Jul 18

Rutilated Quartz–Crystal of the Week (July 21-27, 2014)

RQ2 You know you came to Earth with a special mission:  to awaken your spiritual gifts and to transform the very fabric of your life and this reality into a higher expression.  Rutilated Quartz is a crystal that will help you to access and embody more of your spiritual mastery.  Rutile is a titanium oxide crystal that looks like brown, gold, silver, or red needles.  When we find Rutile inside of amplifying Quartz, it creates the effect of antennas or channels of connection to various multidimensional realms, beings, or potential timelines. It delivers these higher energy streams into the etheric, third eye, and crown chakras, and it also assists with grounding these frequencies into the cells.  This helps with spiritual activation and enhancement of psychic gifts, especially relating to channeling, meditation, and healing. The Rutile also helps you to connect with the Earth grids. This enables you to flow the higher energies down into the planet and to also receive nourishing and grounding Earth energies. With Rutilated Quartz, your physical vehicle is connected with all of the benefical energies it needs, from above and from below, to rock this reality!

Rutilated Quartz is a powerful manifestation stone, assisting you to pull in the potential reality that is best for you. Think about what it is you want to create in your life, and place Rutilated Quartz over the solar plexus chakra to bring in new connections, contacts, resources, opportunities, and synchronicities.  It will align you with your highest possible outcome, helping to make it so!

Rutilated Quartz is also a vibrational healer that will help you shine your light in the world.  It cleanses and vitalizes the aura, and it removes negative energy.  It also clears past traumas and blockages to spiritual growth. Rutilated Quartz guards against psychic attack, and it helps relieve anxiety, depression, fears, and other energetic constrictions.  Place it anywhere on the body where you need an infusion of clearing and healing energy.  Be sure to visit Nature’s Treasures the week of July 21th-27th to get 10 % off of Rutilated Quartz, and allow it to bring out your inner guru!