Sep 06

Moonstone–Stone of the Week (September 8th-14th)

Moonstone1-300x224-1When the moon is full, our inner world of feelings and subtle intuition is naturally amplified and brought to the surface–and this month’s moon is even more powerful than most! On September 8th, we have the third supermoon of the summer, which is also the Harvest moon.  People are calling it a waterworks full moon, because it falls in the sign of Pisces and is conjunct Chiron.  This moon is supposed to trigger childhood issues, past wounds, patterns relating to addiction, and unhealthy relationship dynamics.  So don’t be surprised if you are extra sensitive or super weepy a few days before and after the 8th.  It is the perfect time to work with Moonstone, as it will help you stabilize your emotions, tune into yourself, and move through this lunar cycle with ease and grace.  

Moonstone is a beautiful feldspar mineral, my favorite specimens exhibiting flashing, opalescent rainbow colors.   Whenever you find a stone with this prismatic quality, it is always a prize.  The flashing property assists you in shifting your consciousness to other levels of reality–from your inner, subconscious world all the way to the farthest reaches of the dimensional spectrum.  They are also powerful protectors, because they act as mirrors that deflect negative energy, sending it on its way.  You can also connect with joy and raise your vibration with flashy, iridescent stones. 

The ancients recognized that Moonstone exhibits goddess and lunar qualities, such as receptivity, intuition, introspection, and regeneration.  Like the moon, this is a stone that can naturally amplify your psychic abilities and intuitive knowing.  It enhances your clairvoyance, helping you to receive clear messages and hunches that will bring great insight into the situations at hand.  The crystalline structure of Moonstone is monoclinic, and monoclinic stones have a natural resonance with the third eye.  So the internal geometric structure of Moonstone will naturally work to activate the pituitary and pineal glands, which enhance your ability to perceive beyond the five senses.  

Moonstone has also historically been known as the stone for balancing the hormones, the reproductive system, the fluids, and the biorhythms.  I believe that there is a connection between its balancing effect on the body and its ability to strengthen the pituitary gland.  In addition to activating your psychic powers, the pituitary gland is also your master gland, which secretes hormones and regulates many biological processes.  So if you are experiencing any type of hormonal or chemical imbalance, work regularly with Moonstone over the third eye to help bring these things back into their proper rhythm.

Moonstone is also very stabilizing to the emotional body. It brings in a calming energy that is peaceful, relaxing, and aligned with well-being.  When I have found myself in an emotionally-wound state, meditating inside of a circle of Moonstones and with a Moonstone on the third eye has brought me right back to a calm and centered place.  It feels like being held in the arms of a Mother Angel, who so beautifully rocks you into tranquility.  The erratic emotional energy settles down, and you can realign with the higher natural and spiritual flows again. Moonstone is also helpful in clearing the energy centers, purifying the auric field, and dissolving negative emotional patterns in the solar plexus and sacral chakras.  So if you are feeling emotionally affected by this week’s powerful supermoon, I suggest going to Nature’s Treasures and buying a Moonstone while they are ten percent off.