Apr 05

April: Ocean Jasper–The Bright-Side Stone

A wise person in my life once put it to me this way, “With all of the stress, the constant go-go-go mentality of the modern lifestyle, and literally thousands of negative messages broadcasting at us from all angles, to maintain a feeling of genuine happiness or even contentment is truly an achievement.” And for those of us who are energetically sensitive and spiritually aware, we are dealing with even more data beyond the hectic reality of 3-D. In addition making our physical realities work, we are building our light bodies, doing the intense inner work of clearing and healing patterns from this life and other lives, and consciously awakening our higher senses and energy centers.

Luckily we are all master souls who signed up for this because we can handle it. And we are also gaining new tools with each vibratory leap. And luckily, there is a special stone we can turn to when we need to lighten our attitude and the energy around us, so that we can stay optimistic and see the bright side of all that is happening in our lives.Ocean Jasper is a nugget of positive energy and pure joy that can help us to genuinely feel the happiness and contentment available to us in each present moment of our daily reality.

Ocean Jasper is a silicon dioxide mineral found off the North West coast of Madagascar, that is mined by hand at low tide. These eccentric members of the Quartz family pack a lot of personality, with each piece dressing itself in its own unique style of colors, patterns, and whimsical markings. The color rays you’ll find them expressing can range from red (caused by Hematite), light yellow or gray (caused by clay), brown or deep yellow (caused by Goethite), pink, green, white, and black. The patterns are all over the place, too. You can find polka dots, concentric orbs, straight or diagonal stripes, and even wavy lines, sometimes all in the same stone. Some have a transparent quality; and if you gaze inside, you can get lost in different layers of orbs or other patterns suspended in the Quartz. And others have craters or pockets of druzy Quartz, which are like glittery little caves of tiny crystals in the stone. Druzy Quartz tends to elevate the energy of the rock it is found in, bringing more precision and power to the way it works. The playful consciousness that creates all of these fun designs in Ocean Jasper challenges you to resist smiling when you are in its presence. You would probably lose that contest, even on your lowest of days!

Ocean Jasper has been a longtime support stone for me, holding me through many personal growth phases. Its energies are very wholesome and nurturing. When you hold this stone, waves of good feelings wash over you in a way that is tactile, that you can feel as positive sensations in your body. I interpret these sensations as the activation of joy in yourself on a cellular or body consciousness level. Naisha Ahsian makes a good point, that the circular markings on some Ocean Jasper stones even look like cells. So perhaps this stone does resonate well with healing the cellular level of our beings. My personal experience certainly tells me that the body loves Ocean Jasper, and it seems to help you become more tactically aware of the love produced and vibrating in every atom of your body. In this way, it makes you feel more at home inside of yourself, giving you a tangible feeling of appreciation for your physical vehicle and the Earth experience. And when you can feel pulses of love radiating inside of your body, it is much easier to release harmful addictions and to align with healthier lifestyle choices. Ocean Jasper has helped me in healing my relationship with my body and treating it with more care.

When you become aligned with joy and well-being on the dense, gross physical body level, it colors everything in your world a more rosy shade. You can more easily relax into the moment and enjoy your life. And when “situations” happen in your life, it is easier to see through the negative aspects and straight to the eternal love that underlies every growth opportunity or setup. That is why this stone has been recommended by crystal experts, like as Robert Simmons, for those who have a negative disposition or who are prone to depression. It helps to cut through the clouds, so that you can see the bright side that exists and appreciate the gifts. And what’s even better is that a positive outlook is contagious. It is a force field that you can radiate into the world to shift all of those around you into a brighter mindset. This makes Ocean Jasper a great tool or power piece for the light worker.

I do a lot of homework before I write these articles, and I spend time immersed in the energy of my Crystal of the Month, constantly wearing it and meditating with it. Under the influence of Ocean Jasper, I am noticing that I am naturally drawn to simple ways of uplifting my vibration. Two examples of many: I have only wanted to wear all white clothing for a week, and I have been especially drawn to listen to calm music with harmonious melodies. Ocean Jasper tells me that it gently encourages us to make small and easy adjustments that will make a big difference in our energy and how we feel. It will connect with the individual and scan your unique life patterns, then it will help to surface practical ideas in your mind about the baby steps you can take that will have the greatest impact on your overall well-being.

Meditative journeys with Ocean Jasper have shown me just how connected this stone is to Earth magic and shamanic healing. Ocean Jasper consciousness often speaks in Earth-based symbolism and imagery, flooding your mind with scenes depicting different Earth kingdoms, elements, and creatures that are relevant to healing yourself. In almost every meditation, Ocean Jasper initially transports me to a different power spot in nature, and then a scene unfolds that gives me a powerful healing message to interpret.

To give an example of what an Ocean Jasper meditation can look like, once I found myself on a ley line beneath the ocean, connecting to Oceanic Earth grids and the cetacean guardians. Then all of a sudden I was sucked into a little cavern in the Earth below me. I found myself in an odd little dwelling that seemed like a dusty and very cluttered medieval cottage, right out of a fairy tale. Then a time-weathered witch appeared, and she held a piece of Ocean Jasper over my belly. I felt energy being sucked into the Ocean Jasper. Then I looked around, and the cottage magically became clean and sparkling, and the witch transformed into a beautiful woman. Water relates to hidden information in the subconscious. So I interpreted this journey beneath the sea as the Ocean Jasper helping to “de-clutter” or wipe clean the subconscious programs I had been storing in my solar plexus, where the witch placed the Ocean Jasper in my vision. And it hit me that what was being cleared was related to being persecuted as a witch in a series of past lives. The beautiful woman and clean house at the end of the vision symbolized the success of the subconscious clearing work that the Ocean Jasper was helping me to accomplish.

Now I would like to suggest an exercise that you can do with Ocean Jasper to help you to heal or shift a negative situation in your life. Begin by cleansing your Ocean Jasper, then hold it in your left or receptive hand. Call in your higher self and spirit, then hold the intention that you are ready to connect with the consciousness of the Ocean Jasper. Hold in your mind a situation in your life that you would like to heal or transform into something more positive. For example, maybe you are having a conflict at work or in a relationship. Ask the Ocean Jasper for help with this situation, and then take a few nice, centering breaths. Now imagine that you are visiting an absolutely beautiful power spot in nature, and allow the Ocean Jasper to guide you there. It has a natural inclination to do this! Using all of your senses, fully take in all of the surroundings, and allow yourself to me nurtured by what appears for you.

Next you will notice a bright light in the distance, coming toward you. This light is the guardian of the Ocean Jasper, and it has come in response to the situation that you want to heal. Take note of how the guardian appears to you and any initial impressions or feelings you get. The guardian is now going to share with you where, in your physical body, you are storing negative energy patterns relating to the situation you desire to heal. Allow the guardian to show you in whatever way you can receive this knowledge. Perhaps the guardian will point to the area of your body, or maybe you will feel the spot in your physical body. Or perhaps it will be a direct knowing that pops into your head. Once you know where the negative energy is stored, physically place the Ocean Jasper that you are holding in your left hand directly over the spot. Continue to breathe and allow the Ocean Jasper to start infusing this area with positive healing energy, down to the cellular level.

While this is happening, ask the Guardian for practical advice about what you can do to shift this situation into something that feels higher and more aligned with love. Be open to a message and higher guidance. Ocean Jasper will help you to cut through any negative feelings so that you can see the higher truth and love behind this situation. It will help bring solutions into your mind about ways you can lighten the energy around what is happening. Keep in mind that the Ocean Jasper might speak to you by showing you Earth imagery or symbols. Make a mental note of what you receive. When you feel complete with this, thank the Ocean Jasper, and open your eyes. You might want to spend some time writing down what came to you. Then follow through with any guidance you were given to improve the situation.

I’d like to leave you with a beautiful message that I received during meditation with my Ocean Jasper necklace: “Each piece of Ocean Jasper is a world of its own, and you delight in the unique landscapes and whimsical patterns we each display. We are a mirroring the diverse expression of the human kingdom. Your individual experiences color you each in different shades and create beautiful and original patterns in your field. Just like us, you are all beautiful in your own way. There is treasure in your unique design, the Divinity within you painted you as a perfect and priceless work of art. We are here to remind you to celebrate and embrace all of who you are and what makes you special.”