Nov 05

Crystals for Learning

Adrienne, I have a crystal question. I am taking some technical database classes at work. What is a good crystal for learning and studying?
-Wendy Ann Zellea
The first crystal I grab when I need to focus, concentrate, and absorb information is Fluorite, particularly Fluorite with purple, blue, or magenta color rays. Fluorite has so many outstanding benefits, such as activating higher energy centers, bringing chaos into coherency, protection, and healing.  However, one of Fluorite’s qualities that I value the most is its brain-boosting power.  Fluorite has been known to actually raise your IQ a few points when it is in your energy field. It reminds me of the mental stimulation I get when I drink a cup of coffee, but without all of the jittery side effects. My personal experience has been that my mind feels very sharp and clear when I’ve put it on my desk during work projects or creating crystal presentations. I’ve noticed that it really helps me to organize all of the information I have floating around in my mind and to put it into coherent and accessible files.
You might also consider adding a Pyrite cube to the mix.  Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, has a very solid and structured energy that helps with mental clarity and focus.  It instills a can-do, empowered attitude.  In my experience, I have noticed something magical about the combination of these two.  It is like a synergistic brain activator.  Best of luck with your database class, and I hope that helps! ♥
Coming next month….Which crystals attract your soul mate, and more!  Stay tuned!