Feb 05

Unakite: The Crystalline Key to Love, Heart Healing, and Physical Well-Being













(Adrienne’s note: I wrote this article for crystalsbynature.com, a great online source for purchasing crystals!)

Have you been feeling emotionally triggered lately? If so, you are not alone. Energetic intensity has been a theme of 2017’s first chapter. Due to a convergence of cosmic factors and increasing planetary light levels, our issues are bubbling to the surface right now. We can see this happening on a personal and collective level, which is ultimately a gift to help us heal and release them once and for all. And the month of February always has a way of highlighting our emotions in bright neon yellow. Valentine’s Day is like a mirror that shows us what is happening in our hearts and relationships. It’s a time of reflection, in all senses of the word! If you don’t like what you are seeing, it is time to grab Unakite—a beautiful stone that clears old patterns on the emotional and physical levels. And if you do like what you are seeing, Unakite can expand the love in your life and make it even more beautiful.

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