May 01

May: Fulgurite–The Quickening Portal

May 2012 could very well be a turning point for the evolution of the planet.  Reputable metaphysical sources are all singing the same song: “Hold on to your hats! The cosmic forecast calls for intense astrological and numerological alignments that are sure to instigate major personal and planetary changes.” To kick off the month, we have the power date of May 5th, which is a triple five day.  (If you add all of the digits in 2012, they equal five, so this creates the 5-5-5.) In numerology, five is the number that embodies the energy of transformation. And this happens to coincide with the Wesak full moon, a time when spiritual people gather worldwide in celebration of the life of Buddha and his enlightenment teachings. This month’s astrological charts feature a powerful six-pointed star occurring from May 8th through the 20th, and astrologers are calling this a time period of heightened positive synchronicities. Then we have a rare annular solar eclipse on May 20th. Eclipses bring in an energy of important change and major turning points.  May 20th also marks the final phase of the Cosmic Trigger. According to Metatron (channeled by Tyberonn), the Cosmic Trigger is the download of geometric crystalline codes necessary for the completion of the planet’s expansion into twelve dimensions.  All that is happening in the sky above us this month creates energy fields that shower down to accelerate changes on the Earth plane.  To make the most of this cosmic weather and the opportunities given to us to transform ourselves with the incoming light, we can turn to Fulgurite, which embodies this process in its very formation. 

Fulgurite is born when lightening crashes, fusing the sand around where it strikes into an entirely new structure of a glass tube.  Due to the intense heat, sand is vaporized at the exact place of the strike, and the sand around where the lightening bolt hit instantly melts and congeals into a tube. That is why some people call Fulgurite “petrified lightening.”  In that instant of alchemy, silica-rich sand becomes a mold that captures the intense energy of lightening.  And because sand is essentially Quartz, this electrical energy is recorded and even amplified in the molecular structure of Fulgurite. People who can feel energy report a high-frequency vibration with Fulgurite. To me, it feels like a fast, pulsing energy. I have noticed that my thoughts move more quickly through my mind and feel more structured, as if Fulgurite is rewiring or upgrading my mental processes and circuitry.  Fulgurite consciousness is sharp and responsive.  Having a conversation with it can be like having your question brilliantly and lovingly answered before you are even halfway through the process of asking it.

When holding Fulgurite, I have always been able to tangibly feel a vortex being created above my head that naturally pulls my personal energy up. If you are sensitive to energy, you might feel this, too.  It’s like your etheric double is being pulled up and out of your body.  Perhaps this up-lifting sensation is what raising your vibration feels like. I’ve also noticed that I can change the direction that the energy flows through this Fulgurite-created vortex.  If I hold the intention that the energy is flowing down through the vortex, I can feel higher energy showering down through the top of my head and through my chakric column. My personal experience tells me t hat it is accurate to think of Fulgurite as a mini portal or vortex, just like crystal experts Robert Simmons and Judy Hall suggest.  So how can we apply this vortex power for healing and enlightenment?  You can place it over areas of the body where the energy feels restricted or stuck and direct the Fulgurite to suck out any energy blockages.  Or if you would like to activate certain chakras or infuse higher energies into an area, you can place Fulgurite there and hold this intention. Fulgurite is quick to interact with us, so you’ll notice its fast healing response when you ask it to help in these ways.

When I was in meditation with Fulgurite and focusing on its tube formation, it gave me a vision of all of the tube-like structures in our physical body.  We have so many: the veins in the circulatory system, the gastrointestinal tract, the nasal passages, the ear canals, the throat, etc. Aspects of our respiratory, urinary, reproductive, and lymphatic systems have tubes in them.  The message I got was that Fulgurite can be applied for the healing of the tubes in our bodies, especially if there is swelling or obstructions that need to be cleared.  So the energy of Fulgurite can help with health issues such as high cholesterol, respiratory infections characterized by excess mucous, tumors and cysts, urinary obstructions, Crohn’s disease, constipation, lymphoma or lymphedema, etc. You can place Fulgurite over the area in need of healing and clearing. Then visualize Fulgurite energy permeating into the tubes and acting like a vacuum, sucking out what is obstructing the tubes and clearing the passageways.  Since Fulgurite is from the Quartz family, it has the proper molecular structure for holding a program that you intentionally place inside of it.  So if you have a chronic health problem relating to the tubes in your body, you can program a piece of Fulgurite to heal the condition.  For inst ructions on how to program a crystal, please refer to my January Crystal of the Month article:  http://www.adriennegoff.com/january-citrine-programming-mastery-in-2012/    

Fulgurite’s tube structure also has implications for our spiritual body and advancement.  It is a pipeline to higher spiritual realms, and it creates a portal for inter-dimensional communication and energy transference.  One of its greatest gifts is that of spiritual attunement.  As spiritual seekers, we are working on raising our light quotients so that we can expand our dimensional access, and so that we can hold and radiate increasing levels of light.  Working with Fulgurite can give you an infusion of the next vibratory level of energy, so that your psychic and healing gifts rapidly advance.  It’s the same concept as receiving your Reiki attunements, which gives you immediate access to a higher ray of healing energy.  Whether you chann el messages through your voice or healing energy through your hands, Fulgurite can quicken your abilities.  And you become the Fulgurite–the channel through which higher dimensional energies flow and manifest on the Earth plane! 

I’d like to share with you now a powerful Fulgurite attunement process, which will infuse your body and auric field with higher vibrational energies to quicken your spiritual gifts.  This is perfect to do on any of the power dates happening in May that I detailed in the first paragraph, as it will help in integrating the cosmic energies flooding the planet.  But keep in mind that it will work beautifully at any time that feels right for you. For this exercise, you’ll need three Fulgurites.  Before you begin, cleanse the Fulgurites. (For crystal cleansing instructions, you can view my new Youtube video: CLICK HERE.)  Then choose one of the Fulgurites to program wit h this intention, “I download into my bioenergetic system higher frequencies of light energies and codes, at the perfect levels that I can easily integrate, for the upgrading of my energetic circuitry and spiritual gifts. I take the process of activating my light body to the next level now.”  Simply hold the Fulgurite and repeat this statement between eight and twelve times, envisioning the energy of this intention pouring into the Fulgurite, where it will be stored and amplified.   

Now come into a comfortable, seated cross-legged position, with the other two Fulgurites on each knee. Hold the programmed Fulgurite at the heart. Take three full, deep breaths, and then do the breath of fire for about thirty seconds or for whatever amount of time is comfortable for you. Make sure your lips are closed and your diaphragm is relaxed, then breathe very rapidly and with equal focus on the inhale and exhale. The breath of fire activates the nervous system and all of your energy centers, purifies the blood and energy field, moves you into sync with yourself as all organs become rhythmically entrained, and it stimulates your pituitary gland. This will put you in the perfect space to receive an infusion of higher energies.

Hold the programmed Fulgurite above your head and start forming a vortex by making clockwise circles in the air.  Envision that this is a portal that connects with the higher dimensions, and your entire entourage of spirit guides exists on the other side of it.  Greet them and thank them for coming to support in this Fulgurite attunement process.  Next make about five clockwise circles over each chakra, beginning at the crown and ending at the root chakra, since five is the number of transformation.  As you do this, hold the intention in your mind that higher energies are flowing through the Fulgurite to transmute denser energies in the area and to activate the chakra, bringing it to a higher level of functioning.  If you are sensitive to energies, you will feel this happening!  

Now simply place the programmed Fulgurite on top of your head, touching the crown chakra. Then pick up Fulgurites on the knees, placing one in each palm.  Allow the Fulgurites to open and activate the chakras in your palms, so that you can channel higher levels of healing energies through your hands. You have just created a triangle formation of Fulgurites.  A triangular shape is perfect for manifesting your intentions and for integrating energies.  Now repeat aloud the statement that you programmed into the Fulgurite at your crown.  Then close your eyes, breathe normally, and feel all of your energy centers opening up and receiving the perfect mix of energies for your highest good and forward movement.  Meditate in this space for about fifteen minutes, and allow the synthesis to occur. 

There are many true stories of people developing amazing psychic abilities after they have been struck by lightening.  Working with Fulgurite is the safe and painless way to receive the en-lightening energies of lightening.   I wish you all a May filled with many personal breakthroughs and much illumination. If you fuse your power with Fulgurite, I will be shocked if you manifest anything less.