Jan 03

Crystal Divination: What Does 2014 Hold in Store for You?

I love the fresh energy of a new year!  It reminds us of our power to hit the reset button in our lives–to let go of the old and to reinvent ourselves, moving our personal reality into a lighter expression.  What wonderful things are you going to create in this new cycle? Does 2014 hold an energetic pattern or trend that will guide your experiences?  After consulting my crystal ball, I was guided to create this fun crystal divination game for my readers. It gives you an energetic forecast of the new year and what is coming your way.  Here’s how to play:

Call in your higher self and move your consciousness into your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and then look a the photo below. Which crystal are you most instinctively drawn to?  Try not to analyze or think about it too much. Instead, allow in your higher guidance.  Tune into your intuition, and feel out which one is calling to you the most.  Once you have your number, look below the photo to access your mini crystal reading for 2014. Enjoy, and remember that you always have the power to make your life beautiful!

1.   Ocean Jasper: Breakthroughs in physical and emotional healing, and a whole lot of fun!   Ocean Jasper is a whimsical stone of good energy and good news for you in 2014.  You have been on a path of transformation and growth, working diligently to heal old patterns that no longer serve you.  Maybe you hit some rough patches in the last few years, as the planetary energies accelerated and brought lessons to you.  From a higher perspective the lessons are set-ups, put in place so that you can overcome them and fully embrace the truth–that you are a spiritual master with unlimited potential!  It hasn’t always been easy.  Perhaps the lessons manifested in your physical body as a health issue, addiction pattern, or negative body image. Or maybe you felt it more in the emotional body as depression, anxiety, or feeling low or stuck.  The good news is that you have been making more progress than you might realize. And this year you have massive potential for positive breakthroughs and the total healing of core issues. Choosing Ocean Jasper signifies that you have some high level spirit guides working with you this year to lighten things up.  Expect positive energy to start flowing into all areas of your life.  Allow it in. Allow it to lift your heart, your mood, your thinking, and your outlook.  If you let it in and dedicate yourself to doing the work, it will start a chain reaction of healing and forward movement.  It will flow deep into the cellular level, to assist in clearing the underlying patterns that have created any undesirable events or situations in your life.  You will have all of the help you need to move through things with ease and grace.  Even if you have been contending with a serious health challenge or a debilitating emotional space, know that this is the year where you can gain traction and the ability to heal it completely, once and for all! This year, you are also destined to have much more fun than you have in recent years.  Expect your social calendar to be full of events that make you smile from your soul.  This is your year to come out from under the clouds and to shine like the sun.  You absolutely deserve it!

2.  Smoky Rose Quartz cluster:  Deep heart healing, opening to new relationships and higher levels of love.  Matters of the heart will be a dominant theme for you in 2014.  Your ultimate goal is to feel, express, and embody higher levels of love in your daily life.  To get there, it all starts with your relationship with you.  If you are holding onto old emotional energy from previous situations, it is time now to release it through forgiveness and compassion for yourself and for all involved.  Quan Yin and other spirit helpers will be holding you through any clearing you need to do to make more room in your heart and in your life for love.  Wearing or carrying Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz will also assist you in this process.  Progress can be made this year in the area of romantic love.  If you have been single and searching for a soul mate relationship, there is great potential for it to come in.  Engage yourself in activities that make you truly happy.  Join a new group that centers around one of your hobbies, go to conferences that bring together like-minded people, or allow yourself to take that vacation to a beautiful place that makes your heart sing.  These things will naturally raise your energy and magnetism, opening you up to new people who are a vibrational match.  If you are already in a romantic partnership, this year will give you opportunities to refine it or deepen it. Focus on the love you have for each other and on all of the positive things to achieve this with ease and grace.  If there are aspects in your relationship that are not working, these might be highlighted so that you can heal them. If issues come up, do not despair.  Honest communication will be the key, and staying in your heart. Be sure to communicate your needs, and listen to your partner’s needs.  Be easy on yourself and each other, and be willing to do the work.  The most likely outcome will be for the relationship to move to a greater level of intimacy and authenticity.  This is a true gift! But if it is time to let the relationship go, trust your heart and trust that you will be loved and guided through it.  This year, you will also be expanding your circle of friends and social connections.  Kindred spirits will be drawn to you, and you will feel an instant sense of familiarity with them. This is because you have known them on a soul level in other realities, and they are here to enrich your life and your heart.  Expect this year to be full of tender moments and rich with feelings.  Love is the greatest force on the planet, and this year you will gain more mastery and open to deeper levels of it in all areas of your life.  

3.  Rutilated Manifestation Quartz:  Giving birth to new projects, and manifesting like a magician.  Just like this crystal, there is a lot going on inside of you!  There are five different crystals that formed inside of this Quartz, as well as beautiful Rutile needles that look like golden sunbeams.  It is a symbol of where you are and what is in store for you this year.  You have some brilliant ideas that have been incubating inside of you. You have been developing a better connection with your soul, and your soul has been giving you many hints, messages, and inspirations.  This is because you are here with a unique set of gifts to help make the world a better place.  Open your heart and your intuition, and pay attention to these ideas that are flowing in.  Focus on the ones that bring a charge of excitement, and allow yourself to play with them in your daydreams.  Know that when you are doing this, you are accessing higher self guidance and a glimpse of a potential reality that you can absolutely create!  During the earlier part of 2014, it might feel like you are pregnant.  It is OK to rest, to go within, and to nurture and explore these growing ideas.  Trust in the creative process that you are in, and honor yourself.  You will be guided, step by step.   Choosing this powerhouse crystal means that you are already a natural at manifestation, and you are someone who can make things happen!  All of the resources, connections, and synchronicities that you need will flow to you at the perfect time once you are fully committed to your mission. The world needs what you have to offer, so expect everything to begin aligning for you this year as if by magic.  And know that the source of this magic is you, as you flawlessly offer your highest soul contributions for the good of all.  

4.  Sunstone/Moonstone:  Unity Consciousness; Moving into integration, balance, and wholeness.  If you chose this magical combination stone, you are a person with many facets and gifts.  And it is time to embrace them all in a way that that creates a full, balanced expression and lifestyle.  This stone represents the harmonious union of opposites: masculine and feminine, logic and intuition, light and dark, etc.  This is a year of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and tapping into more of your power and the totality of your being.  You will begin to acknowledge and tune into beautiful parts of yourself that you have not fully expressed or integrated yet.  And you will give these aspects more of a voice and a role in your reality this year.  What might this look like, you ask?  Let’s say you spend a large part of your time working with your left brain as an accountant, expressing your logical side.  This year, you might find yourself drawn to take up an artistic hobby, such as painting, so that your right brain is engaged in a creative/intuitive activity.  You might also be called to look at the shadow aspects of your life, to heal any parts of yourself that you have denied or hidden away.  If these wounded parts of yourself come into your awareness, open your heart and listen to any messages from them.  You have the power to heal these aspects with love and understanding, to cleanse and reintegrate that energy.  This is part of the journey that we all must take, and the rewards are great!  Expect a beautiful process of expansion, as you learn more about how dynamic and multi-faceted you really are!  And in this process, you will likely awaken new potentials in your life.  Choosing this stone might also point to all of the work you have already done to come into wholeness, and it might suggest that you are on the verge of having a Oneness Experience.  This involves moving your consciousness into the space where you experience the higher truth that you are one with all of reality: every person, place, thing, or dimension in existence!  Allow in this possibility of aligning with Unity Consciousness, and you will never look at your life in the same way again.

5.  Magical Child Crystal Skull:  Graduation to the next level; Awakening of new gifts and new life pathways. Congratulations!  You have raised your energy and achieved a new level of mastery.  You might have recently faced a core life lesson and nailed it.  Or perhaps you have been steadily raising your consciousness over time through your spiritual practice, heart expansion, and lifestyle.  Whatever the case, your efforts have paid off; and you now find yourself in a brand new territory, a slightly higher dimensional reality.  The world around you might look the same, but make no mistake–you are in a different place!  When we go through these transitions, there can be a period of disorientation and adjustment.  Just like when a baby is born into this world, it takes her a while to learn how to operate her new body and to get a grasp on her new reality. You might be in this phase right now, so don’t worry if you have been feeling a bit lost or disconnected.  It could be a symptom of your old reality fading away so that you can step into a whole new role.  This is definitely a time of new beginnings and discovery.  Expect a whole new team of spirit guides to come in, and make time to meditate and receive their guidance.  You will also be receiving spiritual downloads and upgrades, as new intuitive and healing gifts will be coming online.  It is now time to receive a new or expanded spiritual assignment to assist humanity and the planet, and you are being given all of the tools you need to step into it.  It might take some time to integrate, so honor yourself through it.  It is quite possible that your life will take a brand new direction soon.  Do not be alarmed if, say, you have been working successfully as a massage therapist in Arizona for years, and then all of a sudden you feel a strong calling to move to a third world country and start an organization to empower women.  Trust the new pathways that are available to you now!  This crystal skull is also related to the new children being born now who are coming in with advanced spiritual gifts. By choosing it, this might be an indication that you will be teaching or guiding these incoming master souls, or that your new contract might even involve becoming a parent or grandparent of a gifted child!  Welcome to the next level.  

6.  Petrified Wood:   Becoming an Earth-Keeper; Stepping more fully into planetary service.  Choosing Petrified Wood is an indicator that you are an “Ancient One” who has spent countless lifetimes on this beautiful planet, witnessing various eras of time and gaining wisdom, reverence, and a deep love for Gaia. It is likely that you have been a medicine man or woman in various incarnations and cultures, and that you know how to work with plants, crystals, and Earth energies for healing and spiritual growth.  Connecting with the natural world is second nature to you and essential to your well-being.  You can sense vortexes and sacred places, and you instinctively know what to do in them.  You have a peaceful disposition, and you understand the value of slow, steady, deliberate growth. This has been your incarnation strategy on Earth, and now it is time to put together all you have gained and to step more fully into your role as an Earth Guardian or an Earth-Keeper.  You have important work. Part of your calling could be to help people to respect the planet and to live more in harmony with our environment.  Perhaps you are drawn to Environmental Sciences, environmental activism, organic farming, or intentional communities.  Or maybe you are called to bring a more spiritual focus to your work.  Maybe you serve by traveling to planetary power spots to send light through the Earth grids, or maybe you work with an Earth-based, natural healing modality.  You have so much potential and a natural ability to bring peace and harmony to all systems you encounter. Mother Earth herself  nudged you to choose Petrified Wood so that you would read this message and understand that she needs you now!  Your message is that one of the main reasons you are here is to be of service to the planet.  You have the heart, humility, and wisdom to make a positive difference on a macro-level.  This year, spend plenty of time in nature and tune into all of the possible ways you can serve.  A new path will be cleared for you.

7.  Auralite:  Vision Quest; A wild adventure in accelerated spiritual growth.   If you chose this powerhouse Auralite, you are a brave and ambitious soul who says, “2014, bring it on!”  You are not afraid to do whatever it takes to achieve spiritual growth and higher consciousness.  Taking sacred plant medicine in the remote jungles of Peru, studying sacred sexuality, doing a 30 day juice cleanse, traveling to India to become a Yogi–you are open to ideas such as these in your quest as a spiritual seeker.  The Universe has heard your sincere desire for advancement and has already begun lining up experiences to fast track your pursuit of enlightenment. In your case, 2014 could be called “The Year of Spiritual Initiation.”  You will be presented with new teachers who will expose you to new information.  You might travel and try a brand new approach to spiritual attainment.  And you will be put to the test and expected to apply all that you are learning!  The tests might not be easy.  Whenever someone quickly raise their consciousness and vibration, it usually causes things to shift their lives.  Certain relationships, possessions, or jobs might disappear as they are no longer a harmonious vibrational match.  But trust that all is in order, and that new people and opportunities will eventually come in.  You might also have to face some aspects of yourself and your life that require healing in order for you to move higher.  You might have to spend some time in solitude to process all of the shifts. But you will have the courage, ability, and support  to handle whatever might arise.  And you will have grand adventures of a lifetime!  I took this Auralite with me inside of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and it was with me as I lay down in the sarcophagus.  This was the scene of intense spiritual initiations where the candidate was sealed inside for days to literally cause molecular changes.  It was a trying test, and not all who attempted it survived.  But those who did experienced a quantum leap and the ability to hold more light in their bodies.  Therefore, those who choose this Auralite are powerful souls who will bravely go into the unknown to bring back the jewels of enlightenment.  Be ready for an unforgettable, fast-paced year of transformation!