Dec 01

How do I attract my soul mate with crystals?

 “Hi Adrienne, I am ready to attract my soul mate now.  Are there any crystals you would recommend working with to help me do that? Thank you!”

I am happy for your readiness to invite in the right romantic relationship!  I get this question often, and I am delighted to share what has worked for me.  Before you begin drawing him in, I suggest doing a little preliminary work to get yourself as open and clear as possible.  If you want to attract in the highest level soul mate possible, it helps to first work on healing and clearing any blockages or emotional residue left over from previous relationships to ensure that what you create is something entirely new and high, rather than a repeat of old patterns in a new form.  I would recommend three lovely crystals for this endeavor:  Dioptase, Pink Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz.

Dioptase is a translucent and sparkling green silicate of copper mineral, and it has a specialty of bringing awareness to and dissolving emotional attachments, cords, contracts, or blockages in the heart chakra.  It is the one I grab when I am working with any forms of abuse, trauma, or past emotional unpleasantness to clear out these patterns.  Dioptase is also known as the stone of forgiveness, which is the energy that is required to move forward in joy.  Pink Tourmaline is a high vibration stone for the heart.  Its striated formation allows it to channel higher levels of love into the heart, while transforming dense emotional patterns into a lighter vibration.  It can also seal and repair holes in the aura from past emotional trauma.  Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart healer and one of the best choices for deepening self love.  And loving yourself unconditionally is the key to healing any situation of the heart, and elevating the amount and quality of love you experience in your life.

I would suggest working with one, two, or all three of the stones to clear and heal your heart, so that new space is created there for your beloved to enter.  You could simply set aside fifteen minutes each day for a month, or for however long it takes, to focus on healing your heart.  Cleanse the stones you choose, call in your highest self and spirit, and place the stones over the heart chakra.  Relax, meditate, and hold the intention that you are clearing out what no longer serves you.  In my book, I also share a powerful exercise you can do with these three stones called the “Emotional Clearing Ritual,” and I highly suggest it if you feel that there is much to clear from the past.

After you have done this heart clearing work, I also suggest becoming crystal clear in your mind about the qualities you desire in a partner.  When it was time for me to start drawing in my soul mate, I put a lot of energy into creating the perfect man for me on paper.  I first worked on a list of ten higher soul qualities that I required in my partner.  I suggest writing down whatever is important to you, such as a generous heart, a stable presence, a metaphysical focus, a charismatic and adventurous personality, etc.  I then got a poster board and glued my list on it, surrounded by a creative collage of images that represented my perfect relationship.

Now here’s where the crystal suggestion comes in.  I would choose the right crystal or stone, and dedicate it to attracting in your perfect soul mate relationship. For me, Morganite was my crystalline cupid.  Morganite is a lovely, soft pink semiprecious gemstone from the beryl family, so it is cousins with Aquamarine and Emerald.  It connects with the highest and purest levels of Universal love and aligns you with the Divine plan. Morganite will help lighten the burdens in your heart, while drawing to you the right romantic relationship that is a harmonious match.  If you cannot acquire a Morganite, you could simply find a Rose Quartz and program it for attracting in your soul mate.  Cleanse it, hold it to your heart, and repeat this phrase eight to twelve times, “I am now in a loving, romantic relationship with a high-level soul mate who is a harmonious vibrational match.”

Once you have your Morganite or programmed Rose Quartz, I would set aside fifteen minutes a day to meditate on drawing him in.  When I went through this process, I held my Morganite to my heart and sat in front of my collage and list of soul mate qualities.  I called in my higher self, and I sent out a beam from my heart into the higher planes, holding the intention that I was calling in the soul my beloved. And the beautiful thing is that I could feel him, even though I hadn’t met him yet! I’d suggest trying this, and you can even begin communicating with him energetically and telepathically now.  He (or she) is out there, and it is possible to begin connecting now.  Once you are done meditating with your stone and your collage, I would put the collage in a place of honor, with the Morganite or Rose Quartz placed on top of it, to continue sending out this call to your soul mate.

Remember this:  You are infinitely worthy of love, and each day that passes brings you closer to meeting your soul mate.  Who knows?  You might meet today!  Stay optimistic and open-hearted.  I have been there, and this is exactly what I did to draw in my beloved.  We met on the powerful day of 9-9-9 in the crystalline vortex of Arkansas in a very magical way.  At lunch during the conference we were both attending, I got literally kicked out of the table where I was sitting. At first, I was annoyed by this imposition, but it was the Universe placing me exactly where I needed to be–at the next table where he was sitting, waiting for me. I can’t wait to hear your success story.