May 01

What crystal should I give my mom for Mother’s Day?

“Dear Adrienne, Mother’s Day is coming up, and I was thinking about getting my mom a piece of jewelry as a gift.  Can you recommend a good stone for Mother’s Day? I’d like something that will honor her. Thanks! ” –J.P.

The gift of gemstone jewelry is a perfect way to show your mom how special she is, since jewels are associated with treasure, beauty, and worth. It can be a power piece that will lend her energetic support throughout many years, plus she will be reminded of your love every time she sees it! Almost any crystal or stone would make a fine Mother’s Day gift, and I think the most important thing is to show that you’ve put some thought and care into your selection.  Pay attention to the colors she likes to wear and the styles of jewelry that she prefers.  For instance, I know that if I am going to buy any jewelry for my mom, it had better be big, bold, and colorful, since that is her personal style.  Another approach is to research stones that have the type of energy she might need to support her with a specific issue that she is facing.  If you do that, you can then make a little card to go with it that details the healing or energetic properties of the stone.  This will show how much thought you put into the gift, and it should certainly win you some brownie points! 

But to answer this question in general terms, there are several wonderful crystals and stones that naturally resonate with the qualities of the Divine Feminine, making them ideal Mother’s Day gifts. One of my top choices is Moonstone.  This magical stone is typically white with iridescent flashes, making it versatile to wear with different colors and outfits.  But its energetic properties are what makes it so valuable.  Moonstone is great for bringing out the feminine qualities of intuition and empathy, as it has a strong connection to the Goddess and lunar energies.  It helps women to embrace their power and to trust in their psychic impressions and in their feeling natures.  It is especially wonderful for those who are anxious or experiencing overwhelming emotional states, as it brings in an energy that is very soothi ng and calming to the emotional body.  This stone also provides protection to the auric field, as it clears and deflects negative energy.  And what mom couldn’t use all of that, wrapped in a simply gorgeous stone?

Another wonderful option is Chrysocolla, which resonates with goddess energies and gentle power. Its Caribbean color ray immediately brings in an uplifting paradise vibration.  And this color resonates with the throat chakra, making it an ideal option for a power pendant.  Throat chakra blockages are a common issue for women, as many of us have been taught to hold our tongues and only say “nice” things.  Chrysocolla encourages speaking your truth from your heart.  It also has a copper content, which is associated with the goddesses of Venus.  Copper stones are perfect for absorbing negative energies and clearing blockages.  It projects the energy of the balanced and evolved feminine form.  

I would also recommend Pink Tourmaline, as it is a high vibration stone that is a top carrier of the feminine ray.  My favorite new ring has two especially high quality Pink Tourmalines in it, and the energy is so vibrant and powerful, reflecting the deep love and passion of an enlightened heart. Pink Tourmaline emanates the comforting energy of nurturing and safety.  It gives you permission to be more vulnerable, as it’s message is that it is safe to open your heart.  Pink Tourmaline has lithium in it, which naturally calms you down and treats stress, worry, and depression, while also activating the third eye.  It is also naturally striated, which makes it a perfect channel and amplifier of high frequency energies. Pink Tourmaline is a great option for heart healing, since it transforms dense emotional patterns and repairs auric damage from past traumas.  This gemstone is the perfect symbol of higher love for your mom.

The wonderful thing about giving your mom crystal jewelry for Mother’s day is that you really can’t go wrong!  All crystals put off energies that are beneficial, and who doesn’t love sparkly, pretty things? As long as it comes from your heart, you know she will love it.  That’s the beautiful thing about moms!