begin to feel the Earth’s natural transmissions and draw them into our lower chakras to keep our bodies balanced, vitalized, and sharply tuned.   

Mookaite Jasper attunes us to our world, enhancing our intuition and gut-level, instinctual knowing about what is coming and how to respond. Crystal Expert, Robert Simmons, says that Mookaite can connect us with our animal instincts, and it can even assist with animal communication. Placing Mookaite Jasper at the solar plexus chakra can help you trust your gut when making decisions, especially when there are a lot of conflicting factors to consider.  It helps you to navigate whatever landscape or situation you are in, as if you have a strong inner GPS keeping you safe and on track.  

Mook AMookaite also tunes us into our genetic memory and ancestral line, so that we may reap the benefit of many lifetimes of experiences.  Our bodies are a storehouse of memories, even beyond our own.  There’s scientific evidence that suggests that the beliefs and experiences of our ancestors are literally passed down in the DNA.  Crystal Expert, Naisha Ahsian says that Mookaite not only helps us to tap into these ancestral memories, but it can also help us to clear big patterns and lessons carried over from previous generations.  She also shares that Mookaite can help us to slow down the aging process.  It vitalizes the major organs and regenerates the tissues.  It also works on the mental body level to shift your thoughts and beliefs around the aging process, aligning them with a higher level of truth around longevity and your potential for healthy living.  So if you are ready to be more at home in your body and in your world, Mookaite Jasper is your stone!  Get yours this week at Nature’s Treasures, while it is ten percent off.