Jan 09

Crystal Divination: What Does 2016 Hold in Store for You?

What wonderful things are you going to create in 2016? Does this year hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences? After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and insight into the inner workings of your soul. Here’s how to play:

Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look a the photo below. Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to? Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance. Tune into your intuition, and feel out which one is calling to you the most. Once you have your number, look below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2016. (Having a hard time choosing just one? Try to narrow it down if you can. But go ahead and read the messages of any others you like, because they might also apply to you.) Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful!

2016 Crystal Divination Final



1. Apophyllite: Integrating Higher-Self Aspects and Merging Timelines. Your energy is like this beautiful Apophyllite–very pure, high, coherent, and connected to the higher realms. This is because you are an advanced, multi-faceted soul who has spent many lifetimes refining your energy and gaining experience and wisdom. This Apophyllite crystal you have chosen has a big clue written right on it that symbolizes what you will experience in 2016. See the big pink Y across the bottom of the crystal? It represents a merging or an integration process (two lines coming together to make one). You are now ready to physically embody more of the totality of your oversoul. During the first part of 2016, be ready to receive a series of major soul downloads. They are designed to activate latent talents and metaphysical abilities, while also bringing in higher-perspective information and solutions. You will begin to integrate the higher aspects of your soul matrix that are most helpful and relevant to your current lessons and your true mission. For example, let’s say that your highest calling in this lifetime is to be a healer. You might begin to integrate and remember the specific techniques of an ancient healing modality that you mastered in other lifetimes. Or perhaps you will start to naturally channel a new and unique array of healing energies that your soul can access. It will be important for you to honor your body and to pay attention to its signals during this integration process. To make room for more of your higher self to merge with you, you might experience a clearing process and ascension symptoms (such as headaches and other pains, digestive issues, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, increased sensitivity, waves of anxiety or depression, the surfacing of old emotions, etc.) It will pass, and when it does you will be clearer and more attuned than ever. Choosing this Apophyllite crystal also points to another fascinating potential for you, which relates to merging with an alternate reality or timeline. What if there are multiple versions of you living out every possible path and option in different threads of reality, known as timelines? What if there is a timeline, not too far-removed from where you are now, in which you are having a better experience? Is there a way to fold yourself into that version of reality–to align your current vibration so completely with it that the two timelines merge into one? Your soul knows exactly how to do this; and believe it or not, you have done it before! You have the potential this year to partner with your soul in order to consciously merge your current reality with a new, happier, more triumphant timeline. Your imagination is actually a mechanism for viewing these alternate timelines, so daydreaming about the life you want to experience is a good place to start. Your higher self will fill you in on the rest of the process, if you listen. As you enter this year of integration and merging, remember this higher truth: You are already one with all that is. When you can consistently hold this truth in your heart and consciousness, your life experience will mirror it in awe-inspiring and magical ways. And everything will literally come together.

2. Sphalerite and Stellar Beam Calcite: Cutting through Illusions–Receiving Clear Visions and Becoming an Agent of Change. “The truth is stranger than fiction.” We find ourselves in a perplexing reality that can sometimes feel like navigating through a hall of mirrors. Distorted reflections of the truth are proliferated through societal institutions, such as the media, the internet, religions, and governments. Even taking an honest look at yourself and your personal reality can be a challenge when the larger belief systems are clouding the lens of your vision. The good news is that the higher truth is always right beneath the illusions, available to you when you bravely reach for it. You are an old soul who is a bright and curious spiritual seeker. You have had incarnations in which you studied in the great mystery schools and were at the cutting edge of esoteric thought. In those lifetimes, you achieved a high level of consciousness and grasped many advanced spiritual concepts. Your soul’s quest to fully understand this reality has also inspired you to diversify your resume of incarnations, ensuring that you experienced multiple cultures, vocations, and levels of privilege. You can draw upon everything you have learned to serve you now. During this pivotal time in cosmic history, we are in the midst of a grand upshift and dismantling process on both personal and planetary levels. Many of the old systems and ways of being were built upon a shaky foundation, like a house of cards destined to fall. From one perspective, those at the top who benefit from the status quo are trying to keep it together with scotch tape and slick marketing. But you aren’t buying it! You have an amazing ability to see or to feel your way through complex situations, because you have developed a keen sense of discernment through your soul’s experiences. Your gifts of perception and deeper insight will be especially useful this year in helping yourself and others to see through layers of distortion, illusion, and misinformation. And most importantly, you can help to illuminate how it is all a part of the bigger plan. It serves the divine purpose of bringing us back into a higher state of love and unity. Part of your mission is to be an agent of change–to help create a map that leads to us back to wholeness and to higher dimensional living. We are all being asked to step up and make necessary changes right now, so start with yourself. Go within, and ask to be shown where you are out of alignment and if you are deceiving yourself in any way. Are you staying in relationships, jobs, and roles that you know deep down are not right for you? Are you being honest with yourself about your feelings, desires, and life circumstances? Make any necessary course corrections early in 2016 to bring yourself into greater integrity. This will result in a huge expansion of your spiritual gifts and level of understanding this year. Many people will be naturally attracted to you, because you are increasing your capacity to help others through the mazes they have created in their lives. You could easily become very successful in the fields of life coaching, counseling, or healing. You have the ability to help people one on one in private sessions, or you could even create programs, workshops, and books to reach the masses. Also, you will start applying your skills to see through bigger picture illusions. For example, you might start tuning into the higher truth behind complex questions like these: What is really driving the conflict in the Middle East? Why does everything appear to be so polarized in politics? Is the world actually being run by lizard beings from behind the scenes? Which spiritual teachers and leaders are really tuned in and telling us the truth? You have the potential to really go down the rabbit hole and get to the bottom of things. And the higher insights that you share might be just what the world needs to wake up.

3. Starseed Quartz (Dow Master Formation): Embracing and Sharing Your Galactic Nature to Help Upshift the Planet. Do you ever feel like the entire earth might as well be a foreign country to you? Perhaps it is because your soul journey did not originate here, but on another planet instead. It is no accident that Starseed Quartz spoke to you. Even though it might not be evident in the photo, this crystal is covered with strange etchings on alternate faces. Some of them are geometric, and others look like comets and cosmic morse code. They represent light codes and information of an extraterrestrial origin that imprinted upon and manifested inside this earthly vessel. Choosing this crystal indicates that you have likely had several incarnations in other star systems. Tune in for just a moment, and see if you naturally feel a resonance or connection with any of these ET races: Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Alpha Centaurians, Lyrans, Vegans, Orions, the Essassani, Cassiopeians, Avians, and Felines. This is just a small sampling of possible races that you have been a part of in this vast universe. Because of this, you naturally have otherworldly, metaphysical talents and a unique level of brilliance that can help you shine in many professions and roles. Your advanced and adventurous soul heard the call of Gaia, and you were drawn to incarnate here at this time to share your gifts, consciousness, and vibration in planetary service. You function much like this crystal you have chosen. Your other-planetary experiences and energetic signatures as a starseed are etched into your soul matrix, and what you carry has value for Earth during this transformative time. This crystal is also a rare Dow Master Quartz, which means that it has alternating triangular and seven-sided faces. Its physical formation embodies symmetry and perfection, and it is a crystal that is capable of receiving, containing, and projecting the information that has been programmed into it. In an nutshell, your higher calling is to hold, amplify, and radiate your unique stellar frequencies and codes, so that they are anchored into the earth grids and made available to help upshift the planet and all sentient beings here. No pressure–you do this quite naturally by just being you and being here. However, if you want to be a rock star, you have the opportunity to more consciously step into this role and to share it in even bigger ways this year. If you haven’t already begun, a good place to start is with meditation. First, form a clear and protected connection with your higher self. Then ask to be in touch with your own galactic aspects and starseed lifetimes, especially those that are relevant to your current mission. Allow your higher self to give you information in whatever forms you can most easily perceive it. Perhaps you will get visual information, such as images of other planets, beings, or symbols. If you are clairaudient, you might even hear words or language from another world. You might feel cosmic vibrations of activation or just get a direct knowing or download of information. Be sure to ask what to do with whatever comes to you. Maybe the symbols that you saw, the language that you heard, or the energies that you felt are meant to be shared. Perhaps they can help to activate, heal, balance, or recalibrate certain places or groups of people. You might feel compelled to do this work alone, or perhaps you are destined to stand in front of large audiences and share your gifts. Allow your masterful higher self to be your guiding star.

4. Opal: Going Within–Exploring and Actualizing the Magic of the Subtle Realms. There’s a rainbow inside your mind! Gazing at this enchanting opal is like having a third eye awakening experience. Perhaps at first glance, you notice splashes of surprising color combinations swirling together in pleasing harmonics. If you allow your consciousness to dive into a particular color band, you can get lost in the subtle variations of shade, brightness, density, glassiness, and glitter. As you slip deeper into a trance, coherent images pop out to greet you: a dolphin, an iridescent heart, a sunset, faces. It’s like a shamanic journey or a work of art in a stone! Choosing it indicates that you are naturally tuned into the subtle levels of reality. This is an ability you gained through lifetimes you spent as a shaman, priest/priestess, holy person, artist, and/or creative person. This year, you will follow your inner inspirations and allow them to take shape as magical journeys and colorful, expansive experiences. Your soul has put you on a fast track this year to raise your vibration in the most joyful and miraculous ways. It is already lining up for you magical synchronicities in the form of chance meetings, repetitive signs from the Universe, and new opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere. It is your job this year to pay attention, to interpret the data, and to follow the flow. This is actually a co-creative effort between you and your higher self, so be sure to do your part. During the first few months of 2016, make plenty of time to go within on a regular basis. Connect with your inner self in whatever way works best for you: meditation, shamanic journeying, writing, creating art, movement, listening to music, being in nature, etc. If old memories or emotions come up during your inner work, that’s great! Allow yourself to feel them, express them, move through them, and release them. Ask your higher self for any healing or breakthroughs in understanding you need to move on. You are just making space for the new. Also, make a conscious effort to daydream and to get in touch with ideas and inspirations that bring you joy and excitement. Approach it with playfulness, like the dolphin spirit that appears in this Opal. In doing so, you are surfing real potentials and exploring the limitless sea of possibilities. When you hold your focus on a vision you like, you are placing your order into the Universe for what you want to experience next. Don’t worry about how it will come about, that’s where the behind-the-scenes magic comes in. Your brilliant soul is connected with the entire energy matrix of the planet. Therefore, it can help to line everything up for you and bring you every resource you need. It can ensure that you meet all of the right people at the right time who have a piece of the puzzle for you. It can put the right professional, educational, or travel opportunities in front of your face, or compel you to go all to the way to other side of town to buy a lottery ticket that happens to be a winner. Your job is to tune into these subtle messages and inner promptings, to trust your gut feelings and intuitions, and to follow through with action. If you do this, you will find that your year will be filled with unbelievable stories, plot twists, breakthroughs, and adventures that will land you in an entirely new energetic and physical territory by 2017. Welcome to the magic of the 5th dimensional living!

5. Network (or Spider Web) Jasper Skull: Using Your Gifts to Heal and Recalibrate the Energetic Blueprints of People, Places, and Systems.  Reality is an intricate, energetic web through which all things are connected. It consists of layers of interlocking systems–grids within grids held together by sacred geometry–on both a micro and a macro level. You are a brilliant soul who, on a higher level, is an adept in the fields of sacred science and mathematics. You have a special ability to tune into the unseen templates that underlie reality. Everything is vibration, and all vibrations have patterns. Your higher self exists beyond the confines of 3-D and knows exactly how to view the wiring beneath the board, to see the detailed energetic grid-work that holds matter into form. Your soul can sense exactly where distortion or disharmony exists in many kinds of biological matrixes: physical body systems and organs, emotional and mental bodies, auric fields, chakras, and other subtle layers of the energetic system. It also has the ability to tune into the patterns and morphic fields of planetary energy systems (the vibration of places, ley lines, and power-spots, etc.). It can even view the energy blueprints of institutions, governments, businesses, organizations, and other societal structures. Your soul broadcasts this data to you, and that is why certain people and places feel comfortable to you, while others do not. What’s amazing is that your soul can also stream through you the perfect higher dimensional patterns, codes, and energetic threads necessary to mend and upshift any distorted templates that you encounter. This is one of your higher callings–to bring in the right symphony of energies needed to restore and upgrade people, places, and systems. The way you do this can manifest in many forms. Perhaps you are called to channel harmonious energies through sound, visualization, or energy healing.  Maybe your work will take a very tangible form. You might be called to design buildings, structures, and art based on the principles of sacred geometry. Or perhaps you are a crystal grid builder. Crystals have a highly geometric and coherent structure, and so they radiate pure, high frequencies of light. When you network them together in a grid, you are creating a powerful forcefield of energy that can positively affect large areas. Choosing this Network Jasper skull also suggests that you have a natural connection to the crystal skulls, probably as a result of working with them in other lifetimes. This skull has been charged by the ancient crystal skull named Synergy, a beautiful artifact that contains Lemurian energy.  It is recommended that you do some research about Synergy, because it might trigger your remembrance and connection with this ancient skull. Quartz material has the ability to store, amplify, and transmit energy and information. The ancient crystal skulls contain the blueprint of the Divine human prototype, the fully expanded human being with all twelve DNA strands activated. They have also been deliberately programmed with cosmic and planetary records, ascension codes, and vast amounts of data. If you don’t already own a crystal skull (or several), consider getting one in 2016. All of the crystal skulls on the planet, both ancient and modern, are forming a unique energetic network. Through intention, you can link your personal crystal skull to the larger crystal skull network, allowing it to download the transmissions, frequencies, and codes that are most appropriate for your spiritual expansion and highest good. Your crystal skull can amplify and assist in the work you are doing to heal and recalibrate energetic blueprints. This is your year to be like the spider, weaving breathtaking geometric patterns into the energetic fabric of your world. And what you do will ripple through the entire web of creation in the most transformative ways possible.

6. Crocoite: Moving Forward–Making Big Personal Breakthroughs and Healing Core Issues. You are a powerful, dynamic, and generous soul who is here to make a positive difference in the world. Before you incarnated, you understood that it wouldn’t always be easy. You knew that you were incarnating with a veil of forgetfulness into a planetary matrix that, from one perspective, is riddled with distortions, inequities, and lower energy traps. You also knew that this time period marked the shift of the ages. You didn’t want to pass up this unparalleled cosmic opportunity for growth–the chance to bring love, light, and higher dimensional solutions to this beautiful piece of creation. Because you love the earth so much, you said, “Bring it on! Not only do I volunteer to go down there, but I will even take on some extra challenging patterns and situations so that I can help transmute them for the whole of humanity. Somebody’s got to do it, and I know that I can succeed.”  So here you are!  You have beaten the odds and awakened so much of your higher spiritual understanding and abilities. You have bravely embraced the path of transformation and growth, and you have been working diligently to heal old patterns and to shine the light. Maybe you hit some rough patches in the last few years, as the planetary energies accelerated and brought lessons to you. From a higher perspective the lessons are set-ups. They were put in place so that you can overcome them and fully embrace the truth–that you are a spiritual master with unlimited potential! You also chose to master these lessons to help raise the collective planetary vibration, and to be a living example and inspiration for others going through similar things. Perhaps your lessons have expressed as a physical health issue, an addiction pattern, or a financial struggle.  Maybe you have been facing unhealthy family or relationship dynamics, or perhaps you have been dealing with grief, depression, loneliness, or anxiety. If you have been feeling stuck in any major area of your life, 2016 brings you good news! You have been making more progress than you might realize, and this year you have massive potential for positive breakthroughs and the total healing of core issues. It is the year of personal liberation and forward movement for you. Your soul loves you so much that it simply will not allow you to stay stuck in patterns or situations that keep you down any longer.  Prepare to be blasted with the life force energy, clarity, motivation, and focus you need to surmount anything in your life that is less than joyful. Deep down, you probably already have an idea of what you need to do to improve the quality of your life. Your higher self has been giving you messages for a while, and this year they will get even louder and clearer. Flashes of insight and brilliant solutions will come in to fast-track your progress. You will receive whatever you help you need to melt away any lingering resistance or self-doubt that would keep you from action. Life will present you with every resource that you need, and most importantly, you will discover your own inner resources. This particular lifetime is graduate school for you. You are completing some very advanced course work that many are not capable of even attempting. Keep up the good work, and you will graduate with honors! As you pass each test, expect positive new connections, experiences, opportunities, and metaphysical abilities to come in as a result of moving your energy into a higher vibration. You will wear your big soul achievements like the sunshine. The rays of your success and the wisdom you have gained will beam out to touch and inform the entire collective consciousness, uplifting the whole and unlocking higher potentials so that others can do the same.

7. Cobalto Calcite: Perfecting Your Emotional Body–Aligning with the Heart of the Divine Feminine and Your Highest Path of Service. You have a heart of gold and the soul of an angel!  Your energy matrix is like a divine mandala of pristine, celestial vibrations that carries the patterns of unconditional love and compassion. You are an intuitive person who feels things deeply and might identify as an empath. One of your dominant metaphysical abilities is to sense the world through your heart, which allows you to easily feel into people and places. You are the first to notice if the vibe is off in a room, or if somebody is not feeling alright on any level. And because of your deeply caring nature, you are inspired to do what you can to uplift the energy or to help the person. This heightened level of sensitivity is a soul gift. You can use it in many ways to be in service to others. Your intuitive and empathic abilities make you a natural healer, a role that you have embraced in many forms in other lifetimes. There is no calling that is higher than helping people to become more peaceful, loving, healed, and whole. The nature of this reality is holographic, so when just one person moves into a higher state of well-being, it touches and benefits us all. It is likely that you have already helped several people to heal issues and to raise their vibration and consciousness. You naturally do this by being present for them, listening, and showering them with love, compassion, and care. Or you might even do this in a professional capacity as a healer, counselor, or caretaker. You are destined to touch many more lives in a healing way, and by doing so you are helping to transform the world into a kinder and more loving place. To be as effective as possible this year, it is important that you bring your heart and your emotional body into the highest level of perfection and clarity that you possibly can. This is because the highest gifts you are able to share come from and flow through your heart chakra.  So be sure to turn that love inward to heal yourself first and foremost! As a sensitive, you naturally feel things deeply and might have some residual emotions from past experiences that you need to process and to lovingly release. Some of the lower emotions and pain you are carrying might not even be yours! You might have subconsciously absorbed it from others in an attempt to lighten their load. It is time to let go of anything that is burdening your heart. Allow your loving soul to grace you with the vibration of forgiveness, which has the power to transmute anything that is less than love. As your heart chakra becomes crystal clear, you will find that you have a very natural connection with the Divine Feminine, and it is becoming even stronger. You are a part of her, and she wants to work through you to help anchor onto the planet her higher qualities of compassion, healing, intuition, nurturing, unity, and deep care. There is a special role she has in mind for you, one that you are uniquely qualified to do. You might already have an idea of what that is, and you might already be doing it. If you need more information about your highest path of service, try meditating with a Cobalto Calcite at your heart chakra. It will help to illuminate for you your greatest soul talents and your highest calling. Love is the greatest force in the Universe, and this year it will bring every facet of your life into full bloom.