Dec 02

Is there a crystal for resisting the temptation of unhealthy holiday food?

“Dear Adrienne, My sister and I were chatting about how we always feel sick and gross after returning from our parents house for the holidays. Our parents (divorced, so, 2 sets of houses) always have tables full of pies and desserts, a ton of carbs from stuffing to sugary sweet potatoes and all kinds of festive cheese logs. Not things either of us usually eat for health reasons (I have various food sensitivities and she struggles with emotional eating and weight) so we both find that we gorge while there. It’s all so tempting and just sitting there, staring at us. I’ve tried for years, and now I think she’s trying, to talk to our parents about it but they’re deeply attached. These are foods that their parents served, baking and cooking is such a part of their memory and concept of what Christmas is… even though they’re all dealing with food related health issues from diabetes to cholesterol. Really, it’s madness. So that was a long explanation for you:  
Q. Is there a crystal that we can carry to help us resist the temptation of gorging on all of this beautiful food that we know will not serve our wellness in the end?”


With all of its decadent treats, holidays can really do in those of us who are watching our waste lines and our health.  Who wants to offend Aunt Edna by not eating her famous pumpkin cheesecake, that she spent half a day preparing with love?  Just one bite won’t hurt…but who can stop there? You can!  There are certain crystals and stones that boost your self control and help you resist the temptation to overindulge. So this year, you can leave the stretchy pants at home and wear these suggested crystals as jewelry instead.

Lapis Lazuli will lend you the inner strength and higher wisdom to back away from the cheese log. Highly prized by the ancient Egyptians and recognized by Edgar Cayce as one of the most beneficial stones for humanity, Lapis is a beautiful blue stone with inclusions of Pyrite and Calcite.  It is best known to help with spiritual mastery, as it activates your third eye, mental body, and ability to tap into the highest levels of wisdom and truth. When you are connected to your higher inner voice with Lapis Lazuli, it is easier to hear what your body really needs and to honor it as a sacred temple.  Lapis Lazuli is also a protective stone that seals and repairs your auric field.  With a strong energetic boundary in place, it is much easier to not be swayed by the ideas, attitudes, and persuasion techniques of friends and family and to stay true to yourself.   The specimens that have a higher content of Pyrite are especially useful for the purpose of being good over the holidays. Pyrite significantly enhances your willpower.  It naturally helps you to release bad habits and firmly establish healthy patterns.  It is also known to counteract bad influences in your environment so that you are unaffected by them.  

 Amethyst will also assist you in vibrating beyond the influence.  This beautiful crystal radiates high energy from the spiritual realms and is known as the gemstone of spiritual purification and protection. It can remove negative influences and unhealthy attachments from your energy field.  Historically it has been used to combat overindulgence and giving in to passions or addictions that aren’t good for you.  It brings balance, calm, and emotional centering, negating many triggers that might cause us to binge or overeat.  This peaceful and centering quality can also be useful during family gatherings, when you are bound to be around people who are karmic button-pushers.  Amethyst will uplift the entire atmosphere of your holiday party and share its positive influence with everyone in attendance. Wearing Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli together would be a stellar idea–even the Pope is known to wear this powerful combination!  Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday filled with true nourishment.  And remember that you can always bless those cookies with love to raise the vibration, if you must have one little bite.  I won’t judge or tell!