Oct 17

Zincite–Stone of the Week (October 20th-26th)

zincite fancyWe are at a pivotal moment in time, and the Universe is asking us one big question:  What is it that you want to create now?  The lunar eclipse on October 8th instigated a process of major clearing and recalibrating, encouraging a time of soul-searching and heightened self-awareness. And this week, on October 23rd, we have a solar eclipse.  The solar eclipse is all about aligning with pure life force energy and integrating higher frequencies of light to manifest something new.  This week’s eclipse will shower us with “fresh start” energy.  It is up to us to harness it and turn it into blessings.  There is no better stone to help us do this than Zincite.

Zincite is like crystalline fire. In fact, the most vibrant and translucent specimens formed as a result of a fire in a zinc smelting plant in Poland. (My two Zincite stones, pictured below, are a prime example!)  Holding a piece of Zincite can feel like getting zapped with hot, vitalizing life-force energy. This stone is very much connected to the life-giving energies of the sun and is perfect for maximizing the solar eclipse energies.  

my zincitesFire has two important healing qualities:  it energizes and it incinerates.  If you have been feeling fatigued, drained, and depleted lately, let Zincite come to the rescue. When you feel that there are specific systems in your body that are sluggish or under functioning, such as your endocrine system, digestive system, reproductive system, etc., you can place Zincite on the corresponding chakra or area of the body to give it a boost of energy. Or for general fatigue, consider placing a Zincite at the throat chakra to support the thyroid and parathyroid, or you could even use medical tape to secure two small Zincite stones in the area of your adrenal glands.  Zincite is extra powerful, so it shouldn’t take long for you to feel the energizing effects.  

Another valuable use of Zincite is for burning away big energy blockages that are affecting your personal reality, health, and manifesting power.  Many times I have had clients who feel “stuck” in some area of their lives, which usually indicates a congealed pattern or obstruction in the chakras or meridians.  Once I pinpoint where the blockage is, placing Zincite there is like setting a fire to clear the area and promote energy flow.  If you suspect you have blocked energy, you could work with a pendulum to diagnose where the blockage(s) exist.  Suspend the pendulum a few inches above each chakra.  If the pendulum moves in a circle, the area is clear. If the pendulum moves back and forth, or not at all, place a Zincite over the chakra for about eleven minutes to transmute any stuck energy.  

Perhaps one of the most compelling uses of Zincite is for high-level manifestation, and I like what Robert Simmons has to say about it.  Many times those of us who are on a spiritual path are very focused in our higher chakras.  We often get expanded visions and ideas–breakthrough inspirations from the higher planes for bettering our world.  But in order for us to ground these visions into our personal and collective reality, our lower three chakras need to be fully activated and involved.  Zincite has a way of  intensely awakening the lower three chakras and linking them with the third eye and crown, creating a “power surge” for enlightened manifesting.  At the sacral chakra, it brings your creativity and passion to its highest expression. And at the solar plexus, it amplifies determination, confidence, and the focus of attention required to manifest your visions.  Thursday’s solar eclipse is the perfect cosmic opportunity to connect with your higher self and place your order into the Universe for what you want to manifest next in your life.  Place a Zincite over your solar plexus, and spend some time in meditation fully visualizing it happening. Be sure to allow yourself to feel all of the positive emotions and joy in advance, since this adds fire to the manifestation process. Nature’s Treasures has a stunning new supply of Zincite, and this week it is ten percent off.  Happy Solar Eclipse Manifesting!