Jan 27

Why do crystals change or lose color?

“Hi Adrienne, I have a small (3 1/2″) Amethyst crystal wand.  I just noticed that it’s starting to lose color on the thick end.  What causes that? Does it signify anything?” –P.S.

Great Question!  I believe that when crystals lose or change color, it is likely the result of an energy source being applied to it.  Was your Amethyst wand left in a sunny window or outside? The sun can fade certain crystals, such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Celestite, Smoky Quartz, and others.  But it also could be that you and your Amethyst wand were channeling higher energies during use, that flowed through it and altered the color.  Crystals from the Quartz family definitely conduct and amplify other energies, such as Reiki and other higher dimensional frequencies.  If you were meditating with it or connecting consciously, you could have brought through higher spiritual energy that altered the Amethyst.  Since the color is fading only on one end, instead of uniformly throughout, I am drawn to believe that this is a more likely explanation.

Perhaps your work with it has begun to activate it.  Sometimes after crystals are worked with, they change.  Internal cloudiness can disappear, and they become clearer.  I’ve even seen more drastic things happen, such as etched triangles (known as records) appearing on the face of a Quartz, right before my eyes.  Here is the most dramatic crystal transformation that I know of:  I gave a powerful healer a Quartz crystal with three separate terminations.  She was giving a healing session, and she asked her client to hold this crystal, which he did for thirty minutes.  Somehow the crystal actually morphed in his hands!  I saw the crystal after the fact, and the three terminations are now just two terminations!  This just points to the multidimensional way in which the mineral kingdom can work.  I love it when they defy what we know as the laws of physics.

I would suggest holding your Amethyst wand to your heart and asking it directly why the color has faded on one end.  You might be surprised and delighted by the answer you get!