Oct 04

Pietersite–Stone of the Week (October 6th-12th)

dreamstime_xs_23498159This week kicks off a powerful window of time, punctuated by eclipses.  We have a lunar eclipse on October 8th and a solar eclipse on October 23rd.  Each is powerful in its own right, but when two eclipses occur within fifteen days, experts say that the energetic intensity is greatly amplified!  The electromagnetic energy changes during an eclipse; and as bio-energetic beings, we are affected on a neurological, glandular, and intuitive level.  According to James Tyberonn, waves of concentrated, coherent life force particles and light codes bombard the planet during eclipses, which can activate the pineal and pituitary glands.  This can help recalibrate and balance the body, while awakening the psychic senses so that you can expand your dimensional receptivity.  The veils are thinner, and dreams and meditations are greatly enhanced. It is also a time of shake-up, as the energetic environment becomes a little unstable.  Especially during this week’s lunar eclipse, don’t be surprised if old emotions spontaneously emerge to be vented and released.  Lunar eclipses are an opportunity for deep self exploration, with the purpose of making necessary changes and shifts in direction.  The perfect stone to support us during this week’s lunar eclipse is Pietersite.

Pietersite is a beautiful stone with flashing color rays of deep blue, gold, brown, and grey.  It is known to activate the higher glands, the pituitary and pineal, to create balance in the entire endocrine system.  On a physical level, this helps to regulate hormones that affect metabolism, the reproductive system, blood pressure, and other biological processes.  On an energetic level, it awakens the intuition and psychic senses. Pietersite is the perfect stone to assist professional psychics or intuitive healers in receiving clearer and more accurate information from other realms.   This stone is ideal for awakening the third eye, your psychic center, and the solar plexus, your center of manifestation and will.  With both chakras activated, it is easier to gain clear psychic insights related to and resulting in the manifestation of positive life changes.  During conscious mediative journeying, it helps you to reach the target destination of your will.  So in this way, it can help you consciously direct your psychic experiences.  During this eclipse, when you have greater dimensional access and special transformative energies are available, it is a good idea work with Pietersite over the third eye for productive meditation and breakthroughs.  

According to Naisha Ahsian, Pietersite resonates with storm energy.  It has a powerful cleansing effect on the chakra system and entire auric field; and it is especially useful for clearing out pent-up, emotional energy that has been trapped in your system.  It is a good solution for any kind of stagnant energy or patterns that you need to move through, making room for sunshine and new pathways to manifest.  Therefore, you can work with Pietersite to help you navigate any emotions or remove blockages that the eclipse might bring up.  

Pietersite also has a way of grounding higher light into the body, and it helps to expand the spectrum of light that you can successfully integrate.  It does so by strengthening the nervous system and brain, so that you can process more energetic input.  James Tyberonn says that the October eclipses will be highly coded–more so than usual.  So to get the most out of the wide array of available light codes, work with Pietersite at the higher chakras to tune up your nervous system.  Now is the perfect time to pick up Pietersite at Nature’s Treasures, since it is ten percent off this week.  Happy Lunar Eclipse!