Apr 12

Herkimer Diamond–Featured Stone (April 15th-30th)

Many of us who are on a spiritual path are all about the light.  We invoke it for healing, we send it to people in need, and we surround ourselves with it for protection. We connect with it during meditation. And perhaps our ultimate goal is to embody as much of it as we can. Maybe that is why we love crystals so much. Crystals are like solidified light that exude a constant and high vibration, and they model this potential for us.  One of the best crystals I have found for the purpose of light work and spiritual development is Herkimer Diamond.            

herkimer-clusterHerkimer Diamonds are bright and sparkly Quartz crystals from a mine in Herkimer County, New York. They are reported to be harder than other Quartz crystals, and they are often double terminated. Herkimer Diamonds are normally very clear and may contain rainbow inclusions, air bubbles, carbon deposits, or sometimes enhydro water inclusions.  Gazing into a beautiful one is like getting lost in an enchanted, elemental world. The vibration of Herkimer Diamond reaches the highest spectrums. They bring more light into the body and into your personal reality, and this helps with clearing and spiritual activation.  Many have had the experience of seeing light codes during meditation with Herkimer Diamonds.  These light codes can appear as symbols, Arabic lettering, hieroglyphs, mathematical equations, or geometry. They are like seeds of energetic instructions that integrate with our higher energy centers and circuitry.  They upgrade us so that we can hold more light and download more of our soul essence into our bodies. Light codes are directly related to building our light bodies, and Herkimer Diamonds help to usher them in for us.  

682px-HerkimerHerkimer Diamond is an attunement stone. It sharpens your psychic senses and helps you to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and the higher spiritual planes. You can also work with it to tune into the subtle energies of your environment and the energy fields of other people. In this way, Herkimer Diamond is a big help to healers, psychics, and counselors. Working with Herkimer Diamond can help you to connect with your clients and to access the energy and messages best suited to help them.  If you do this kind of work, you can incorporate Herkimer Diamonds to create inter-dimensional doorways that bring in the required energies.  They work especially well in crystal grids and in crystal healing sessions, since they amplify the energy of other stones. Herkimer Diamonds are also great for meditation and dream work, because they assist with astral, time, and inter-dimensional travel.

Herkimer Diamond has powerful purification qualities that can benefit your emotional body, your aura, and your personal environment. It releases old emotions and helps to clear energy blockages that stand in the way of your forward movement. Herkimer Diamond has a detoxifying effect on the physical body, and it is a top stone for space clearing. It helps to clear and block electromagnetic smog, geopathic stress, and other forms of negative energy that would disturb the energy of your home or workspace.  So if diamonds are a little out of your price range, get the next best thing–a Herkimer Diamond.  They are on sale right now at Nature’s Treasures.