Nov 29

December: Rainbow Obsidian–Journey Through the Void

December comes and wraps the North in a snow-white blanket, encouraging a natural period of slowing down, going inside, and being introspective.  Perhaps no month is more powerful and poignant than December.  The Christmas holidays are usually a time of great joy, festivity, and communion with loved ones, especially for the children.  However, if you have lost a grandparent, parent, or other dear person, the Christmas holidays are bound to highlight this loss and trigger bittersweet emotions.  At a time when everyone is gathered with their families, old memories and issues are sure to emerge and can cause a vulnerable opening and a healing opportunity.   The Winter Solstice is also a profound energetic influence this month, as it marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night.  Traditionally, the Winter Solstice is the time devoted to self-reflection.  It’s about journeying deep within the self to take a good look at what is there, and to release or change what no longer serves us.  It has a strong connection with Bear medicine.  Mother Bear will fill herself up during the summer, and she will find a cozy cave in the winter to hibernate, slumber, and give birth to her cubs.  She’ll then nurture them until spring draws her back out into the world.  Just like the Bear, in winter we are naturally drawn to be still and to digest our experiences from previous cycle, so we can bring forth new life, ideas, and projects when spring comes to support this new growth.

When I scanned my crystals to ask which one is the best to support us and help in navigating through these deep December energies, my Rainbow Obsidians practically jumped off the shelves.  Rainbow Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is a rich black color.  But when you look more closely in the light, beautiful bands of vibrant blue, gold, red, and green colors make a flashy appearance.  This simple physical description tells the story of how it works energetically.  Black is a deep color that represents the void—the place of nothingness from which all possibilities emerge.  Sanaya Roman gives a beautiful description of the void in her book, Spiritual Growth:

“The void is the state of consciousness you can go into to expand beyond your current limits, let go of old things, and move to your next level of growth.  In the void, you leave behind familiar structures, habits, thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes, and go deep within to create new ones that match your higher vibration.  In this state you can receive insights and do much inner work.”

Black is also magical, because it is the blending and combination of all of the color rays.  In the blackness of the void, you actually have access to the entire rainbow spectrum and all of the color rays, so that you can create something entirely new and beautiful from what appears to be darkness or empty space.  This truth is beautifully captured in the physical appearance of Rainbow Obsidian, with its banded rainbow rays popping out of the darkness once light shines upon it.  Once you willingly take the deep journey within the void of your subconscious self and psyche, you shine your conscious light upon your shadows.  Then you can create beautiful changes and rainbows where once there was darkness.

Rainbow Obsidian is well known for its ability to probe into deep and buried levels of the self, to unearth old patterns and bring conscious awareness to what you need to change.  It protects you on your journey, while also assisting you in transmuting these things into a lighter expression.  Investigating some of the physical attributes of Rainbow Obsidian will show you why.  Obsidian contains Quartz, Magnetite, and Feldspar.  Magnetite is the Earth’s natural magnet, which grounds and stabilizes energies, while also attracting energies to it with its magnetic force.  The Magnetite in Obsidian is what can help in pulling out stuck energy patterns from the subconscious and other layers of the human psyche and being.

Feldspar is a common silicate mineral with a vitreous luster, which means glassy or shiny. Here is what Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, says about Feldspar, “The general properties of the Feldspar group include assisting one in detaching from the old…It provides for support in issues of self-awareness.”  So when you work with Rainbow Obsidian, the Feldspar component can help you to become more aware of what is in your subconscious and to detach from the old patterns that no longer serve you.  Some common Feldspar stones that you might know of are Moonstone, Sunstone, Amazonite, and Labradorite.  What I’ve noticed when working with Feldspars is their vitreous, flashy iridescent qualities can also help to shift and deflect negative energy, which is how these stones can be protectors.

One other important quality of Obsidian is that it is born of volcanic activity.  Because of the fire energy of its creation, it can help you to transmute and purify your energy.  So when you are journeying into your core, the Rainbow Obsidian can help you transform the dark aspects into light. While most forms of Obsidian can be very blunt and direct when it reveals what you need to change, Rainbow Obsidian communicates it to you in a way that is gentler, and it also gives you an elevating and inspirational feeling that you can easily transform anything in your life that is not pleasing to you.  Like the rainbow, it gives you hope!  That is why I believe it is the perfect choice for the meditation that I will share.

Rainbow Obsidian’s joyful and uplifting vibration is also perfect for the holidays. If you are a person who gets the holiday blues and feels depressed around Christmas, Rainbow Obsidian can lift your spirits and mood. Wear it as a pendant or gaze into the flashing rainbow colors for a positive dose of energy.  Also, if you find that your family gatherings tend to be less than jolly and are filled with dense karmic exchanges and drama, keep a Rainbow Obsidian on you for protection, shielding, and transmuting the negativity and tension.

So if you are ready to align with the December Winter Solstice energies and delve into some deeper inner work, here is a Rainbow Obsidian meditation that I would recommend for going into the void for inner transformation.  All you will need to do this exercise is a small piece of Rainbow Obsidian, which you should cleanse before starting.  Call in your higher self, the Divine Source, and any spiritual beings you like to work with.  Ask them to place a bubble of white light around you, forming a barrier of complete protection.  Lie down in a comfortable position, place the Rainbow Obsidian on your third eye, and then come into a relaxed meditative space with eyes closed.  Now, using all of your senses, imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature. You see an ancient and powerful cave before you, and you step into the entrance.  You know that you will be greeted by an animal spirit guide, who will escort you on a healing journey into your subconscious.  Wait at the entrance until you meet your guide.  When the animal guide shows up for you, ask it about itself and if it has a message for you or any special gifts to share.  Your guide then tells you that it is time now to enter into the void in order to view an aspect of yourself or past situation that is ready to be healed.  You are escorted into the dark cave, and then you find yourself falling and tumbling in the dark void.  But you know that you are safe and that your guide is there.

Eventually you will land and find yourself in a scene.  Be open to whatever is shown.  You might find yourself in a past memory from this life, or even in a past life scene.  You might be in a different dimensional space meeting an aspect of yourself, such as your inner child or a soul fragment that splintered away during a traumatic experience.  Simply witness what is shown.  And if it is another aspect of yourself, listen to any message that is given. Now you can take your power to heal or change the scene or personal aspect.  If you see something unpleasant, you can flood the scene with rainbow light and healing energy.  You can change the events you have witnessed into a completely different and positive outcome, thus rewriting the past. If you are dealing with a wounded inner child or injured part of yourself, you can embrace and accept that part of yourself, giving it all of the love and healing that it needs.  Take your power to transform yourself. Rainbow Obsidian will help you achieve this.

Once you feel complete with this process, your animal guide will escort you back to the entrance of the cave.  Thank the guide for assisting you, and open your eyes.  You might want to journal about your experience, and you could research the animal guide who appeared for you.  I’d suggest consulting Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  Wishing you a wonderful Winter Solstice and bright personal insights!