Nov 05

Quartz Crystal Self Healing

I have a Quartz crystal sphere which goes with me everywhere, that I’ve accidentally dropped on my tile floor a couple of times, resulting in what appears to be large bullet holes. After several days (and lots of love) the internal ‘damage’ disappears. Is this self-healing a common attribute of quartz? Thanks!
-Claudia Brazil

That is amazing! I know that self-healing is possible with crystals. They can be quite mysterious, and I’ve personally witnessed them bend slightly in my hands, as well as having internal cloudiness and inclusions seem to clear up. I even know someone who had a crystal completely morph into a different shape while he was holding it. I saw the crystal before and after his alchemical encounter with it, and I was blown away! Miraculous things, such as what you are describing, are absolutely possible with crystals, but I wouldn’t say that these are common occurrences. I believe it points to the fact that you have special crystal abilities. I think YOUR presence and love definitely had something to do with this magical healing of the crystal. Clear Quartz crystals have a natural and inherent ability to empower, focus, and amplify your intentions. It sounds like you were focusing high levels of love and healing thoughts to your special crystal sphere, and a type of alchemy occurred as a result of the energy you provided that changed matter on the physical plane. Perhaps the message is that crystals and humans work in multidimensional ways that we might not scientifically understand—yet! The entire planet is going through a major shift right now, and higher dimensional energies are becoming more accessible everyday. I see your story as evidence of this. You have a beautiful gift! I’d say keep it; keep following your intuition when you are working with crystals, and then please teach the rest of us what you discover and how to do what you are doing! ♥