Sep 01

September: Moonstone–Warm Milk for the Intuitive Self

Mother moon is a benevolent force in the sky, beaming down her gossamer waves of amplification to assist us all in moving forward.  Her beautiful face is always the same, yet she is expanding and contracting from our point of view.  Through her waxing and waning, she is modeling for us the cyclical nature of reality and reminding us that we are always experiencing just one phase of a process.  She has been revered throughout time as a celestial manifestation of feminine power, mystery, regeneration, intuition, and fertility.  She has a reputation for drawing out our full spectrum of emotions when she is full.  During a full moon, our inner world of feelings and subtle intuition is amplified and brought to the surface, as the energy culminates.  If we consciously work with with her natural rhythm, we can use full moon energies in our ascension process to reflect upon and explore the intricacies of our psyche, to make necessary adjustments, and to release what no longer serves us.  At the time of this writing, she is full for the second time in one month, making her a rare blue moon!  We’ll feel the effects and be able to work with the energies of this lunar event for the next three days, and then she’ll grace us again with her fullness on September 29th.  And the perfect stone to help us attune to the gifts and energies of Earth’s natural satellite is Moonstone.

Moonstone is a beautiful feldspar mineral, my favorite specimens exhibiting flashing, opalescent rainbow colors.  As you can see from my lovely pendant pictured here, they can display iridescent glimmers of electric blue, and also violet, sea green, even orange and yellow.  Whenever you find a stone with this prismatic quality, it is always a prize.  The flashing property assists you in shifting your consciousness to other levels of reality, from your inner, subconscious world all the way to the farthest reaches of the dimensional spectrum.  Gazing into this stone during meditation is your ticket to making this exploration.  Stones exhibiting iridescence are also powerful protectors, because they act as mirrors that deflect negative energy, sending it on its way.  They also connect with joy and can therefore raise your vibration.  So an iridescent stone, like Moonstone, is a wonderful power piece for light workers.

Traditionally, it has been recognized that Moonstone exhibits goddess and lunar qualities, such as receptivity, intuition, introspection, and regeneration.  Like the moon, this is a stone that can naturally amplify your psychic abilities so that you gain awareness through your intuitive knowing.  If you wear Moonstone jewelry or work with it in psychic or healing applications, you’ll find that it will enhance your clairvoyance, helping you to receive clear messages and hunches that will bring great insight into the situations at hand.  The crystalline structure of Moonstone is monoclinic, and monoclinic stones have a natural resonance with the third eye.  So the internal geometric structure of Moonstone will naturally work to activate the pituitary and pineal glands, which regulate and enhance your ability to perceive beyond the five senses.  

Moonstone has also historically been known as the stone for balancing the hormones, the reproductive system, the fluids, and the biorhythms, and I believe that its balancing effects on the body have a lot to do with its ability to fortify the pituitary gland.  In addition to activating your psychic powers, the pituitary gland is also your master gland, which secretes hormones and regulates many biological processes.  So if you are experiencing any type of hormonal or chemical imbalance, work with Moonstone over the third eye to help bring these things back into their proper rhythm.

Moonstone is especially helpful to use during these intense ascension times, due to its positive effects on the emotional body.  As the energies continue to accelerate and our issues continue to surface, it is common to experience lower emotional states, such as stress, anxiety, frenzy, depression, anger, or frustration.  Moonstone is very stabilizing to the emotional body, bringing in a calming energy that is peaceful, relaxing, and aligned with well-being.  When I have found myself in an emotionally-wound state, meditating inside of a circle of Moonstones and with a Moonstone on the third eye has brought me right back to a calm and centered place.  Being in Moonstone energy can feel like you are being held in the arms of a Mother Angel, who so beautifully rocks you into tranquility.  The erratic emotional energy settles down, and you can feel and realign with the higher natural and spiritual flows again.  Moonstone is also helpful in clearing the energy centers, purifying the auric field, and dissolving negative emotional patterns in the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

In honor of the blue moon energy, I’d like to suggest a meditation you can do to invoke Moonstone’s ability to clear what’s no longer serving you, while activating your intuitive nature.  Ideally, this meditation is done on a night of a full moon, but you can work with Moonstone to connect with the moon and draw in lunar energies during any moon phase.  Begin by cleansing a piece of Moonstone; then if possible, go outside and find a good place in nature where  you can see the moon.  Call in your higher self, then hold the Moonstone in your left hand.  Consciously connect with the energy of the moon and greet her with your love.  Imagine silver moonbeams cascading down from the moon and into your Moonstone.  Feel your Moonstone filling up with these beautiful lunar energies, then direct this energy to start filling your body and aura until it forms a spherical moon shape around your body.

The full moon energies are naturally aligned with helping you to let go of the old.  So ask for this energy to gently cleanse anything that is no longer serving you:  any old emotions, hurts, patterns, or ways of being that are stored in your body or in any of your chakras.  If there is anything specifically that comes to mind that you would like cleared, you can state your intention for this thing to be released. See yourself being completely clear, pure, and radiant, like the moon.  

Now lie down comfortably and place the Moonstone on your third eye.  Focus on your breath and come into a relaxed, meditative state. Envision moonbeams entering the Moonstone and flowing into your third eye chakra, gently opening and awakening it to a higher level.  Visualize or intend for this energy to nourish and activate your pineal and pituitary glands.  Ask the moon if there is a spiritual message for you, and be open to receiving any impressions she might send you.  Meditate for at least fifteen minutes, and allow yourself to align with the higher natural flows.  Happy blue moon, and may Moonstone nourish your emotions and soul, reflecting the goddess that resides in you.