Oct 02

What purpose do crystal skulls serve in healing?

“Dear Adrienne, I’ve been noticing that a lot of people are feeling drawn to the crystal skulls lately, and I am one of them.  I am considering purchasing one, and so I wanted to hear your take on their significance, especially in regard to healing work.  How would having a crystal skull serve me?  Thank you so much.”  –S.O.

I agree that crystal skulls are making big waves in the collective consciousness right now.  As we refine our ability to sense energy and to remember, we open ourselves more to the very real transmission that I feel the crystal skulls are sending out.  And their signal is getting stronger every day. Crystal skulls have been thought of as cosmic libraries, code carriers, and spiritual allies.  There is much mystery surrounding the ancient crystal skulls.  Modern scientists cannot explain how MAX was made, even if the ancients had our current level of technology.  And many intuitive people feel and speculate that their origin is extra-terrestrial. I am the guardian of a family of crystal skulls that support me in my personal ascension and in the healing work that I offer.  My parents are also the caretakers of several very impressive skulls, so the extended skull family is quite large indeed!   Why are so many of us obsessively collecting crystal skulls?  I believe that there are many very good reasons.

There is much legend around the thirteen original, ancient crystal skulls.  According to Metatron, channeled through James Tyberonn, the ancient skulls contain the blueprint of the fully activated human being and the graduated Earth experience, and that they were created with the help of off-planetary sources.  There are twelve, each one representing the energies of one of the twelve dimensions and twelve strands of DNA.  And the thirteenth crystal skull, MAX, contains the unified frequency of the twelve crystal skulls, twelve dimensions, and twelve DNA strands.  The source crystal for MAX and Sha-Na-Ra originated in Arcturius, and they were given the frequencies of the human genetic print by the members of the Pleiadian-Sirius Alliance and the Arcturians.  The ancient skulls were first brought to Earth in pre-Lemurian times, before the era of polarity and when the Earth was inhabited by etheric, androgynous beings who had full access to their higher consciousness.  It was known that Earth would come into a duality state, so these skulls were designed to hold the energetic patterns of the fully expanded, Divine human prototype.  Their origins are from beyond our physical world, and they have been brought together into Earth physical reality and worked with consciously during key time periods of our evolution process, such as Lemuria and Atlantis.  Quartz material has the ability to store information within it, due to the missing lattice theory.  And these crystal skulls are cosmic libraries that have been deliberately programmed with the records of the Universe, the codes of ascension, and vast amounts of data beyond what we can currently imagine.  But the more you are able to work with your personal crystal skulls, or to sit with the ancient skulls, the more quickly you’ll be upgraded so that you have greater access to their inner treasures.

MAX and me!

The modern crystal skulls can and do connect with the energetic records and codes stored within the ancient ones.  The cranial shape is key, and since the modern and ancient skulls share this shape, they are in harmonic resonance.  Thus portions of the energy field that the thirteen ancient skulls are transmitting can be received and downloaded by a modern crystal skull.  Our own cranium then comes into harmonic resonance with the crystal skull we work with, which eases the transference of energy and information into our conscious awareness.  There is so much intelligent design in all of this! 
 I believe that all crystals are alive and conscious, but have you noticed that the crystal skulls seem to be even more sentient or animated than most?  I’ve noticed that many skull caretakers have very lively relationships with their skulls.  The skulls often tell us their names right off the bat and love to engage in extensive and sometimes downright humorous conversations with us.  Perhaps carving a crystal into the shape of a skull brings out the personality of the crystalline being in a way that we can more clearly access.  They are easier for us to relate to, due to the obvious resonance and connection with their design and our own. 

If you have a healing practice, crystal skulls can greatly assist you in your work, since they are a wonderful medium for higher energies and codes to be delivered to another human.  Mine demand to participate in almost every healing session that I give!  Before I do a session, I cleanse and tune into my crystal skulls, and I ask them which ones are the best energetic match for the client.  Many times I will incorporate the volunteers into a crystal grid that I build beneath the table to support the session.  Often one of them will want to be placed right above the head of the client, for a direct download or transference of energies, cranium to cranium.  Other times, some of my smaller crystal skulls want to be placed directly on the client’s body, over appropriate chakras.  There have also been times when a skull prefers for the client to just hold them in a brief meditation before or after the session.  The main key is to tune into your skulls and to listen to where they want to go or how they want to serve.  Before the session begins, I also speak aloud an intention for the work with the crystal skulls.  I hold the vision that the perfect energies that are in service of the client’s highest good, healing, or spiritual acceleration will be transferred to him or her, at the perfect levels that can be easily and safely integrated.  

As a personal meditation tool, a crystal skull is an invaluable asset.  The more you hold and connect with your crystal skull, the more activated it becomes.  I believe the regular work with it increases its ability to connect to the higher holograms of the ancient skulls.  You’ll find that the crystal skull receives more downloads, and that you’ll be able to get more out of your meditation with it each time.  One suggested way to meditate with a crystal skull is to cleanse it, then come into a relaxed space  while holding it near your heart or third eye.  Take some conscious breaths and hold the intention that you are connecting with its energy field and all that is contained within.  You might have a specific intention with your meditation, such as journeying to the Akashic records, activating your psychic or healing gifts, or receiving ascension codes.  Or you might choose to just be open and go with whatever is presented.  You can then project a miniature version of yourself into the inner sanctums of the crystal skull.  Be open to any perceptions you may receive there.  You might find several corridors to explore, or you might open a line of communication with your skull.  

If you do decide to become the caretaker of a crystal skull, you will have a true and advanced spiritual ally on your side.  Perhaps you are attracted to them now because of your work with them in other realities and lifetimes. Maybe you will help to discover something new (or forgotten) about these wondrous and mysterious crystalline beings.  It sounds like the crystal skulls are speaking to you, and I would certainly suggest answering the call and allowing their many gifts into your life.  You might also consider attending the 12-12-12 Earth-Keeper Gathering in Arkansas, where you can sign up to sit with MAX, the ancient skull.  You can bring your own crystals or crystal skull to your session, so that they can store the energy for you.  Here’s the link for registration and for more information about this life-changing opportunity:  http://www.earth-keeper.com/earthkeeper.shtml