Aug 01

What is the best way to combine crystals and sound for chakra balancing?

“Dear Adrienne,

I practice balancing my chakras with music, but I am considering adding crystals to make it more effective.  Normally I concentrate my attention on the chakra as the music for that chakra plays. Is it OK to place a crystal for each chakra on the chakras while I am doing my normal chakra balancing with music?  I use “Chakra Chants” by Jonathon Goldman, and sometimes “Chakra Celebrations” by Patrick Bernard.  Thanks and Blessings!” –S.O.

Thank you so much for this wonderful question, which gives me the opportunity to talk about the power of sound and how it harmonizes beautifully with crystalline energy.  The sound frequency is an amazing healing energy, in and of itself.  Each note on the musical scale corresponds with a chakra and a color.  Here is a simplified model of this:

Root: Red and/or Black, C
Sacral:  Orange, D
Solar Plexus:  Yellow, E
Heart:  Green, F
Throat:  Blue, G
Third Eye: Indigo or Purple, A
Crown:  White, B

Combining the proper sounds with the vibrational content of crystals can be very effective in opening, balancing, and clearing the chakras.  The music provides the sound vibration that is a harmonious match, and the crystalline energy can amplify your intentions while providing the color vibration.  Crystals can also provide the dimension of sacred geometry that is projected through their crystalline structure.  For you see, each of the seven chakras has a resonance with one of the seven crystal systems, which is the basis of the mineral’s internal geometry.  Here is a list of which crystal system corresponds with each chakra, as is explained in Spiritual Value of Gemstones, by Wally Richardson and Lenora Huett:

Root:  Trigonal/Rhombodedral
Sacral:  Cubic
Solar Plexus:  Hexagonal
Heart:  Tetragonal
Throat:  Orthorhombic
Third Eye: Monoclinic
Crown:  Triclinic

So imagine how powerful it would be to combine the proper sound vibration with a crystal that has a matching color ray and internal geometry to the chakra that you are treating!  I provide a chart in my own book, Crystal Healing for the Whole Being, that gives a list of crystals that have a matching color ray and crystal system for each chakra.  Here is that list:   

Root:  Rubelite (Red Tourmaline) or Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Hematite
Sacral:  Garnet, Red Spinel
Solar Plexus:  Yellow Apatite or Golden Beryl
Heart:  Green Apophyllite or Tugtupite
Throat:  Celestite or Blue Apatite
Third Eye:  Azurite, Rainbow Moonstone, or Lepidolite
Crown:  Labradorite or Albite

So one very solid and effective way to go about this would be to obtain one of these suggested crystals per chakra, since they have the right color ray and crystal system that matches the energy of the chakra.  You could then play the musical track for each chakra, while the crystal is placed there.  For those of you who do not have chakra soundtracks, such as the wonderful ones that the originator of this question works with, you could get a set of tuning forks or play these notes on a keyboard or other available instrument.

A more simplified and still very effective way to combine crystals and sound would  be to just use a Clear Quartz crystal on each chakra.  Clear Quartz is versatile, it amplifies energies, and it can be used to clear, open, and balance any chakra that it is placed upon.  Otherwise, you could simply match the color ray of the crystal to the color ray of the chakra, and that would also be very powerful.  So here are some examples of good, easily obtained crystals that have just a matching color ray, and not necessarily a matching crystal system:

Root: Zincite or Ruby
Sacral:  Carnelian or Orange Calcite
Solar Plexus:  Citrine or Tiger’s Eye
Heart:  Green Aventurine or Malachite
Throat:  Aquamarine or Chrysocolla
Third Eye:  Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli
Crown:  Selenite or Clear Quartz

Of course, another way is to just trust your intuition and to choose whatever crystals and music call to you in the moment.  You might be divinely guided to do it differently based on your unique needs at any given time.  Remember to have fun and to just play with these concepts.  We are still only beginning to discover the true potential and workings of these vibrational therapies.  Maybe you will be the one to discover a breakthrough!