Aug 09

Amber–Stone of the Week (August 11-17, 2014)


Amber, a fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, embodies the warmth and life-giving qualities of the sun.  Revered as medicine in many cultures throughout time, Amber was also known to draw out disease, absorb and transmute negative energy, enhance mood and attractiveness, and assist with manifestation.  

Amber acts in a magnetic way.  For instance, if you rub Amber against wool, it will attract paper.  It enhances your personal magnetism, and it also magnifies the qualities that makes the wearer attractive in all ways–such as beauty, radiance, and charisma.  Perhaps that is why it has historically been worn as jewelry to attract love, luck, and prosperity.  To activate its power of attraction, I suggest rubbing a piece of Amber while focusing on what you want to create, to help draw it into your life.  

It is this same magnetic quality that gives Amber another of its helpful healing powers: the ability to draw out disease and negative energy, and to transmute it into positive light. Amber clears on multiple levels of the being–the physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies. Therefore, it is perfect for treating the energetic causes of any physical or emotional disorder. You could use a pendulum over the chakras or specific areas of the body to detect if there are any energy blockages.  Hold the pendulum a few inches above the area.  If it moves in a circle, the area is clear and filled with positive energy.  If the pendulum moves back and forth or stays still, then you could place an Amber there for at least fifteen minutes to help transmute the lower, stuck energy. Amber is also ideal for shamanic work involving entity removal, and for removing negative influences from the physical environment. Historically, it has been burned as incense to clear spaces.  

The Greeks described Amber as petrified sun rays, and it does heal by beaming more vitality and sunshine into the body and heart.  It delivers life force energy deep into the cells. Amber boosts the endocrine and digestive systems, which helps to balance and regulate the body.  And it helps to rev up the metabolism so that you feel more energetic.  If you are feeling down, try working with Amber to lift your spirits and emotions.  Like the sun, it can burn away any clouds you might have on an emotional level so that your true radiance and positive attitude can shine through.  Nature’s Treasures has a wonderful selection of Amber, so be sure to stop by this week and get some petrified sunshine while it is ten percent off.