Oct 24

Phantom Quartz–Stone of the Week (October 27th-November 2nd)

halloween phantomsBoo!  Do these crystals scare you?  They should!  Can’t you see the ghosts that are trapped inside?  They are Phantom Quartz, and you will find them haunting the shelves of Nature’s Treasures.  In fact, the employees are so ready to get rid of them, that they are ten percent off this week–right in time for Halloween!

Actually, Phantom Quartz is not at all frightening.  They are generally very ancient, and they have lived through many cycles of growth. The visible layers tell a story of their development and can be compared to tree rings.  When the crystal is forming, there is a pause in the growth process.  During this pause, another mineral or dust is introduced to the crystal surface.  Then the crystal resumes its growth, trapping the other minerals or dust inside and creating the effect of an internal, ghostlike crystalline apparition.  Phantom Quartz represents the entirety of our journey, the many phases of life and transformations that we go through while we exist in a physical body.     

close up phantomPhantom Quartz guides you in the process of accessing other life-times and even your entire soul history.  You can meditate with a Phantom Quartz and hold the intention of tapping into your akashic records.  Often when I do healing work with Phantom Quartz, I place it over the client’s crown or third eye chakra.  It helps me to receive visions and information about the client’s unique soul gifts or themes that they are working through in a series of lifetimes.  Sometimes a karmic pattern or miasm will become evident that has been carried over from the past. Phantom Quartz not only brings this information to the surface, but can also be worked with to consciously clear the pattern.  

According to crystal expert, Melody, Phantom Quartz symbolizes universal awareness and it brings people together to help save and renew the planet.  For those who resonate with the role of Earth-Keeper, this crystal is invaluable and can be used in a group setting to achieve positive outcomes for the planet.  With the aid of Phantom Quartz, you can travel back to the time when Earth was in her pristine, untouched state and bring that vision and energy forward into this time/space.  I believe that you can also tap into potential future timelines, where the Earth’s problems are solved, and anchor the outcomes here.  I found a blog on keen.com written by Divine Prince, and this statement really resonated with me:  “Some even believe that past life Light Masters and Crystal Masters left volumes of prerecorded holographic sound/vibrational/visual/audio empathic materials within these structures (Phantom Quartz) for our discovery at the time in creation when we would need them and be most able to develop the mental, spiritual, and light skill ability to access them.”  Perhaps that time is now, and we can begin to access this stored information for the betterment of humanity and the planet.    

I learned from reading Melody’s work that Phantom Quartz can also be used to commune with your personal spirit guide.  Here’s how I like to do it.  Gaze into the crystal, breathe, relax, and move into an altered state of consciousness.  Close your eyes, and then imagine that you are projecting yourself inside of the crystalline phantom structure, which becomes like a sacred temple.  Call your spirit guide to you, and be open to getting a vision or a sense of this being.  This is the time to ask any questions you have about your life or any specific circumstances that you need help with.  Allow any relevant information to flow into your consciousness, and trust what you receive.  So this Halloween, I hope you have an encounter with the right kind of phantom–Phantom Quartz!