Oct 02

Are there any crystals that can help with healing my pets?

“Dear Adrienne, I have two cats and they are both senior citizens.  One cat has kidney problems, and the other has stiff joints and issues getting around. Of course I take them to the vet and follow their treatment protocols, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to help them improve their health and quality of life? I love them so much! Are there any crystals that are specific to healing animals?”


Our beloved pets are more than just companions, they are our spiritual helpers, healers, and family members.  Many of them feel so connected to us that we get the sense that they have been with us in other incarnations.  They are playing their role in the planetary ascension alongside us, and they are also subject to the energy shifts that are so prevalent.  I know that my cats have been actively healing me throughout the years.  They seem to know when I need it and are instinctively drawn to position themselves directly over the area of my body where it is required and purr up a storm.  In addition to the physical healing they offer, our pets do so much to lift the energy of our space and to open our hearts.  They are so very sensitive and in-tune, and in my eyes, they are master light-workers that have a lot to teach us.  Our animals give so much, and it is evident to me how much you love your cats and want to give back.  Pets are very receptive to crystal healing and any form of energy work.  When I have done healing work on cats and dogs, they tend to immediately calm down, close their eyes, and take it all in with absolutely no resistance.  Since animals can be pretty sensitive, I want to recommend three crystals that are generally gentle, safe and effective for healing your pets.

Whether dealing with humans or animals, Amethyst is usually the right choice to help treat a variety of common complaints.  Amethyst is a feel-good crystal that brings in divine energy from the higher planes.  This higher energy is very calming, soothing, and healing for a wide variety of emotional issues.  This might be especially useful if an animal is exhibiting anxiety or frenzy, or even if they seem down or depressed. Amethyst is also beneficial for treating aches and pains, stiffness, swelling, and injuries, which made me think of your cat with stiff joints and mobility issues.  In addition to this, Amethyst can have a healing effect on the eliminating and cleansing organs, the immune system, and the respiratory system.  One great benefit of Amethyst is its ability to help transmute lower energies.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes pets will end up with the same physical issues as their guardians?  I have seen it many times: a dog with an alcoholic owner ends up with liver problems or a cat comes down with overactive thyroid, same as her guardian’s entire family, etc.  Perhaps our animals absorb some of our patterns and manifest them.  Having Amethyst around our pets and ourselves can assist us all in clearing the energetic patterns and causes of disease.  And Amethyst is also a crystal of protection, keeping lower energies that might be detrimental to health away. It brings in the influence of Angels and higher beings, who can assist us in healing and miraculous outcomes.  Remember, when in doubt, pull the Amethyst out!

Green Aventurine is a versatile physical healing stone and a top choice to assist any animal (or person) who is facing weakness or disease in any vital organ. I have worked with Gemisphere’s therapeutic Green Aventurine, and I can attest to its incredible healing effects. According to Gemisphere, Green Aventurine can assist an organ or target area in releasing diseased or disharmonious energy, causing a purifying effect. And it also fortifies the organ.  When I have worked with Green Aventurine on myself, I can feel it flooding the area with pure green energy, nourishing it and energetically supporting the regeneration process.  There is an overall feeling of well-being and renewal in the body that also seems to extend to the emotions and thoughts. It releases disharmony on all levels, making it a great all-around healer. I have also seen cats and dogs positively respond to it during healing sessions, literally leaning into my hands when I held this stone, soaking up as many healing vibrations as possible.  Its Quartz content will act to amplify healing energy, making it a perfect compliment to energy modalities, such as Reiki.    

Bloodstone  provides a steady energy of healing, purification, and balance.  It helps to detoxify and strengthen many systems of the body, such as the immune, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and urinary systems. It is one of the top stones recommended for the cleansing organs, making it ideal for supporting your kitty with the kidney problems.  I have a large Bloodstone sphere that I absolutely love, and when I hold it or work with it, I feel at home in my body, very nurtured and very nourished.  It only takes moments being with it to tangibly feel better on all levels.  Perhaps it has to do with the combination of Quartz and Jasper, which is known as the “supreme nurturer.”  Animals love this stone!  A stone of positive energy and vitality, Bloodstone strengthens the root chakra and physical energies.  It also has a solid protective quality that clears and keeps out negative energies that would diminish health.  

The nice thing about these three stones is that they are all common, gentle, safe, effective, affordable, and easy to acquire. If you pet is in a relaxed state, you could simply hold a stone directly over the area of the body that needs treatment.  Whether or not you are officially trained in Reiki or other healing modalities, you can hold the intention that you are sending healing energy through your hands as you do this.  You might feel heat or vibration coming through you and into the stone and area of the body being treated.  You might also want to place these stones in or around the animal’s bed or sleeping area so that they are being treated while asleep.  As long as a crystal or stone is within a few feet of your pet, it can have a healing effect. You could build and activate a simple healing crystal grid for your animal.  Cleanse the stones and place them in a circle or a square around their bed.  State your intention, that the grid is dedicated to bringing in the perfect healing energies for the highest good of your pet.  Then use a terminated Quartz crystal or a Selenite wand to trace the pattern of the grid three times.  This creates a healing force-field and amplifies the combined power of the stones.  Another idea is to place the stones near the animal’s food and water to charge it with healing energy.  Use caution and do not place the stones directly in the food or water, to avoid the animal accidentally ingesting them!  Remember that animals are sensitive beings, so pay attention to how your pet is responding to the crystals.  Many times it will be obvious that they are tuning in, calming down, and soaking up the energy.  If they walk away or don’t settle down, honor this as a sign that it is not the right time or the right crystal at that moment.  Remember to trust yourself and your connection with your beloved pets.  Be open to any other intuitive guidance that might come to you regarding other crystals and healing techniques that might be effective.  And of course, crystals and healing work are a perfect compliment to veterinary care, but should not be used to replace it.  Always follow the advice of a qualified veterinarian. Wishing you and your kitties radiant health, longevity, and happiness!