Jul 12

Tuning in: Accessing Your Higher Guidance with Crystals

My Spirit Team: “So you want to go on mission to Planet Earth during the Shift of the Ages?”  
Me (with stars in my eyes):  “Yes, I really think I can make a difference and help people.”

My Spirit Team:  “Now you realize you will be going in blind, with total amnesia about who you really are and what you came there to do, right?  And everyone else down there will also being dealing with a veil of forgetfulness.  As children, you will all naturally soak up the social, cultural, political, and religious programs from the collective consciousness, some of which you must find a way to dismantle if you want even a slight glimpse of higher truth and light.  And when you start to go against the grain of mainstream thought, you might hit some significant turbulence. It will not be easy. You understand this, right?”

Me (in full confidence):  “Yes, I know I can do it!”

My Spirit Team:  “You also realize that Earth is a free will planet.  The full spectrum of experience is absolutely allowed there. Some people choose to create from a space of love and goodwill, while others create from a space of fear and control.  Those in the latter category have amassed power and created large-scale systems that are not for the highest good of all.  And many people have bought into it all. Are you prepared to live in this matrix? Do you think you will be able to rediscover your connection with Source, stay in balance, function in the reality, and still share your highest spiritual gifts in a way that positively impacts people and the planet?”

Me (thoughtfully):  “Well, I have to try, don’t I? I love all of creation, and I am compelled to help.”

My Spirit Team: “Congratulations!  You are among the very brave ones who will incarnate on Earth. Try to remember this, Dear One.  We are always with you, even when you might forget and especially when things feel dense and difficult.  You will always have access to the light, just remember to get quiet and to ask for assistance.  Remember your connection, remember to tune in, and we will guide you at every turn.”  

I have a feeling we all had a pre-Earth briefing that went something like this.  And if you are reading this, congratulate yourself for making it this far in the game.  It takes an open mind to even click on an article with this title.  So here we are, in the thick of things!  Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to cut through all of the 3-D noise and to simply tune in to our inner wisdom.  There’s always a part of us that is connected to source.  We know that we are accessing it when our thoughts are infused with peace and love, like an angel is gently placing them into our minds.  Or sometimes we get a flash of insight that feels extra expansive and elevating, like we are seeing things from the higher planes.  Or maybe you have a friend in crisis, and the perfect words to comfort her just come through you, almost as if you were channeling message from the higher realms.  We’ve all had moments like these.  We don’t notice our connection as much when we are distracted by the television, the computer, the latest disheartening news story, drama on the world stage, or the frazzled people and activities happening around us.  It is normally when we are still, quiet, or highly focused in the present moment.  Maybe for you it is when you are in nature, in a yoga class, listening to music, or creating art.  The good news is that this connection is always available!  I would like to share my four favorite crystals for helping us to access it, along with a crystal layout you can do with these stones for clearing the distractions and tuning in to your higher guidance.

SeleniteIf you are seeking a direct pipeline to the higher planes, look no further than Selenite!  This stone has a high, refined vibration with an ethereal quality.  It has a striated formation, which means that there are parallel grooves or lines recessed down the length of the stone. Striated stones are prized tools for crystal healers, because these grooves serve as pathways for light to be amplified and channeled through in a powerful way. Selenite connects to the highest dimensions and can deliver a big infusion of light through its striations for clearing, aligning, and upgrading.  Selenite activates all chakras, clearing and raising the vibration of anything in its path.  An idea placement for Selenite is above the head, where it can activate the etheric chakras and the Soul Star chakra, while shining its light through the entire chakric column.  Selenite has a peaceful and pure quality to it–it is like a crystalline form of the Angelic realm.  If you find yourself being troubled by turbulent emotions or situations in your life, stroking the striations is known to fill you with tranquil energy and bring you back into a centered state of well-being. Sometimes we are more vulnerable to the energy we are exposed to in daily life because of rips and tears in our auric field.  You can work with  Selenite as a wand, moving it through the layers of your aura to clear and seal your energy field. Selenite also purifies and raises the energy of any space where it is placed.  So if you want your home, office, or treatment room to feel like a holy temple, add a big piece of Selenite or make crystal grids with Selenite.  Working with Selenite in these ways can awaken your higher energy centers, psychic abilities, and intuition; and it  moves you into the perfect, clear meditative space to perceive the energy and wisdom from the higher levels of reality and your soul.  

407674_321635857858675_1079029762_nAuralite is a rare form of Amethyst with Chevron Phantoms that is found in the Lake Superior area of Canada and is estimated to be 1.2 billion years old.  What makes it so special is what’s inside: an array of rich, plentiful mineral inclusions that give it the versatility to treat a wide range of energetic, emotional, and physical issues.  The minerals present as inclusions have been studied by optical crystallography and include the following: Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Pyrite, Bornite, Chalcopyrite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Uranopilite, Covellite, Sphalerite, Copper, Limonite, Pyrolusite, Adularia, Hematite, Epidote, Magnetite, Titanite, Rutile, Gersdorffite- Platinum series, and Tyrolite.  Notice in the specimen pictured here that there is a high Gold content that is clearly visible!

This is a crystal that forms a personal connection with you, and it seems to adjust and respond to the immediate needs you might have in your spiritual growth process.  In this way, Auralite acts as a guiding forcing, helping to make whatever shifts are required to bring you to a higher level.  Let me give a few examples of what I have personally witnessed when I used Auralite in sessions with clients.  I have had clients break down in tears, releasing old and pent up emotions that have been stored in their bodies for ages.  I had one client receive an instant clearing and activation of all chakras from simply holding an Auralite for about five minutes.  I had another client receive sudden insights about her soul purpose and reason for incarnating. One client was curious about her past lives and wondered if she might be able to see one.  In that session, she described in vivid detail a lifetime as a Native American woman.  Another client got off of the table after the session with a new ability to see auras.  In other sessions, I have seen light codes coming in to upgrade the client, and I have witnessed subtle energetic structures coming online.  I am always impressed with what this crystal can do!  Here are some other things that Auralite is known for. It can an alleviate ascension symptoms in the emotional and mental body, such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, tension, depression, anger, lower emotional states, and headaches. It brings in higher energies of peace and calm, and helps you to unwind any areas of constriction.  It is also perfect for invoking the violet flame to transmute lower energies.  Auralite is a crystal for enhancing dreams, meditation, and connection with higher dimensional beings.  When you devote the time to work with Auralite regularly, you can be assured that anything that is holding you back will eventually be transmuted, and that you will be able to access the higher flows of reality. 


Highly prized by the ancient Egyptians and recognized by Edgar Cayce as one of the most beneficial stones for humanity, Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful combination stone of Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite.  Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest spiritual stones known to man, used by healers, priests and royalty. It is best known to help with spiritual mastery, as it activates your third eye, mental body, and ability to tap into the highest levels of wisdom and truth. Traditionally it has been used to tune into the Gods to receive the benefit of their teachings through meditation and dreamwork.  And Lapis Lazuli was also known to help with mental processing and comprehension of these higher teachings.  It can also activate the throat chakra, so that you can more clearly communicate and express the higher truths to others.  So it truly is a stone of spiritual illumination.  Lapis Lazuli is also a protective stone that seals and repairs your auric field. With a strong energetic boundary in place, it is much easier to not be swayed by outside energies, ideas, and programs. You can more easily stay in integrity and be true to yourself.  Finding a specimen with Pyrite inclusions, which look like flecks of gold, is ideal.  Pyrite has an iron content, which strengthens its protective and grounding qualities. It also helps you to integrate and process the spiritual information that you receive, so that you put the knowledge into action.  The ancients were divinely guided to work with this mystical stone for a reason. Lapis Lazuli keeps your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds, and it ensures that all parts of you are activated, harmonious, and balanced.  

Lithium Q1

Lithium Quartz is a high vibration Quartz crystal that contains a powerful combination of Lithium, Manganese, Iron, Aluminum and Kaolinite inclusions, giving this crystal a pinkish grey or lavender color.  It is a crystal of peace, higher attunement, and clearing. Here are the energetic attributes of these inclusions:

 Lithium brings you to a centered space and clears anxiety, stress, depression, worry, and fear.  It activates the third eye, tuning you into the calm energy of the higher realms.  

Manganese has a grounding quality that brings emotional balance and physical healing.

Iron balances the mental and emotional bodies; and according to Crystal Expert, Melody, it can connect us with ancient healing techniques of Lemuria.  She also says that when Iron is combined with Quartz, the effects are amplified and the vibratory rate is raised to a mastery level.  

Kaolinite helps with processing and clearing problematic life situations, while bringing a smoother flow.

 The combined effect is a powerful sense of slowing down, coming to center, rising above any emotional or 3-D discordance, and connecting to the higher flows. It’s one of the best crystals for relieving stress, worry, anxiety, or fear that is so prevalent in daily 3-D life. It’s as if this stone delivers the calming touch of Angels, a gentle and elevating sensation that is also very powerful, easy to feel, and fast-acting.   Under its influence, meditation is enhanced so that you can more easily tune into visions, messages, and information from your higher guidance. Lithium Quartz can usher in higher light codes for spiritual growth and awakening. It can bring a sense of liberation, as it assists us to transmute and release negative attachments and energetic patterns from any chakra or energy center in the body.  And its beautiful energy feels like you are being held in a pink bubble of Divine loving energy.  

Crystal Layout for Tuning In

Purpose:  To clear and release lower energetic influences, blockages, and patterns that interfere with accessing your higher connection to Source. To activate your higher chakras, psychic ability, and intuition so that you can more easily tune in to your inner truth and higher guidance.

Crystals needed:  1 long striated Selenite, 1 Auralite (if you cannot obtain an Auralite, you can use any form of Amethyst), 1 Lapis Lazuli, 2 Lithium Quartz. 

Before you begin, cleanse all stones and call in spirit to assist you.  Bring yourself into a comfortable position (either seated or lying down). Hold the Auralite in your hand, and call upon the Violet Flame energies.  Imagine the Auralite being bathed in a purple fire that transmutes any lower energies into positive energy.  Keep this image of the violet flames around the Auralite through the next phase of this layout. Take several long, deep, centering breaths, and focus on making the exhale even longer than the inhale.  This signals your body to deeply relax and calm down.  Begin to consciously relax all of your muscles, starting at your head and moving down to your feet.  Next, you are going to use the breath to consciously expel lower energies from your body and send them into the Auralite for transmutation.  Begin by bringing into your awareness a situation or thought that is triggering stress, worry, or negative feelings in you.  (For example, “I don’t know how I am going to pay all of these bills.”) See if you can tune in and feel where this energy is residing in your body.  Now hold the Auralite a few inches from your face.  Take a very deep breath, and imagine that you are gathering all of the energy of this stressor into a ball in the diaphragm area.  Hold your breath, and collect all of this energy.  Then forcefully exhale through the mouth, consciously sending this stress energy out of your body and into the Auralite.  Sense that this energy is being completely transmuted. Check in with yourself and see if there are any more situations, thoughts, or patterns that are causing negative feelings, and repeat this technique to clear them all.  Once you have cleared as much as you can, return to normal breathing.

Next think of a question you might have or an area of your life you would like to gain more clarity about.  Lie down and place the Selenite above your head, touching your crown.  This will activate your etheric chakras and create a solid connection to the higher realms, allowing an infusion of higher light to flow through your entire body.  Next, place the Auralite at the top end of the Selenite.  The Auralite will bring to you whatever energy, healing, and insights you need to assist you in moving to a higher level of spiritual awareness.  By placing it at the end of the Selenite, the Auralite energy will be amplified and channeled into your crown chakra at the perfect levels.  Next, place the Lapis Lazuli on top of the Selenite, near the top of your head.  The Lapis Lazuli will will connect you with higher wisdom and universal truth, while assisting in fortifying your energy fields and grounding the knowledge into your consciousness.  Its energy will be delivered into the body on a wave of elevating Selenite vibrations. Finally, place one Lithium Quartz on your third eye at the center of your forehead, and place the other over the heart chakra at the center of your chest.  The Lithium Quartz crystals will clear, activate, and harmonize these centers so that you can more easily receive the incoming higher dimensional energies and the answers to your questions.  Relax and meditate with these stones in place for at least fifteen minutes, and be open to any subtle impressions, visions, or messages you might receive.  Feel free to repeat this layout any time you need encouragement and love from your true spiritual home. May you feel your eternal oneness with your Divine Source, now and always!