Mar 02

March: Aquamarine–Wellspring of Renewal

The world comes back to life and vibrancy when March brings us the spring equinox.  Here in the Texas Hill Country, the Devic realm plays its shining role, painting the hills with sapphire colored bluebonnets, ruby-red Indian paintbrushes, and other colorful varieties of wildflowers.  The weather is pristine, and the crystalline springs that flow through this land invite you to dip your feet in and release all of your worries for a spell.  We cannot help but be positively affected as the landscape around us bursts into beautiful life. Spring imprints us with the energies of rejuvenation, renewal, and abundance.  In ancient times, the spring equinox was celebrated in way that might seem familiar to us.  They hunted for eggs, which symbolize rebirth and Mother Earth.  They decorated with rabbit themes, since rabbit is a fertility symbol worldwide.  And giving a basket of goodies represented the abundance of the season.  Speaking of traditions, I believe that when they assigned Aquamarine as the birthstone for March thousands of years ago during the time of Moses, they knew what they were doing!  Historically considered to be the stone of happiness and everlasting youth, Aquamarine radiates refreshing energy that feels like a restorative visit to paradise or to the spa. Aquamarine will water your life into full springtime bloom on multiple levels with its uplifting and cleansing energy.

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl.  The beryl family expresses in almost all of the color rays and produces some of the most beautiful and highest quality healing gemstones on the planet, such as Emerald and Morganite.  Beryl’s internal crystalline structure expresses as such an aesthetically pleasing mandala, that I would consider hanging it on my wall as art. Its triangular silicate molecules link to form rings.  Circular patterns naturally radiate the energy of wholeness, unity, perfection, and divine feminine energy.  So it makes sense that beryl gemstones are generally some of the best around for healing and nourishing us, giving us a sense of well-being.  I love and recommend all beryl stones, however the one that has touched my heart the most with its pure and clear sentient energy is Aquamarine.  Aquamarine is a top choice for helping you to raise your vibration due to the many ways it can serve us.

Tuning into the ocean blue hues of Aquamarine can immediately encourage a feeling of peace, wellness, and relaxation, causing you to energetically sigh and let go of your burdens.  It has been called the stone of release, gently reassuring you that you can now let go of old grief, pain, stifling patterns, and heaviness from the past.  Aquamarine cleanses and purifies your energy, just like taking a swim in the ocean does. It helps to transmute these old energies, and in this way it brings lightness and a feeling of freedom.  The cooling blue Aquamarine energy is also very useful in crystal healing to counteract physical inflammations, such as tonsillitis, arthritis, skin irritation, irritable bowl syndrome, etc.  It can also be used to calm emotional and mental states, such as anger, jealousy, anxiety, or excess mental energy.  A nice side effect of a relaxed mind and emotions is that it becomes much easier to shift our consciousness higher and tune into our intuition. 

There is more to the energy of Aquamarine than its calming and cleansing effects.  I experience Aquamarine as being an activator of higher energy centers, a connector to higher dimensional beings, and an up-shifter through the joy vibration.  Most crystal healing experts report that Aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for activating the throat chakra, and I agree.  Its blue color ray and striated formation makes it a perfect match for clearing the throat of blockages, nourishing and opening your communication center, supporting the thyroid, and aligning your personal expression with your heart-felt truth.  But what I have noticed is that Aquamarine also works very harmoniously with the third eye, crown, and even etheric chakras. I sense an inherent consciousness in Aquamarine that is so incredibly beautiful, special, and high.  This consciousness has a sparkling and joyful quality to it. When I tune in, I feel an uplifting burst of energy that reminds me of the uncontrollable smile on your face and the heart opening you receive when you are in the presence of wild dolphins leaping, playing, and raising the vibration around them through their motions.  In fact, I would go as far as saying that I believe Aquamarine has a direct connection with higher dolphin consciousness. I have also gotten the message that you can work with Aquamarine to tune into your higher self, the fifth dimensional realm, and the paradise reality paradigm.  By meditating with Aquamarine on your third eye or crown chakra, you can activate your psychic abilities and connect with these radiant beings and higher realms.  If you work with sound healing, toning, or channeling messages, wear an Aquamarine necklace.  In addition to activating your throat chakra, it will also connect you to these higher spiritual energies so that you can use them for healing and up-shifting the energy of your clients.  Remember, dolphins can heal through sound and sonar vibration.

Aquamarine has also historically been known as the fountain of youth stone.  I believe that this anti-aging effect can be achieved, if we tap into the inherent higher consciousness and light in Aquamarine and enlist its help in working with the endocrine system for rejuvenation.  As we move through time, our glands begin to weaken. This causes secreted hormone levels to decrease, which deteriorates the functionality of all of our organs and cells. I like this quote from the YoungAgainForever website:  “If we can find a way to keep our hormones flowing, and the glands working at the optimum level throughout the span of our lives, we would have found the fountain of youth.”  

My belief is that we can begin consciously working with our bodies through love, intention, and positive action.  Many secrets lie in our “junk” DNA and in the parts of our anatomy that are multidimensional.  If we can flow higher frequencies of light into our bodies, I believe that processes can be activated to produce longevity and a highly tuned bio-energetic system.  It starts with self-love, taking care of our bodies, owning our mastery, and focusing on the outcome.  Your body and soul have an intelligence that can make it so!  I completely resonate with Melody, author of “Love is in the Earth,” when she says that Aquamarine can balance and fortify the glands.  I would like to suggest a simple crystal layout, using three small Aquamarines, an Amethyst, sound, and intention.  It is designed to nourish and energize your pineal, pituitary, and thyroid glands while programming your body to begin a rejuvenation process. 

Begin by cleansing the stones, and then find a comfortable space where you can lie down.  You will need two pillows, one for your head to lie on and one that you can place above your head, so that you can position a stone on it and have it aligned directly with your crown chakra.  Then call in your higher self, the Divine Source, and any spiritual beings you like to work with.  If you work with the Golden Dolphins or higher dolphin consciousness, they would love to assist you in this exercise. You might send a call out to any spiritual technicians that work with the body, and also call forth your body consciousness.  Start taking some nice, deep, cleansing breaths, then tune into your body and send it love.  You can visualize yourself inside of a pink bubble of light that permeates your body.  Open your heart and thank your body for all that it does to serve you, washing it in sincere gratitude.  Feel free to send extra love to any areas of the body that you sense need extra support.

Now you will activate your throat chakra and thyroid, as well as your third eye and pituitary glands, with sound, stones, and intention.  Hold the three Aquamarines in your left hand, and then tone the sound “hum” three times.  This sound activates and tunes the throat chakra. While you are making this sound, visualize the throat chakra bathed in pure Aquamarine energy while it gracefully opens and radiates beautiful sky-blue light.  Now hold the Amethyst in your right hand, and then tone the “om” sound three times to activate the third eye chakra.  Visualize the third eye being flooded with Amethyst energy while you are toning, and see it open and beaming purple light.  If you are sensitive to energies, you might feel these energy centers humming and opening as you do this. 

Next you will place the stones.  Place one Aquamarine on the pillow you will lie on, so that it will be in the center of the back of your head.  Place another Aquamarine on the pillow that is above your head, so that it touches your crown chakra at the top and center of your head.  Place the last Aquamarine on your throat chakra, at the base of your neck.  Finally, place the Amethyst on your third eye, in the center of your forehead.  What you have just created is a skewed diamond shape of stones in a vertical plane, or you can think of it as a cross.  The combined energy of these stones will flow into your chakras and begin treating your thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands.  To strengthen this, you can visualize your thyroid gland in your neck being encased in a crystalline octahedron or diamond shape of nourishing Aquamarine energies.  Also visualize an Aquamarine octahedron around the pituitary gland, located directly in the center of the head, and the pineal gland, slightly above and behind the pituitary gland.  It’s OK if you cannot perfectly picture this, as your intention is what makes it so. 

Now align with your soul and take your power to create healing and rejuvenation in your body.  State aloud at least three times, “I command my endocrine system to come into its highest level of functioning for my highest good now.  My body is rejuvenating now.”  The Amethyst at the third eye connects with Divine energies and has the appropriate molecular structure to hold this powerful statement as a program.  The Aquamarines will work to invigorate all three glands and flow in higher dimensional light and rejuvenating energy.  Breathe deeply and spend some time visualizing your body becoming younger and more vibrant, inside and out.  See all of your cells being bathed in rejuvenating energy, and alter your physical appearance in your mind to look more youthful. In this way, you are sending your body a new program of the renewal and vitality you are now creating.  Leave the stones in place for a minimum of fifteen minutes, then remove and cleanse the stones. 

I would suggest doing this exercise at least once a week for four weeks, but you can repeat it more times if you get the intuitive feeling to do so.  You can also carry the Aquamarines and Amethyst with you in your pocket or in a medicine pouch to support this process throughout the day.  Place them on your bedside table at night to continue receiving the energies while you sleep.  A perfect companion technique is the “Beryl Rejuvenation Potion” that I present in my book, “Crystal Healing for the Whole Being.” The ancient philosopher, Pliny, made this poetic statement about Aquamarine, “The lovely Aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of the summer sea, has charms not to be denied.”  When I gaze into my beautiful, faceted Aquamarine ring, I feel magical undercurrents that hint at the treasures buried in me, and I couldn’t agree more!