Aug 30

Morganite–Stone of the Week (September 1st-7th)

morganiteWe are all looking for more love, deeper relationships, and a true sense of intimacy with the Divine.  Like Emerald, Morganite belongs to the beryl family, and so it is sometimes referred to as the “Pink Emerald.” It helps us to be more abundant in love, increasing the amount and quality that we experience. 

Morganite activates the higher heart center, located a few inches above the heart chakra.  With the higher heart activated, it is much easier to access Divine love; which is a truer vibration of heart energy that transcends human judgment and 3-D distortions.  It is also easier to tune into the unconditional support, guidance, and healing frequencies of your higher self, spirit guides, and the Divine Source.

Morganite is the gemstone to turn to if you want to attract in a new romantic relationship or new friendships with kindred spirits. It helps you to identify blockages, patterns, and attitudes that stand in the way of new relationships coming in.  And once you have the awareness of what has been blocking your heart, it helps to transmute these lower patterns with pure love. Once the clearing is done, Morganite can help to magnetize the right partner and/or connections that are a good match. I am happy to say that Morganite is an exceptional crystalline cupid!  I worked with a gem quality piece of Morganite every day when I was ready to attract a soulmate relationship.  About a month later, I met my current partner, who I have been with for almost five years now.  We share many other lifetimes and a similar vision of spirituality and healing, which was my top requirement! 

If you are already in a relationship, Morganite will bring your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy and connection. It expands your capacity for unconditional love, compassion, vulnerability and appreciation for all of the wonderful things about your partner, and also for yourself!  As an act of self love, I suggest that you go to Nature’s Treasures this week and get yourself a Morganite, while it is ten percent off.