Aug 10

Covellite–Stone of the Week (August 18-24th)


Covellite, also called the blue healer, is a metallic, indigo stone that activates the third eye and has a powerful vacuum cleaner effect for your mind, body, and spirit.  In my opinion, it is one of the top stones of this age–an essential for all healers, psychics, and spiritual seekers.

Covellite is a copper-bearing stone, which means it has a natural ability to pull out stuck energy, unhealthy mental and physical patterns, emotional traumas, and any lower energy that no longer serves us.  Stones with a copper content also promote energy flow through the chakras and meridians.  Those that are indigo have a specialty of activating and clearing the higher chakras and spiritual levels of the being, getting to the karmic root of issues that are plaguing you. Covellite can activate your third eye and higher understanding of why certain situations have manifested in your life based on your entire soul history. Covellite then brings in higher dimensional healing energy to transform these patterns once and for all. 

Covellite is the blue healer, because it has the vibrational flexibility that allows it to connect to the highest levels of the being, while also getting down to the gross physical level and assisting with healing miracles in the body. Covellite is a godsend when you are facing cancer.  According to Crystal Expert, Melody, “This mineral has been used in the treatment of cancer, to stimulate disordered cells to re-order themselves and to purge any toxins from within the body.”  I have personally seen Covellite help a client to beat cancer, and I believe that it just as effective with other serious illnesses that have a karmic cause.  Meditate with Covellite on the third eye, while holding the intention that you want to see and heal the root cause of an illness. I also suggest placing Covellite over the area of the body that requires healing. The cells receive an infusion of light, and an energetic restructuring happens. You come into greater wholeness, and the blueprint for healing is firmly established within you.

Covellite awakens your third eye and intuitive abilities, and it helps psychics and healers bring their work to a higher level.  With the help of Covellite, you can tune into other lifetimes on this planet, and even in other realms, so that you can connect with your gifts and integrate other aspects of yourself.  Covellite has a grounding quality that can bridge the higher realms and physical reality.  It can activate abilities you had in other existences, so that you can work with them here.  I believe it does so by turning on the part of your etheric DNA where these skills are stored, so that they can begin to express in your current life.  So if you are ready to awaken, to heal, and to move forward in your life, be sure to pick up some Covellite at Nature’s Treasures this week while it is ten percent off.