Apr 05

How can I create a crystal grid to treat insomnia and sleep disturbances?

“Dear Adrienne, I am interested in making a crystal grid to help me with terrible insomnia and would appreciate any guidance you can give as far as particularly useful crystals and grid shape/placement for that.”  –D.M. 

Thank you for this important question–you are not alone. I’m noticing in my practice that sleep disturbances are on the rise lately.  This might be a side effect of recent intense cosmic energies and solar flares, which can heighten anxiety and amplify negative emotions as part of the purging process. We are shining light into some of our darkest internal places now, and the good news is that we can raise our vibration to new heights once we let go of these old patterns and stories. We are going through a lot, so take the time to love and nurture yourself.  Gentleness, compassion,  and self care are the keys to healing the root of all issues.  These are also the vibratory keys required to bring in a calming energy, conducive to sleep.   Luckily, there are several beautiful crystals that can act as a natural alternative to Ambien. I’ll share with you some of my favorites, along with some guidelines for creating a crystal grid to promote peaceful sleep.

As a general rule, stones in the light blue color ray have a natural calming effect to the body and to the emotions.  My favorite choice in the blue family for promoting peaceful sleep is Celestite. Celestite emits a sweet, soft, positive energy that gently encourages an internal sigh and a release of all that is troubling you. It naturally connects with the peace of the angelic realm and delivers their nurturing and loving energies to you.  With its sparkling yet gentle blue-grey color, it even looks like a slice of heaven.  Perfect for meditation, it elevates your consciousness and gives you a feeling of  carefree floating. It also can purify your bedroom environment, uplifting the energy so that you have an easier time relaxing on all levels.  I have slept with a Celestite on my bedside table for many years now, and I have enjoyed a decade of deep sleep, with many vivid dreams and astral travels.  Celestite is known to enhance your dream life, and my experience supports this.  

For sleep issues, it also makes sense to enlist the help of the lithium family, nature’s anti-anxiety and mood balancing mineral. Lepidolite has a high lithium content, and it is perfect to turn to for emotional help when life is becoming full of challenges. It can naturally relieve stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, or any of the lower emotional states that keep you wired.  Meditating with Lepidolite can bring you into a deeply relaxed state, where you can let go.  It also sends a clearing energy to all of the chakras and meridians, so that you can treat the energetic roots of the problem.  It is known to assist in curing insomnia and nightmares, as it wraps you in a serene bubble of light.

Prehnite is another one that I have kept on my bedside table for years, and it has gently rocked me to sleep time and time again.  It’s yellow-green color ray reminds me of lime sherbet, and its energy is that of calm satisfaction and peaceful joy.  If you are restless, nervous, or in mental overdrive, this stone will counteract that.  It is especially good for those of us who spin in our mental bodies when we are drifting off to sleep, trying to solve all kinds of problems or deal with potential futures that haven’t even arrived yet.  It also calms the heart and helps us to naturally tune into beings from other realms, especially the device realm, I’ve noticed.  

Moonstone might seem like an obvious choice, and it is perfect for escorting us gracefully into dream land.  It is very soothing to the emotional body, as it stabilizes erratic emotions and calms your response to emotional triggers.  It connects to the nurturing feminine vibration, intuition, and the cyclical nature of reality. And of course, it has been used throughout time to successfully treat sleeplessness.

There are so many wonderful stones to help us with sleep, and since you are asking about making a grid of several stones, let me just highlight a few more great options. Amethyst is wonderful for calming overactive mental energy and bringing in a higher energy of tranquility, purification, protection, and well-being. Danburite is a sparkling pink stone with a connection to higher dimensional realms.  It naturally brings a sense of peace to the subconscious mind and has been recommended as the perfect stone to place beneath your pillow to help you conk out.  Hematite is another one that I have used successfully beneath my pillow or by my bed to ground all of that erratic energy in my mental body so that I can get some z’s. Finally, Jade is known as the dream stone, and it brings in an energy of serenity, emotional clearing, and insightful dreams.  

Incorporating a group of the sleep aid stones together in a crystal grid would be a great way to create a powerful, calming forcefield.  After you select the ones that appeal to you the most, cleanse them with sage, running water, salt, moonlight, personal energy, or whichever method you like to use.  Then you will want to arrange them into a shape or pattern that resonates with your goal of producing a calming energy for sleep. I would suggest a circle or spiral pattern.  Circles emit an energy of wholeness, well-being, a nurturing feminine energy.  They also connect to natural cycles, such as the circadian rhythm. If you want to enhance your circle grid with a cute and appropriate touch, you could turn it into a peace sign.  A spiral grid would also be effective, because it helps you move into altered states of consciousness and brings you into a relaxed, meditative space.  Once you have placed the stones, you will want to activate your grid.  Simply state the intention of the grid aloud, then use a terminated Quartz or a Selenite as a wand to play “connect the dots.”  Pick one point on the grid to start with, and trace the pattern of the grid three times.  Sweet dreams!