Apr 29

Kunzite–Featured Stone (May 1st-14th)

There are so many gifted people who write planetary energy updates, keeping us all informed about general trends that humanity is experiencing.  A common thread that people are reporting about now is a sense of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm.  This is in part due to Earth changes and unrest in several areas of the world, which we all feel on some level.  And it is also the culmination of the energies made available during the recent eclipses.  Elizabeth Peru has described the current energy as multi-faceted–it feels like multiple new options for change are being fired at us daily.  This is making many people feel overwhelmed and pushed to the max. Luckily, this is all occurring so that we can become clearer and more aligned with our true selves and mission.  The perfect stone for helping us to navigate this energy and to connect with the love and peace of the higher realms is Kunzite.  

dreamstime_12451589Kunzite is a sweet, high vibration stone with a light pink color and a high lithium content.  Crystals and stones containing lithium naturally emit a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, and stress. Kunzite connects with the currents of Divine love from the higher realms, and this loving frequency is strengthened and delivered to us through its striated structure.  A striated stone is one that has parallel grooves recessed down the length of the stone.  The striations in Kunzite act as amplifying channels or pathways. Its structure makes it ideal for transmitting higher frequencies into the body and for transmuting lower energies and blockages into pure love.

Kunzite has a natural resonance with the third eye and heart chakras, the seat of your mental and emotional bodies respectively.  It serves as a bridge between the two, while it activates and clears both centers.  Anxiety is a state that is experienced in the mental body as excess energy or worry due to thoughts you are having, and it is felt in the emotional body as fear.  This stone can clear both the mental and emotional sources of anxiety at one time, giving a more complete sense of relief.  Meditating with Kunzite over the third eye can assist you in moving your consciousness to the higher realms, where all is well.  It enhances your psychic and intuitive abilities, helping you to tune into the transmission and guidance of your soul and spirit helpers. Placing Kunzite over the heart chakra or wearing it as a pendant can infuse your emotional body and heart with love energy from the higher realms.  It helps to clear depression, old emotional wounds, trust issues, and other patterns that block the full expression of the heart.  
Kunzite encourages appropriate boundary setting and provides energetic protection.  It is an act of self love to honor your energy and to say no to people and situations that would deplete you. Kunzite helps you to balance meeting your own needs and meeting the needs of others. Kunzite also creates a powerful bubble of light around you, keeping you safe and protected from lower energies and influences. This helps you to stay centered in your own energy and to be less affected by other people and your environment. Kunzite is the perfect choice to move you beyond immediate stressors and into the higher flows.  Get yours at Nature’s Treasures during the first half of May, while it is on sale.  

Apr 12

Herkimer Diamond–Featured Stone (April 15th-30th)

Many of us who are on a spiritual path are all about the light.  We invoke it for healing, we send it to people in need, and we surround ourselves with it for protection. We connect with it during meditation. And perhaps our ultimate goal is to embody as much of it as we can. Maybe that is why we love crystals so much. Crystals are like solidified light that exude a constant and high vibration, and they model this potential for us.  One of the best crystals I have found for the purpose of light work and spiritual development is Herkimer Diamond.            

herkimer-clusterHerkimer Diamonds are bright and sparkly Quartz crystals from a mine in Herkimer County, New York. They are reported to be harder than other Quartz crystals, and they are often double terminated. Herkimer Diamonds are normally very clear and may contain rainbow inclusions, air bubbles, carbon deposits, or sometimes enhydro water inclusions.  Gazing into a beautiful one is like getting lost in an enchanted, elemental world. The vibration of Herkimer Diamond reaches the highest spectrums. They bring more light into the body and into your personal reality, and this helps with clearing and spiritual activation.  Many have had the experience of seeing light codes during meditation with Herkimer Diamonds.  These light codes can appear as symbols, Arabic lettering, hieroglyphs, mathematical equations, or geometry. They are like seeds of energetic instructions that integrate with our higher energy centers and circuitry.  They upgrade us so that we can hold more light and download more of our soul essence into our bodies. Light codes are directly related to building our light bodies, and Herkimer Diamonds help to usher them in for us.  

682px-HerkimerHerkimer Diamond is an attunement stone. It sharpens your psychic senses and helps you to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and the higher spiritual planes. You can also work with it to tune into the subtle energies of your environment and the energy fields of other people. In this way, Herkimer Diamond is a big help to healers, psychics, and counselors. Working with Herkimer Diamond can help you to connect with your clients and to access the energy and messages best suited to help them.  If you do this kind of work, you can incorporate Herkimer Diamonds to create inter-dimensional doorways that bring in the required energies.  They work especially well in crystal grids and in crystal healing sessions, since they amplify the energy of other stones. Herkimer Diamonds are also great for meditation and dream work, because they assist with astral, time, and inter-dimensional travel.

Herkimer Diamond has powerful purification qualities that can benefit your emotional body, your aura, and your personal environment. It releases old emotions and helps to clear energy blockages that stand in the way of your forward movement. Herkimer Diamond has a detoxifying effect on the physical body, and it is a top stone for space clearing. It helps to clear and block electromagnetic smog, geopathic stress, and other forms of negative energy that would disturb the energy of your home or workspace.  So if diamonds are a little out of your price range, get the next best thing–a Herkimer Diamond.  They are on sale right now at Nature’s Treasures.  



Mar 28

Vesuvianite–Featured Stone (March 30th-April 12th)

We are currently in a powerful window of time, punctuated by eclipses and positioning each of us to step into a brand new personal reality.  The solar eclipse and the spring equinox on March 20th could have instigated a major clearing process, causing certain chapters to end so that new ones can begin.  On the horizon is a total lunar eclipse, happening the day before Easter on April 4th.  Lunar eclipses are known to cause big shake-ups that produce startling realizations, major change, endings, and new beginnings.  Since they coincide with the full moon, emotions are heightened and what is hidden in the subconscious comes up to be healed. The April 4th full moon is in Libra, which highlights cooperation, harmony and balance in relationships.  Some of our most important relationships might be tested at this time. Any issues that surface can cause either healing or an end to the relationship.  This time period of eclipses encourages each of us to really tune into our inner knowing and to get crystal clear about any changes we need to make.  Vesuvianite is the perfect stone to support us through it all.   

2Ves-254x300Vesuvianite, also known as Idocrase, exudes a powerful yet smooth energy that feels like the loving and healing touch of the Divine Feminine. It can be yellow, yellow-green, pink, purple, red, brown, grey, or white; but it is most commonly seen in yellow-green and pinkish-purple. Vesuvianite helps you to tune in and to access your higher self. It assists you in hearing the inner voice of your heart and soul that is guiding you to your true mission.  Meditation with Vesuvianite can show you what your greatest potential and calling is in this lifetime, and it can also reveal what is standing in your way in terms of subconscious thought patterns and beliefs, old emotions, or life circumstances that are blocking you. Vesuvianite increases clairsentience, or the ability to feel energy, so you might be able to actually feel where these blockages are residing in your body.  Once you get a sense of where the blockages are, you can place Vesuvianite over these areas to dissolve them on an energetic level, once and for all.  The next step might require action on your part, such as doing work to heal or release a relationship, job, or role that is not aligned with your highest path.  Vesuvianite helps you find the inner courage and strength needed to make necessary changes in your life.  The eclipse time period will perfectly support this kind of transformative work.  
Vesuvianite’s energy goes beyond clearing.  It feels like a warm, glowing ball of honey that expands out in all directions–healing, smoothing, and aligning all energy in its path. It is a versatile stone that can be consciously worked with over any chakra to bring it into a higher level of health and functioning.  It is an ideal stone for healers, because it has the ability to adjust to the needs of the situation or the specific energy center.  For example, it can infuse more energy into chakras that are depleted, and it can absorb negative energy wherever it is placed. It can amplify positive energy, activate or upgrade chakras, and deliver higher dimensional waves of joy into the heart and into the emotions.  

Vesuvianite2Vesuvianite can also help you to connect with and unify aspects of your energy so that you come into greater wholeness. Sometimes when you go through life and encounter difficulty, you create sub-personalities that hold discordant energies.  One theory is that part of your soul essence is assigned to each sub-personality, and that is part of the mechanism of soul fragmentation. Sometimes you push these into the background as a coping mechanism so that your psyche and conscious mind is not overwhelmed. As you move forward on your spiritual path, there comes a time when you must connect with these wounded aspects of yourself to heal them and to reintegrate them.  In fact, the lunar eclipse might bring these to the surface for you. Vesuvianite can help you to create a loving and safe inner space for soul retrieval work.  It can lend you the courage and assistance to locate these parts of yourself and to face them with love from your higher self perspective.  The warm honey energy of Vesuvianite can act as healing glue to mend and ease the integration. The next few weeks is the perfect time to do deep personal healing work with Vesuvianite. Nature’s Treasures has a beautiful new supply of Vesuvianite, and it is on sale from March 30th through April 12th–right in time for the lunar eclipse. 




Mar 14

Moldavite–Featured Stone (March 16th-29th)

Mark your calendars, because March 20th is a power date with game-changing potential.  We will have a total solar eclipse occurring just about an hour before the spring equinox.  The solar eclipse is in the final degree of Pisces, and major completion is signaled when a solar eclipse falls here.  You might find that certain chapters in your life are finally coming to an end. There could be an abrupt sense of finality to it, as if bridges are burned and there’s no turning back.  The good news is that endings signal new beginnings. The new moon and the spring equinox are ushering in renewal and fresh-start energy on that date.  The spring equinox is the time when night and day are equal, bringing in an energy of balance.  It also signals a time of release, rejuvenation, rebirth, growth, creation, fertility, abundance, and new beginnings.  The effects of the equinox and eclipse can be felt and utilized for a window of time before and after the event. If you are ready for a fresh start, now is the time and Moldavite is your stone!

MoldaMoldavite is an accelerator, perfect for helping you to rapidly shift your vibration and your life circumstances. According to crystal expert, Robert Simmons, it formed as a result of a meteorite crash in Czechoslovakia around 14.8 million years ago. Historically, it has been used as a talisman for fertility and good fortune, two of the spring equinox themes.  It can be placed on all of the chakras for a rapid clearing and activation. Moldavite’s cleansing process is aligned with the completion energy of the solar eclipse. It has an extremely high and powerful energy that first assists you to release all that no longer serves you.   It can facilitate the release of jobs, roles, relationships, and patterns that are not for your highest good. 

After the major clearing comes the beautiful part! Moldavite begins to accelerate your spiritual and psychic abilities.  Meditations and dreams become more vivid.  Since Moldavite brings your higher chakras to a greater level of functioning, it becomes easier to connect with your higher self, angels, and guides. If you are interested in having meditative encounters with positive ET’s, Moldavite facilitates contact with them.  It also gives you sudden breakthroughs and aha moments, and it brings in the right synchronicities and connections to get you on a higher and better path.    Moldavite helps to move you into your higher flow so that you can fulfill your unique mission.  This is a stone that makes things happen and moves things along, especially if you are feeling stuck.  So it is advised that you work with it in smaller doses at first, to see how you are responding to it, and then gradually increase your exposure to this powerful ally.  It is on sale from March 16th through the 29th at Nature’s Treasures, right in time for the Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse.  Stop by for some Moldavite, and check out all of the amazing new inventory at their Annual Tucson Truck Sale. 

Mar 11

The Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox–Creating a Fresh Start with Crystals

Mark your calendars, because March 20th is a power date with game-changing potential.  We will have a total solar eclipse occurring just about an hour before the spring equinox.  I am not an astrologer, but the research I did suggests that the March 20th eclipse/equinox is creating a major clean slate.  Let me summarize some of the main points from astroshaman.com, mysticmamma.com, and others.  The solar eclipse is in the final degree of Pisces, and major completion is signaled when a solar eclipse falls here.  You might find that certain chapters in your life are finally coming to an end. There could be an abrupt sense of finality to it, as if bridges are burned and there’s no turning back.  The good news is that endings signal new beginnings. The new moon and the spring equinox are ushering in renewal and fresh-start energy on that date.  It is also significant that the solar eclipse only aspects feminine planets (Venus and four feminine asteroids).  It is like an infusion of the Divine Feminine into the Earth grids to uplift the yin qualities of compassion, intuition, cooperation, and sensitivity.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect for this! The equinox is the time when day and night are equal, and so it is inherently about balance.  It is now time for the Divine Feminine to come into balance with the Divine Masculine, which as been running the show for eons.  The eclipse and equinox of March 20th are aligned to support this in a beautiful way.  In addition to its balancing quality, the spring equinox signals a time of release, rejuvenation, rebirth, growth, creation, fertility, abundance, and new beginnings.  The effects of the equinox and eclipse can be felt and utilized for a window of time before and after the event. If you are ready for a fresh start, now is the time!  I will now share three crystals that are perfect for harmonizing with the energetic trends heralded by the power date of March 20th.

MoldaMoldavite is an accelerator, perfect for helping you to rapidly shift your vibration and your life circumstances. According to Moldavite expert, Robert Simmons, it formed as a result of a meteorite crash in Czechoslovakia around 14.8 million years ago. Historically, it has been used as a talisman for fertility and good fortune, two of the spring equinox themes.  It has an extremely high and powerful energy that first assists you to clear all that no longer serves you.  It can be placed on all of the chakras for a rapid clearing and activation. Moldavite’s cleansing process is aligned with the completion energy of the solar eclipse.  It can facilitate the release of jobs, roles, relationships, and patterns that are not for your highest good. But what happens next is the beautiful part. Moldavite begins to accelerate your spiritual and psychic abilities.  It gives you sudden breakthroughs and aha moments, and it brings in the right synchronicities and connections to get you on a higher and better path.  Meditations and dreams become more vivid, and you feel a greater connection with your higher self.  Moldavite helps to move you into your higher flow so that you can fulfill your unique mission.  This is a stone that makes things happen and moves things along, especially if you are feeling stuck.  So it is advised that you work with it in smaller doses at first, to see how you are responding to it, and then gradually increase your exposure to this powerful ally.

GaiaSGaia Stone connects you straight to the heart of the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth, which is what this equinox/eclipse is beckoning us all to do.  This beautiful, glassy material is created from the ashes of the Mount St. Helens eruption. Gaia Stone is born out of fire, so it helps to transmute negativity.  Since the materials used to form it come from the inner depths of the planet, this stone helps you to harmonize with the vibration, loving consciousness, and planetary grid system of Gaia herself. Working with it can help you to access and embody the Divine Feminine qualities of compassion, unity consciousness, and intuition. Gaia Stone is known to bring balance and equilibrium, just like the equinox does.  According to crystal expert, Hazel Raven, the vibrant green hue of Gaia Stone is in the exact center of the color spectrum, making it easy on the eyes.  This contributes to its soothing effect on your senses and its balancing effect on your energy, emotions, and state of being.  Its color and vibration also resonate with abundance and new growth, another theme of the spring equinox.  You can work with Gaia Stone to consciously manifest more prosperity and new opportunities.  It helps you to harmonize with the entire Earth matrix so that you can draw in the right people, connections, and resources that you need.  

cupriteCuprite, a stone of transition and rebirth, is the one to turn to if you are on the verge of moving into a new phase.  It helps with completing the old while providing the energy needed to reinvent yourself and start fresh.  Death, birth, and renewal are all within this stone’s domain, which makes it a perfect fit for the energies of March 20th. Cuprite resonates with the High Priestess, and it is a stone of women’s mysteries and alchemy.  It helps both women and men to tap into feminine power for creation.  It facilitates receptivity and tunes you into the natural cycles, enabling you to work in harmony with them. Since Cuprite is copper-bearing, it naturally clears blockages, promotes flow, and can direct energy for manifestation. Cuprite is highly energizing, and it is a perfectly suited to treat the first three chakras. At the root, it infuses vitalizing life-force energy and helps to clear deep fears, traumas, and survival issues from this and other lifetimes.  It blows the second chakra wide open, enhancing sexual energy, fertility, and creativity.  At the solar plexus, it clears issues around the right use of power, and it assists with transforming your ideas into reality.  It’s as if the Goddess has infused her feminine powers into Cuprite, lending raw energy for the deconstruction of what is stagnant and for the creation of a brand new personal reality.  

mgc e:eHere’s how you can put these three stones together to create your own personal magic on or around the time of the eclipse and equinox.  Begin by writing two lists on two separate sheets of paper.  Entitle the first list, “I now release,” and write down everything that you are ready to clear from your life, once and for all.  Entitle the second list, “I now create,” and write down what it is that you would like to experience or create moving forward.  Once this step is completed, cleanse the stones and call in your higher self and spirit.  Lie down, and then place the Moldavite over the third eye point at the center of your forehead.  Place the Gaia Stone over the heart chakra at the center of your chest.  Then place the Cuprite over the sacral chakra, an inch or two below your belly button.  Pick up the first list, and read it aloud.  There is much power in stating your declaration of release, as your words direct energy.  Place your hands over the Moldavite, and then visualize the Moldavite energy moving through your entire chakra column and body, from above your head down to your feet.  You can picture it like a tornado that is clearing and removing any blockages and energy patterns related to what you are releasing.  Stick with this until you get a sense of completion or feel a shift.  Next, pick up the list of what you are creating, and read it aloud. This is like placing your order into the Universe.  Place your hands over the Cuprite, and spend some time visualizing all of the wonderful new things that you are manifesting.  Really allow yourself to feel all of the positive emotions associated with experiencing exactly what you want. When you feel complete with that, finish by placing your hands over the Gaia Stone at your heart chakra.  Allow yourself to come into resonance with Gaia, and feel the love and connection you have with the planet.  Be open to receiving guidance or a special message from your higher self, your guides, or Mother Earth.  The veils will be thin around this time, making it the perfect opportunity to tune in.  Keep the stones in place for at least eleven minutes, and allow the synthesis to occur.  When you are done, you can burn the first list as a symbol of release.  You can place the second list in a place of honor, such as on an altar, keeping the stones you used on top of it or around it.  Wishing you a happy and powerful eclipse and equinox!               


Feb 28

Rainbow Fluorite–Featured Stone (March 2nd-15th)

Do you ever get overwhelmed in the crystal shop?  There are so many beautiful crystals with beneficial properties that you might be tempted to put half of the store’s inventory on layaway. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one stone that did it all? Let Rainbow Fluorite come to the rescue! Its full-spectrum color and highly symmetrical crystalline structure allows it to cleanse, heal, activate, stabilize, and balance your entire being.      

Rainbow FluoriteFluorite is one of the magical minerals that can be found in a wide range of colors: pink, magenta, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, red, and black.  Rainbow Fluorite has multiple colors in one stone.  This makes it a multi-tasking powerhouse equipped to treat multiple chakras.  It can connect to a wider spectrum of dimensional energies and make them available for healing and harmonizing your bio-energetic system.  Sacred Geometry is also a big factor in Fluorite’s healing power.  Fluorite naturally forms in the shape of the cube and the octahedron. The cube helps to structure and organize energy, while grounding and protecting you. The octahedron resonates with balance, healing, and spiritual activation. For all of these reasons, Rainbow Fluorite is the stone that keeps your feet anchored to the Earth, all of your chakras open and clear, and your consciousness attuned to the higher dimensions of reality.

Rainbow Fluorite really shines when applied to the higher chakras.  It awakens psychic ability and expands your consciousness, helping you to access higher dimensional realms.  It also sharpens your mental body and your ability to understand and process this incoming spiritual information.  It has a profound clearing effect, getting rid of mental clutter and general psychic debris that might confuse your thinking.  Known as the IQ stone, it brings order, coherency, and clarity to your thoughts and senses.  

Rainbow Fluorite has a powerful healing influence on the physical body.  According to Melody, on a physical body level, it purifies, cleanses and eliminates that which is in disorder. Therefore it is a healing support for many diseases, such as colds, flu, infections, and even cancer. According to Naisha Ahsian, it can help you consciously change your etheric blueprint, which is the underlying template for your physical body and your personal reality.  

Rainbow Fluorite’s clearing, stabilizing, and protective qualities are also highly beneficial for the emotions and the aura.  It can help to surface and clear old emotions that are blocking the heart.  It can also stabilize erratic feelings and bring you back into a state of emotional balance and calm.  Rainbow Fluorite clears negativity from the auric field and protects against EMF’s, lower energies and thought-forms, psychic attack, and other undesirable energies.  So if you find yourself at Nature’s Treasures and your budget only allows for one stone, make it Rainbow Fluorite!  It is on sale from March 2nd through the 15th.       





Feb 13

Stellar Beam Calcite–Featured Stone (February 16th-March 1st)

Have you noticed a recent shift in energy?  There’s a sense of greater acceleration and flow, a push from spirit to move forward now that Mercury is direct.  In the past few weeks, it feels like the Universe has graced us with more big waves of higher dimensional frequencies designed to open up new possibilities.  Stellar Beam Calcite is the stone to work with to maximize these incoming energies and to manifest a higher vision.  

Stellar Beam CalciteThe crystalline formation of Stellar Beam Calcite models for us a grand spiritual potential–the possibility of making big shifts and changing your outer reality to a more refined and spiritually focused expression.  As Katrina Raphaell explains, most Calcite manifests in the shape of a rhomboid or parallelogram, internally and externally. Stellar Beam Calcite has an internal structure that is a rhomboid, but its outer shape (and energy) resembles a spaceship.  The sharply pointed terminations give it an added intensity, focus, and energetic range.  Since Stellar Beam is the Calcite that has evolved the rhomboid to an entirely different shape, it represents the manifestation of the new reality

Stellar Beam Calcite has a noticeably high and fast vibration that produces a quickening effect on the cellular and atomic levels.  Used with conscious intention, it can deliver higher frequencies and light codes into the crown and third eye chakras. This helps to awaken more of your psychic senses and spiritual gifts.  It can also assist with DNA and light body activation. Stellar Beam Calcite is normally yellow or golden, which is the ideal color vibration for activating the solar plexus chakra, your manifestation center.  With the crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakras open, it is easier to tune into your higher soul mission and to make it manifest in your life.  Meditating with Stellar Beam Calcite can assist you viewing potential future realities and consciously aligning with the highest one.

According to Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons, Stellar Beam Calcite can be used as a meditation tool or in crystal grids to create inter-dimensional doorways.  You can access past lives and the hidden history of this planet, and it is possible to tune into the advanced spiritual practices and methodologies used in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and other civilizations.  In my healing work, I have found that Stellar Beam Calcite can bring in the guidance and energy of our Star Families, especially the Pleiadians and the Arcturians.  I have used it to help me access healing frequencies from advanced ET technologies, causing instant healing in some cases.  For best results, hold a clear intention that you want to access positive dimensional places and beings who resonate with one hundred percent pure light, for the purpose of spiritual growth, healing, and highest good.

Stellar Beam Calcite is useful as an energy healing tool in many ways. According to Naisha Ahsian, you can use it for removing entities and lower energies that have attached to your auric field.  It is especially helpful for clearing ingrained habits and patterns that you are ready to release.  If your etheric blueprint has been damaged or distorted, you can work with Stellar Beam Calcite to repair and restore it for optimum health and well-being.  If you are ready to move forward and to align with your highest path, now is the time to buy Stellar Beam Calcite.  It is on sale at Nature’s Treasures from February 16th through March 1st.       



Jan 30

Rhodochrosite–Featured Stone (February 2nd-15th)

February perfumes the air with roses and turns our attention to matters of the heart.  No matter what your relationship status says on Facebook, I like to think of Valentine’s Day as an inclusive celebration of love, in all of its beautiful forms and expressions.  This Valentine’s Day, be sure to honor the most important relationship in your life–your relationship with yourself. Rhodochrosite is the perfect stone for freeing the heart chakra of past hurts, opening you to deeper and greater experiences of love.  

Rhodochrosite-200x300-1Rhodochrosite looks like a Valentine, with its whimsical swirls and banded patterns that express in varying shades of pink.  It can also contain yellow, orange, brown, and gray color rays, and it can be partially or completely translucent.  Its beautiful appearance gives us a lot of insight into its energetic and healing functions.  Most Rhodochrosite stones have distinct layers; and encapsulated inside of these bands, you can often find sections of beautiful, circular patterns.  You may have heard the analogy that an emotional injury is like a layered onion; and you have to peel off the layers, one by one, to reach and heal the core pattern. The primary color, pink, resonates with the vibration of love and the heart chakra.  Notice in the photo that the deeper shades of pink in Rhodochrosite have a more transparent quality.  This reflects the clarity that exists when you are in the deeper levels of love, and it symbolizes the ability of this stone to clear the heart chakra. Most Rhodochrosite also has a yellow-orange tint to it, which (according to crystal expert, Katrina Raphaell) brings in the energy of the solar plexus chakra and bridges the heart and the will centers.  This is key to Rhodochrosite’s functioning, because the solar plexus can be thought of as the guard of the heart chakra.  If this area is blocked by old fears and hurts, then the heart chakra is not supported in staying open and expressive.  Once the solar plexus is clear, it can blend with the heart and bring in the energy of empowerment and manifestation to the emotional body. So to summarize, Rhodochrosite helps us get through the layers and into the root patterns of the heart chakra. It can clear on these deep levels, and it can empower the expression of emotions. 

Rhodochrosite touches you on very deep and pure levels, reminding you how precious you truly are.  It adores you so that you can remember how to adore yourself.  It sheds its sweet light into any densities in the heart, cutting through old, pent-up emotions.  As Rhodochrosite helps to surface these, it holds your hand and brings in the forgiveness vibration.  This helps you to see the higher love and lessons in each situation, which is the key to healing and releasing.  Rhodochrosite then helps to gently mend any holes or damage to the energetic areas where the release occurred, normally in region of the heart through the solar plexus chakras. Upon releasing in this way, it is common to feel an exuberant rush of joy that is a symptom of newly liberated emotional energy.  Rhodochrosite then supports you in feeling safe to express this energy in beautiful ways. It gets you in touch with your higher self and your authentic feeling nature, and it helps to bring the love vibration of your soul into every aspect of your life. You might find that you are more spontaneous with your expression, sharing your feelings with ease and trusting that you will be cherished, just like a child does.  This Valentine’s Day, consider giving yourself the gift that nobody else can–a heart healed and cleared by Rhodochrosite.  It is on sale at Nature’s Treasures right now through Valentine’s Day.




Jan 15

Crystal Divination: What Does 2015 Hold in Store for You?

What wonderful things are you going to create in 2015? Does this year hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences?  After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and insight into the inner workings of your soul.  Here’s how to play:

Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look a the photo below. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it.) Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to?  Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance.  Tune into your intuition, and feel out which one is calling to you the most. Once you have your number, look below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2015. Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful!

Crystal Divination 2015

1.  Unakite:  Making sustainable life changes related to health and emotional well-being.  If you want to change the world, a good place to start is with yourself.  This year, all will align to support you in making a big breakthrough in self-love and self-care.  If you chose Unakite, it means that you have a big heart! You are an intuitive person who feels things deeply and might identify as an empath.  People are drawn to you because of your natural healing energy and the higher wisdom you share.  It is a beautiful gift to have your level of sensitivity, but sometimes it can be a challenge to cope with the negativity on the planet as the Earth goes through this cleansing.  Sometimes sensitive people will try to numb the feelings with food, alcohol, or some other kind of addictive behavior.  Another defense mechanism is to shut down the heart chakra and push the feelings down, where they get lodged into the cells and tissues of the body.  This might bring temporary relief, but unprocessed emotional energy can eventually lead to health imbalances.  This is your year to let go from a very deep place.  If you are holding on to pain, despair, anger, or negativity from past experiences, you will make great strides in releasing this energy once and for all! You will also let go of self-defeating patterns you may have developed as a result.  Self-love is the key, and you will turn that big heart of yours inward to create big healing.  As you let go, you gain an increasing sense of lightness and renewal.  You are creating a clean slate in your body, mind, and spirit–a new template for health and well-being.  It is the perfect year to work on self-improvement and to make positive lifestyle changes.  Even if you have had difficulty in the past with adopting a new exercise routine, refining your diet, or letting go of a bad habit, know that this is the year where you are poised to gain traction.  The Universe will bring you every resource that you need; and most importantly, you will discover your own inner resources.  The inner changes you make this year will touch every area of your life.  Expect positive new connections, experiences, and opportunities to come in, as you are moving your personal reality into a higher vibration.  You are a lovely person, and you absolutely deserve it. One thing is certain: When you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the year, you are truly going to love who you see smiling back at you! 

2.  Lightening Strike Lemurian Manifestation Quartz:  Aligning with you soul gifts to help create the new paradise Earth. This crystal contains exceptionally magical and special energy, just like you do!  It is a Lemurian Quartz sphere that has another crystal growing inside of it, making it a rare Manifestation Quartz.  Shockingly, it has also been struck by lightening! Choosing it indicates that you are an extremely ancient soul with a powerful mission.  In fact, it is likely that you were in the very first wave of souls to incarnate on Earth; and before that, you experienced physical reality in other planetary systems.  You have certainly had more than one lifetime in the ancient civilization of Lemuria, and now you are being called to bring in and anchor that energy into this time/space.  Lemuria existed many thousands of years ago in the area of the Pacific Ocean.  This civilization was a paradise reality with a spiritual and heart-oriented focus.  There was a sense of unity and connection, and a flourishing of advanced spirituality and healing techniques.  The world we see today seems to have the opposite focus–on separation, the mental body, and the material world.  But we are living through the shift of the ages, when the tide is turning and the Lemurian values are returning. And that is why you are here!  You have valuable soul gifts cultivated through lifetimes of experience that can help the planet transition from 3-D to 5-D.  Your soul vibration is extremely refined, high, pure, and connected to Source.  You know how to bypass linear thinking, to see beyond the illusions and trappings of 3-D situations and to tap into the love that is behind it all. In 2015, it is time for you to remember who you really are and to embrace it. Spend some time in meditation, and ask your higher self how you can best serve in making the world a more beautiful and loving place. Ultimately, the answer will center around infusing the qualities of the Divine Feminine–compassion, healing, intuition, nurturing, unity, and deep care–into any situation or place where you find yourself. Your contributions will flow from your heart and from a very high level of spiritual consciousness.  Maybe you signed up for a behind the scenes role that involves consciously transmitting higher frequencies of love and light to heal world situations, places, and people. There are many spiritual masters who are humbly and quietly making big waves and changing the planet in this way.  But don’t be surprised if you are called to be very visible with your work.  You might tap into a revolutionary healing or spiritual activation technique from another lifetime and realize that you are supposed to share it on a global scale, for example.  It is time to be brave and to actualize your calling.  Your spiritual resume proves that you are beyond qualified, and now is the time!  

3.  Bloodstone skull:  Taking a stand and embodying your spiritual warrior aspect.  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” We are privileged to be living through the shift of the ages, when the light is returning to Earth after eons of darkness. You don’t have to look far to find corruption in several major societal systems: corporations, the media, religions, governments, banking systems, education systems, healthcare systems, the food industry–you name it!  It is time to kick out those at the top who are only in service to self.  It’s time to roll up our sleeves, to dismantle and rework systems that are poisoning the planet and causing more harm than good.  That’s where you come in!  You are a system buster, a bright being who is here to help bring awareness and solutions to these issues.  There is at least one cause that stirs passion in you. Perhaps you are concerned about social justice, environmental pollution, GMO’s, war, or political corruption.  Or maybe you care deeply about the ethical treatment of animals, children, the disabled, the impoverished, or the elderly.  If you haven’t already done so, it is time to take a stand and to get involved in something that really matters to you this year!  You have had several lifetimes of honor and bravery–perhaps as a warrior, an activist, or a nonconventional thinker who was ahead of the times. In 2015, it is time to tap into your inner boldness.  You are called to stand in your truth, to express your ideas in the face of others who might oppose you, and to be an example of integrity for others. Although you are a spiritually advanced person, part of you is most satisfied when you are making a tangible difference on a 3-D level of reality.  Maybe you are called to help raise awareness and to motivate change.  You could write articles, post to social media, make videos, get involved in protests, or do public speaking to get the message out.  Or maybe you are meant to help create a direct solution to the problem.  You could apply for a job in your area of interest or do volunteer work for your cause. Start a fundraising campaign if money could make a difference.  You might have what it takes to infiltrate the system, to run for political office or rise to the top of an industry so that you can directly influence policy.  Remember to work with light and the higher spiritual laws of reality to create positive change. The key to fulfilling your mission is to access your heart, your mind, and your soul.  Show up, be willing to get your hands dirty, and be sure to ask for Divine guidance and intervention.  You are exactly what the world needs right now, somebody who has what it takes to be part of the solution.  You are on the right side of history, and you will succeed in making a difference–like you did in your other heroic lifetimes.      

4.  Lithium Quartz:  Harmony and peace in your life and in your relationships.  “Ease and grace” is your guiding mantra in 2015.  Everything has been accelerating so much on the planet in recent years.  It feels like time is speeding up, and the Universe is delivering our lessons at record speed and frequency so that we can surmount them and move forward. Perhaps it has felt overwhelming at times, but you have done an even better job than you realize in this fast-paced and fluctuating landscape.  Choosing Lithium Quartz is a really good sign!  It means that your soul has brought you a life challenge, and you have exceeded all expectations in dealing with it.  Even if you haven’t always felt graceful in the process, the message is that your higher understanding of the situation and your response to it is right on track and has raised your light quotient.  Because of the good work you have done, you are now clearer and can access even more of your soul energy. In 2015, your higher self will shower you with refined frequencies of peace, harmony, balance, and grace from the higher realms.  These energies represent the keynote of who you really are on a soul level, and your life will become an increasing reflection of your truest essence.  Since you are now vibrating at a higher level, you will be much less affected by stress, negativity, and drama that is occurring around you.  As you move through life this year, expect things to be lighter.  There will be more ease in the major areas of your life, and you will help others to access greater levels of harmony and tranquility through your presence and example.  It is part of why you are here, to embody these peaceful higher frequencies and make them available as the world continues to turn.  Choosing Lithium Quartz is also a good omen for you in the realm of relationships.  If you have experienced rockiness in a major relationship, there is a big potential for healing and moving forward in an appropriate, good-feeling way.  Family dynamics, friendships, and romantic partnerships will likely move into a higher space.  And if you are single, be open to new love coming in this year.  You deserve serenity in 2015, and you will be the source of it!  
5.  Smoky Elestial Quartz:  Anchoring crystalline reality and higher light codes onto the planet.  You are intimately connected to this planet in ways that might amaze you. Your masterful soul was here from the very beginning, as you are a part of the Divine Intelligence that helped to design the original blueprint of the planet.  Your soul is very scientific and mathematical, with an expertise in advanced disciplines related to giving structure and form to Divine energy. You have chosen to incarnate as a human in almost every significant time period and civilization to gain experience and to directly participate in the Earth experiment. You really shined in the Atlantean era because of your brilliance in the field of technological innovation and your deep connection to the mineral kingdom. Your soul and higher consciousness has a crystalline-like precision to it. In fact, your soul made the decision to put part of its essence inside of one or more crystals, making you a true crystalline being!  This is part of why you are here now.  The planet is going through a rapid up-shift, and all living systems are quickly evolving to hold more light and consciousness.  Humanity has an opportunity to work with this incoming light to activate dormant psychic, healing, and spiritual gifts.  You are here to help facilitate this process.  Like Elestial Quartz, you are similar to a crystalline switchboard that can connect to higher dimensional realms and other time/spaces. You can access high frequency light codes and then step that energy down safely, so that it can be anchored into the Earth grids and made available to humanity.  Light codes are like seeds of energetic instructions that flow in and act as the mechanism for upgrading our bio-energetic systems. They can appear as symbols, Arabic lettering, hieroglyphs, mathematical equations, or geometry. It is your true language!  You have been acting as a human crystal your entire life–absorbing, amplifying, and transmitting higher frequencies of light–whether you have been conscious of it or not.  This year, you can choose to become more consciously involved in your role as a Divine instrument.  If you haven’t already explored the healing arts, consider taking a class in Reiki, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, ARCH, Reconnective Healing, or any other energy modality.  You are already a natural at channeling energy, and taking a class will only reinforce your gifts.  Also, get your hands on some crystals if you don’t already have a big collection. Working with them will awaken you, amplify your power, and teach you so much about yourself.  You have the potential to tap into Atlantean information to create a breakthrough in crystal healing techniques or a technological innovation.  If you want to be a professional metaphysical practitioner, you certainly have what it takes to rise to the top.  The main thing is to trust your inner guidance at all times.  Part of your mission might be to travel to different power spots or vortexes on the planet.  If you feel pulled to go on a trip, by all means book your ticket.  It is likely that you are needed there to deliver light codes into the ley-lines and planetary grid system for the benefit of the entire region and possibly the world.  You are truly a gem and an Earth-Keeper, in every sense of the word!        

6.  Blue Apatite:  Entering your higher flow of creative expression & divinely inspired communication.  You are a tuned-in and highly creative soul who is here to share your profound visions and insights.  There is an oceanic quality to you that is deep, refreshing, expansive, and reflective.  Honest introspection over many years has made you very self-aware, and you have done a lot of inner work to cleanse and refine yourself.  Keen observation skills and a willingness to experience all that life has to offer has helped you to really understand the human condition.  Your insight also comes from lifetimes you spent in the fields of shamanism, spirituality, and the arts.  You know how to look beyond the surface, to decipher subtle undercurrents and see the intricate patterns that influence people, situations, and behaviors. You also have a gift of expressing these abstract perceptions in a way that people can truly grasp.  This year, you have an opportunity to share your your unique worldview and spiritually inspired visions with a wider audience through creative outlets.  Since your throat, third eye, and sacral chakras are all finely tuned, your creative expression could take many forms: writing, visual art, psychic readings, music, performance, or public speaking, to name a few!  Perhaps you are already offering work in one of these fields.  If so, the message is to keep up the good work and to anticipate even greater success and expansion in 2015.  If you haven’t started yet, it is time to get cracking on all of those brilliant creative ideas you have. The key to your success is to allow your inspirations to flow from a higher aspect of yourself. Make time to sit in meditation, and ask for clarity regarding the highest messages you can share and how to most brilliantly get them across in your work.  Your higher self is connected to an infinite source of creativity and genius, so allow yourself to become a Divine channel who can access it and bring through masterpieces.  You will be guided and helped throughout your entire process, and all of the right doors will open for you this year so that your work gets maximum exposure. Remember that you have something truly unique and groundbreaking to share that will touch, awaken, and expand people on many levels.  Allow the world to see through your third-eye, and watch the world change for the better because of your influence.                      

7.  Libyan Gold Tektite:  Building your empire and manifesting abundance on all levels.  Good news! You have the Midas touch this year.  It’s as if Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, is smiling upon you in 2015 and gracing your projects and efforts.   The power that creates worlds flows through you, and it is time to really own that.  Libyan Gold Tektite formed as a result of a meteorite crash in the Sahara desert.  It was prized by Egyptian royalty, because they recognized that it carries the frequencies of the stars and the touch of the gods.  So do you!  You have likely had more than one lifetime in the Sirius star system, where you gained a mastery of the laws of reality crafting and advanced metaphysics.  You have also had at least one lifetime in which people addressed you as “Your Majesty.”  In that lifetime, all you had to do was speak your desire, wave your hand, and a team of people would scurry around and make it so. These experiences of effortless manifestation exist in your soul matrix.  You will have help from the higher realms this year to access the part of you that knows exactly how to transform your ideas into reality.  If creating prosperity has been an issue for you, do some soul-searching to discover if you are putting your energy into the right projects and places. Abundance flows very naturally when you align your personal will with Divine will.  You are here because you have a unique set of gifts that you can use to make the world a better place. Ask the Universe to reveal your highest calling–to show you the best, most enjoyable ways to use your talents to make a positive difference.  When you align with your soul mission, all of the resources, connections, and synchronicities that you need will flow to you as if by magic. This is an especially fortunate year for you! Don’t be surprised if money blessings just fall out of the sky for no apparent reason.  The Universe is abundant, and it has all sorts of creative ways to deliver unexpected funds to your doorstep.  It will also deliver to you abundance in the form of love, friendships, fun and adventure, spiritual breakthroughs, and other blessings that will brighten your year.  You are infinitely worthy, and ultimately you are the source of it all!      


Jan 02

Crocoite–Featured Stone (January 19th-February 1st)

January should be named self-improvement month.  Lots of us are trying to make positive life changes, and to pull that off requires energy, focus, and a new way of thinking.  Crocoite is a vitalizing stone that lights the inner fire necessary to create personal breakthroughs and passionate living.

Crocoite-lw97aCrocoite is like a neon-orange magic wand for directing power into the body and psyche.  It is striated, meaning that there are parallel grooves recessed down the length of the stone.  The striations act as channels for light to be amplified and delivered through the stone and into your bio-energetic system.   If you are someone who often feels like your energy is low, sluggish, or depleted, this is the stone for you.  Work with it over the lower chakras to receive an infusion of life force energy.  It has a strong resonance with the root chakra, which helps you to be present, energized, and highly functional in your daily endeavors. Crocoite strengthens overall health, and it is especially nourishing to the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems.  It also activates the sacral chakra, which boosts your creativity, passion, and sexual energy.  

Crocoite1Crocoite’s energetic benefits do extend beyond the lower chakras.  It is a stone known for spiritual illumination and breakthroughs for many reasons.  You can work with it over any chakra where you sense an energy blockage that is holding you back.  It has a pronounced clearing effect that is like applying a flame of transmutation.   This is especially useful over the higher chakras when a self-defeating belief pattern is sabotaging your progress.  It can also help to clear a heart that is heavy with past emotional hurts.  

Another way that Crocoite assists us spiritually is that it activates the kundalini at the base of the spine.  When it awakens, this energy rises up the spine, enlivening the chakras and expanding consciousness.  It brings a greater sense of enlightenment and helps you to access higher levels of spiritual insight.  This shift in consciousness can translate into a shift in all areas of your life, bringing you to the next level of self-mastery.  Crocoite is on sale right now at Nature’s Treasures, so get yours today and start 2015 off with a bang!

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