Aug 08

Which crystals can help me discover my life purpose?

“Dear Adrienne, I’m in a space of soul-searching and trying to discover my life purpose.  I am just not happy at my current job, and I feel like I need to change so that I am doing something more aligned with who I really am.  I want to do something that helps people and brings in more light.  But I must admit that I am confused about the best path.  There are many things I am good at and interested in, but I nothing stands out as the obvious direction for me.  Are there any crystals that I can meditate with that would help me connect with my purpose?” 


Congratulations are in order!  Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you have reached a beautiful level of awareness.  You are clear that it is a top priority for you to be aligned with your true purpose and to make a real difference in this world.  So pat yourself on the back, because as I see it, you have set an intention to move into a happier place of fulfillment.  And it is already on the way to you, the path already exists.  It’s just a matter of tuning in and allowing it to unfold.  For once we make this decision, all of our spirit helpers line up to bring the new opportunities in.  It sounds like you are in a normal part of the process of exploring your options, and I think you are on the right track of setting aside time for meditation and reflection.  There are definitely some wonderful crystals that you can meditate with to assist you in your process of discovering your higher purpose.  

Lapis Lazuli, revered by the ancient Egyptians and considered to be the most beneficial stone for humanity by Edgar Cayce, is a top stone for facilitating deep inner journey and discovering your truth.  It stimulates the third eye and assists in expanding your consciousness so that you may receive higher guidance and inspiration.  It has historically been used to connect with the gods, and used in meditation it can help you to explore other lifetimes and realities where clues about your unique soul gifts exist.  Lapis Lazuli contains Pyrite, which helps to ground, stabilize, and actualize the divine inspiration you receive in meditation.  It also contains Calcite, which has a clearing and amplifying effect.  This might be useful in clearing any clouds of confusion you might be experiencing in your search for purpose.  Lapis Lazuli does wonders for auric maintenance, as it stabilizes, mends, and strengthens your fields.  Therefore it is suggested to wear it consistently, and it is especially useful to keep outside influences at bay while you are in a space of self reflection. 

If you are truly ready to make big changes that will rapidly align you with your higher spiritual path, Moldavite is for you.  According to Moldavite expert, Robert Simmons, it formed as a result of a meteorite crash in Czechoslovakia around 14.8 million years ago.  It has an extremely high and powerful energy that first assists to clear all that is out of integrity with your true spiritual purpose. It can be placed on all of the chakras for a rapid clearing and activation.  This cleansing process can be drastic, causing jobs, relationships, or patterns that are not for your highest good to fall away.  But what happens next is the beautiful part.  Moldavite begins to accelerate your spiritual and psychic abilities, assisting with sudden breakthroughs, aha moments, and bringing in the right synchronicities and connections to get you on a higher and better path.  Meditations, dreams, and connection with higher guides becomes more vivid.  Moldavite helps to move you into your higher flow so that you can fulfill your unique mission.  This is a stone that makes things happen and moves things along, especially if you are feeling stuck.  So it is advised that you work with it in smaller doses at first, to see how you are responding to it, and then gradually increase your exposure to this powerful ally.  

Lapis Lazuli and Moldavite is a combination that works very harmoniously for discovering your life purpose and making it happen.  Moldavite has an energy that is fast-acting and can feel like a powerful force of nature that changes your very landscape, and Lapis Lazuli brings in the higher insight and energy in a peaceful and stabilizing fashion.  These stones balance each other in a beautiful way, so I would suggest working with them together.  You could call in your higher self, lie down, and place Lapis Lazuli at the third eye point.  Move peacefully into a meditative state and see what comes to you.  A little later into it, you might add Moldavite at the crown to intensify and deepen your experience.  Listen to your own intuition about how long to stay in meditation or if you should place the stones on other chakras as well.  I wish you all the best, and I have a feeling that very soon your life will change for the better, and you will have a big, genuine smile on your face.