Nov 01

Unakite–Stone of the Week (November 3rd-9th)

Have you noticed that a lot of people are really working on themselves right now?  Perhaps it is because the cosmic energies this year have been highlighting for us what is not working, encouraging us to change whatever is holding us back from being in our true radiance and power.  If you are ready to make sustainable life changes and to heal big patterns related to health and emotional well-being, Unakite is the stone for you.

UnakiteUnakite is a lovely composite of pink Feldspar, red Jasper, and green Epidote.  It has very pleasing color combinations that range from moss to pistachio green entwined with pink, peach, and faint red.  These colors are related to the heart chakra, making Unakite a stone that nurtures, heals, and balances the emotional body.  When your heart chakra is in the proper balance, you have the ability to take in all of the good that life is offering and to not allow in negativity that is around you.  You are more easily able to deal with natural fluctuations in relationships and to respond appropriately.  And you experience more harmony, compassion, and positive connection.

Many spiritual teachers recognize that the root of physical disorders is usually a repressed emotional pattern.  If you have ever read Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, you have probably been astounded by the chart that gives the underlying emotional cause to any physical issue you are experiencing.  When you don’t express the emotions you are feeling, that energy has to go somewhere.  It ends up being stored in the tissues of the physical body. According to Naisha Ahsian, Unakite helps prevent these emotional patterns from turning into disease, or helps release them from the tissues if they have already manifested.  Part of the process of emotional release is identifying these old emotions and where they are residing in the body, and then letting them out in some productive way–such as through art, writing, communicating, or receiving energy healing.  But to achieve a real breakthrough, you should also work on releasing the thoughts and habitual ways of being that contribute to these lower emotional states.  Unakite can assist in all of these aspects of emotional release, creating a total healing. 

Unakite can also assist you in gradually releasing addictions and unhealthy habits for your physical body–such as smoking, drug use, excessive drinking, or overeating.  Major lifestyle change doesn’t normally happen overnight;  it is usually a process.  Unakite provides energetic support that is slow and steady, encouraging making changes in a sustainable way. Under its influence, you can begin to let go of the emotional triggers that cause the habits.  And over time, Unakite can instigate a detoxification process, helping your body to let go of the substances and energetic residues that are stored in the cells. 

Due to the Epidote content in Unakite, it is also a stone that can facilitate growth and expansion.  It is a perfect stone for those who are in a committed romantic partnership, as it will expand the love and support the relationship as it matures.  And if the couple is ready to expand the family by bringing in children, Unakite is known to help with conception. According to Linda Mason of crysalvaults.com, Unakite will support health during pregnancy;  and parents-to-be can begin forming a spiritual connection with the unborn child by placing Unakite over the womb.  So if you are interested in adding Unakite to your crystal toolkit, get it this week while it is ten percent off at Nature’s Treasures.  You will be glad you did!