Jul 02

July: Zincite–Igniting Your Life Force

“A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.”–Mae West.

I am a person who naturally gravitates toward the heat.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have five planets in Leo.  To me, being on fire about life and enthusiastically expressing the passions that are dear to my heart is the best way to live fully in alignment with my soul path.  Summertime is my favorite season, which is fortunate since we are already experiencing 104 degree temperatures here in beautiful Austin, Texas.  I love feeling the life-giving solar rays warming my skin and wearing breezy little sundresses.  And once I’ve absorbed as much sunshine as I can take, I love diving into the refreshing springs that grace this land.  If you can embrace the heat, it is a perfect time to get out in nature and to allow yourself to be revitalized and rejuvenated.  And after all of the intense cosmic alignments, the Venus Transit, the solstice, and the eclipses we’ve experienced in the last few months, I’d say it is time to relax and replenish our energy reserves.  If you are feeling burned out from it all, Zincite is a fire-aligned stone that can help you to regain your life force and to reignite your inner sparkle.  It can help burn through any remaining blockages in your path, while encouraging you to radiate your true passions in a way that makes you irresistible to all of life’s blessings (including the opposite sex).

Zincite is a brilliant crystalline being that mostly expresses in flame tones, such as red, orange, yellow, and yellowish-green. I’ve even seen specimens that are blue and white.  With its translucent and glassy appearance, it even looks like crystallized fire; and some of the most beautiful Zincites actually formed as a result of a fire in a Zinc mine in Poland.  It also feels as powerful as fire.  For those who are sensitive to feeling crystalline energies, you may notice that this stone radiates a significant amount of heat, and that it can also tingle or vibrate in your hands.  When you first begin working with this stone, it is recommended that you do so in small does until you adjust to its potent energies.  It’s OK to “play with fire,” just so long as you understand and respect its power and know the best ways to apply it for good, which we’ll explore now.

Zincite is a stone that can powerfully activate and clear blockages in the chakras and the meridians.  It ignites the electrical currents in the energy system and feeds the area with vital energy, thereby replenishing depleted areas.  So if you find that there are systems in your body that are sluggish or under functioning, such as your hormonal system, digestive system, etc., you can place Zincite on the corresponding chakra or area of the body to give it a boost of energy.  Many times we are experiencing a deficiency of energy because we have a blockage that is the underlying cause.  Zincite is also a good antidote in this scenario, because it has the ability to disintegrate these blockages so that the energy can flow again.  I would suggest checking your chakras by suspending a pendulum over each one.  If it moves in a circle, then the chakra is open and activated, but if it moves back and forth or not at all, then this is an area that could benefit from a Zincite infusion.  You can place a Zincite there for about ten minutes and allow it to do its magic, then test the chakra again.  It is likely that you will see and feel an immediate difference.

Zincite has a personality that is dynamic and charismatic–it’s like being in the presence of a famous actor who lights up all of the hearts and the attention in the room.  It resonates with and amplifies the positive traits of the second and third chakras:  passion, power, sexuality, creativity, courage, and achievement. As Robert Simmons says, Zincite is perfect for people who have high spiritual visions and aptitudes, but who lack the fire or energy in the lower chakras necessary to manifest these higher dreams into their reality.  Zincite helps to ground these goals into physical reality, and gives you the passion and drive required to make them so!  Manifestation occurs most easily when your solar plexus chakra is highly functioning, and Zincite can empower this area in you so that you easily attract all of the right resources, connections, and opportunities to actualize your dreams.  It also feeds your root chakra and opens the channels for connecting with and receiving Earth energies.

But perhaps Zincite’s most important role is in activating and healing the second chakra, to connect you to your sexual power and life force.  Our society has created a landscape that can make it challenging for us to authentically feel and express our true sexual natures.  The collective consciousness holds all sorts of patterns, fears, and beliefs around sexuality that can be difficult to navigate.  Many of us grew up with certain religious institutions or family units that gave us messages like these:  “But I say to you, anyone who stares at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:28.  “Homosexual acts are an abomination to God.” Leviticus 18:22.  Or how about masturbation causing blindness or hair loss?  We often get messages like these when we are young, which can cause us to fear our own natural sexual urges.  Many of us had parents who found the subject too awkward to talk about, and so we took in more confusing messages from the media and the world around us.  For example, promiscuity is somehow more OK and natural for me, but women who behave in the same way are labeled as “sluts.”

The list goes on and on, and the results are that we have created an atmosphere where there is a lot of guilt, shame, and confusion.  Some of us limit our expression and keep it within safe parameters that have been established by others who are outside of ourselves.  Some become so fearful and frustrated that we barely engage at all.  And others of us become imbalanced in other manners, expressing it in ways that do not honor our bodies, souls, and feelings.  All of this around something that is a natural biological drive and a potential gateway to exploring our divinity and our spiritual connection to life itself!

Sexual energy is the raw power of creation.  If it is honored and consciously used in the highest way, it can be an act that is the physical manifestation of the most powerful force in the universe:  love!  It can elevate our energies and consciousness to the ecstasy of the higher realms.  It can bond us with our partner.  It can bring through an energy that can heal the physical body, not to mention the emotional body and our self esteem.  And of course, it can literally create new life.  Perhaps that is why society has created so many fears, rules, and hang-ups around it.  Sexuality is a powerful force, and it is best to respect it and to engage in it with the highest amount of love and wisdom possible.  

But in order to do that, we have to break through the lower patterns that keep us in fear about exploring our sexuality.  Zincite can help us to achieve this!  It is the best stone I know for clearing these beliefs, shames, and fears that have seeped into our consciousness from the world around us.  And it is the perfect ally for helping us to tap into our own sexual energy, to fearlessly embrace and embody it, and to authentically express it in the world.  I’d like to share a Zincite exercise for healing and aligning with your own sexual energy.  You will need a small piece of Zincite and a small Amethyst (cleansed), medical tape, paper and pen, a candle, and the courage to dig deep!

Begin by calling in your higher self and any spiritual helpers that you like to work with.  Dedicate the candle to clearing any issuers you have around sexuality and to fully embodying the highest expression of your sexual energy.  Then light it with this intention.  Now you can tape the Zincite to your second chakra and the Amethyst to your third eye.  On the top of the page, write the following statement: “I am ready to recognize and release the following issues that are standing in the way of me feeling and embodying the highest and most authentic expression of my sexuality now:”  Now take a few nice, deep, meditative breaths, and allow your higher self and spirit to come forward and to assist you in making a list of anything that comes into your consciousness around this subject.  The Zincite will help you to dive in, access, and clear old blockages, beliefs, fears, and programs in this chakra that are holding you back.  The Amethyst at your third eye will help you to move into a more meditative state so that you can access your subconscious and bring these issues to light. Amethyst can also assist in transmuting these issues with higher spiritual frequencies.  Allow yourself to write down anything that comes into your mind, without judging or filtering it.  You might be surprised at what comes through!

The act of writing it down is symbolic of you recognizing what has been holding you back and bringing to the surface what you are ready to release.  When you are done, place your hands over the Zincite at your second chakra.  Feel and imagine this energy  going deep within, transmuting the energy patterns and blockages with Zincite flames.  If you are sensitive to energies, you will feel this happening.  You can also burn the list with the flame from the candle as a symbol of the major release work you are doing.

This might be an intense process, so you can take a break and do this next part on another occasion, if you’d prefer.  When you are ready to connect more fully with your authentic inner sexual being, call in your higher self and spirit, lie down, and then place the Zincite on your second chakra and the Amethyst on your third eye.  Relax and bring yourself into a meditative state, then call forward your authentic inner sexual being.  You can ask for a symbol to represent this energy, and just be open to what comes in.  Once you feel a connection with this aspect of yourself, begin by listening or sensing their message to you in whatever way you can receive it.  You can ask for a vision of your highest sensual expression and what that would look like.  You can ask what steps you can take now to bring more fulfillment in this area.  Or you could relax and just receive an infusion of love.  Interact with this aspect of yourself in whatever way feels right to you, then place your hands over the Zincite at your second chakra.  Ask for an infusion of light to enter into this chakra, activating it to a higher level.  And invite your highest possible sensual expression to begin manifesting in your life.  Relax and allow this energy in, and embrace the beauty of your own sexual energy coming to life.  Allow Zincite to help bring your life into its most passionate and vital expression, and may the fire within you be a light for this world.