May 26

Bloodstone–Featured Stone (June 1st -14th)

I got the intuitive message over a week ago that my next article was going to be about Bloodstone.  I didn’t realize just how perfect that choice was until I sat down on Memorial Day to start working on it.  Yes, I knew it was raining.  But I didn’t realize how serious the situation was until I heard screaming outside.  I ran to the door and saw a truck floating down my street like a boat.  Water was inching up the front steps to my door, and the rain was showing no signs of stopping.  I went outside and snapped this photo.

river road
Then I grabbed my Bloodstone and started praying that I wouldn’t have to retreat to my attic with my top three C’s: my cats, computer, and crystals!  I was one of the lucky ones.  The water stopped rising before entering my home.  But others in this region have experienced major devastation and loss of life, and my heart and prayers go out to them.  Central Texans, it’s times like this one that call for Bloodstone!

bloodstone sphereBloodstone is a dark green form of chalcedony that normally contains spots or streaks of Red Jasper.  I was happy to hold onto it during the Memorial Day flood for two reasons.  The first is that the ancients believed that Bloodstone could be worked with to help control the weather. (Worth a try, right?)  And the second is that Bloodstone is the stone of strength, courage, and protection in the face of challenges inherent in physical reality.  Bloodstone fortifies the lower chakras and gives you an extra boost during extreme circumstances.  It helps you to be very grounded and focused in the present moment so that you can respond with appropriate action.  Perhaps that is why crystal expert, Naisha Ahsian, refers to Bloodstone as the stone of the spiritual warrior.  It is an ideal stone for those who feel called to stand up for their higher values and for the good of the community.  It lends extra support needed during a spiritual awakening or personal transformation process, especially if you are feeling lonely and misunderstood by the people around you.  Bloodstone helps you to stay strong and to stay true to yourself.

Bloodstone is also highly beneficial for your physical and energetic bodies.  It clears negativity from your aura and brings your energy into proper balance and functioning. It offers protection on all levels.  Bloodstone is also a top level healing stone that detoxifies and fortifies many systems of the body.  It can boost the endocrine, reproductive, lymphatic, and circulatory systems.  It also does wonders for the immune system. According to Michael Katz, author of Gemstone Energy Medicine, “Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to your body’s needs.  Bloodstone’s energy empowers certain microorganisms in your bloodstream that are vital to optimal immune function, making your body an incompatible environment for infections of all kinds.”   A stone of well-being and vitality, it strengthens the root chakra and physical energies.  This gives it a rejuvenating quality that can support you through a health crisis.  

In life, we all have moments where we face challenges.  And they can creep up on you just like the water was creeping up to my front door yesterday.  That’s why it is always a good idea to have some Bloodstone handy.  It is on sale at Nature’s Treasures from June 1st through the 14th, so take this opportunity to stock up.