Nov 07

Lithium Quartz–Stone of the Week (November 10th-16th)

We are now officially coming up on the holiday season, which can put even the calmest person into a frenzy.  Stress and anxiety is a pervasive issue, as the pace of life continues to accelerate in our already over-scheduled realities.  Luckily, the mineral kingdom gives us her very own natural version of Paxil–stones with a lithium content (such as Lepidolite, Kunzite, Hiddenite, Elbaite Tourmaline, and Petalite.)  Hands down, my favorite lithium-bearing stone is Lithium Quartz: a powerhouse for calming, clearing, and higher dimensional attunement.   


Lithium  Quartz  contains a powerful combination of Lithium, Manganese, Iron, and Kaolinite inclusions, giving this crystal a pinkish grey or lavender color. All of these minerals are powerful in their own right.  And when they are combined in Quartz, their individual properties create a synergy and are greatly amplified. To give you a better appreciation of each component of Lithium Quartz, here are the energetic attributes of each inclusion:

Lithium brings you to a centered space and clears anxiety, stress, depression, worry, and fear.  It activates the third eye, tuning you into the calm energy of the higher realms.  

Manganese has a grounding quality that brings emotional balance and physical healing. 

Iron balances the mental and emotional bodies; and according to Crystal Expert, Melody, it can connect us with ancient healing techniques of Lemuria.  She also says that when Iron is combined with Quartz, the effects are amplified and the vibratory rate is raised to a mastery level.  

Kaolinite helps with processing and clearing problematic life situations, while bringing a smoother flow.

Lithium-Q1-300x225-2The combined effect is a sense of slowing down, coming to center, rising above emotional or 3-D discordance, and connecting to the higher flows. It’s as if this stone delivers the calming touch of Angels, a gentle sensation that is also very powerful, easy to feel, and fast-acting.  Placing Lithium Quartz over the third eye initiates a pleasant feeling of flow that elevates you beyond any immediate stressors.   This makes Lithium Quartz a perfect crystal for anyone who has problems relaxing, letting go of stress, or with insomnia.  It is also wonderful support for anyone who experiences anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.  As a meditation stone, Lithium Quartz brings you into an altered state of consciousness and relaxation–perfect for receiving higher guidance.   

Lithium Quartz is an excellent choice for healers, since it cleanses negativity and brings in higher dimensional frequencies and light codes. Lithium Quartz can transmute and release negative attachments and energetic patterns from any chakra or energy center in the body.  Place it anywhere on the body where discordant energy is sensed to clear it and infuse the area with pure light.   I do believe that Lithium Quartz can bring in downloads and higher light codes.  I have seen this happen in my healing sessions.  Clients have been able to see and feel coded information coming into their higher energy centers.  I have also had the experience of holding a Lithium Quartz crystal and watching etched triangles suddenly appear on the face of the crystal! Also known as records, these triangles that appear on Quartz represent coded information.  So “crack the code” of stress and lower vibrational states by working with Lithium Quartz.  You can get yours this week at Nature’s Treasures for ten percent off.