Aug 22

Ocean Jasper–Stone of the Week (August 25-31st)


Ocean Jasper is a whimsical stone that expresses in a wide range of colors and fun patterns–like polka dots, concentric orbs, straight or diagonal stripes, and even wavy lines–sometimes all in the same stone. It is mined by hand at low tide off of the North West coast of Madagascar, and it captures the positive and rejuvenating powers of a vacation in paradise.  

Ocean Jasper’s energies are very wholesome and nurturing, helping to lift you out of depression and lower feeling states. It lightens your attitude and the energy around you, so that you can stay optimistic and see the bright side of all that is happening in your life. Ocean Jasper creates a force field of positive energy that you can radiate into the world to shift all of those around you into a brighter mindset. This makes it a great tool or power piece for the light worker. When you hold this stone, waves of good feelings wash over you in a way that is tactile, that you can feel as positive sensations in your body. I interpret these sensations as the activation of joy in yourself on a cellular or body consciousness level. Naisha Ahsian makes a good point, that the circular markings on some Ocean Jasper stones even look like cells. So perhaps this stone does resonate well with healing the cellular level of our beings. 

The physical body loves Ocean Jasper, and it seems to help you become more tactically aware of the love produced and vibrating in every atom of your body.  Ocean Jasper can help you heal your relationship with your body, so that you feel more connected with your physicality and treat it with more care. This makes it much easier to release harmful addictions and to align with healthier lifestyle choices. According to Naisha Ahsian, it also promotes the healing of  major organs, regeneration of tissue, and balancing of the endocrine system.  

Ocean Jasper has a strong Earth connection and a grounded, practical quality to its energy.  It gently encourages you to make small and easy adjustments that will make a big difference in your energy and how you feel. It will connect with the individual and scan your unique life patterns, then it will help to surface practical ideas in your mind about the baby steps you can take that will have the greatest impact on your overall well-being. For example, when I wore Ocean Jasper continually for a week, I felt a sudden urge to wear all white and listen to harmonious music every day.  Both were very easy things that made a big difference in my energy and mood.  Ocean Jasper consciousness often speaks in Earth-based symbolism and imagery, flooding your mind with scenes depicting different Earth kingdoms, elements, and creatures that are relevant to healing yourself.  Meditating with it is like infusing yourself with the vibrant and replenishing energies of nature and paradise–it’s like a mini-vacation in a stone.  So if you can’t jump on a plane to Costa Rica, be sure to take a trip to Nature’s Treasures this week to get ten percent off of Ocean Jasper.