Feb 27

Are there any crystals I can wear to enhance beauty?

“Dear Adrienne,

I am really ready to find a romantic partner.  I know that men are visual creatures, so I was wondering if there are any crystals that can bring out my inner beauty or help me to be more attractive to the opposite sex?  I couldn’t find much when I tried to look this up myself, so I thought I’d ask if you have any suggestions.”  


We live in a culture that is fixated on physical beauty, and what’s interesting is that beauty really is a state of mind.  Have you ever had a day where you just felt really good and happy, and you noticed that you got more attention from strangers than usual?  Maybe you put on a new shirt that you liked, and you noticed more people looking at you, smiling, or even saying hello during your shopping trip to Target.  Or have you ever known a person who doesn’t have traditionally beautiful or handsome features; but because they exude such radiant and  captivating energy, they are constantly surrounded by admirers?  It just goes to show you that positive energy and feeling good can literally make you more attractive, because people want to be around somebody who naturally shines.  Crystals are perfect for helping you to keep your energy and attitude light and uplifted.  Another factor in beauty is physical health, and crystals can assist in neutralizing damaging toxins and in fortifying all systems of the body so that you glow from the inside out.  I do believe that regular and dedicated work with certain crystals can assist you in making subtle and real physical improvements that you can see in the mirror.  They can assist in balancing and boosting the endocrine system, which can contribute to weight loss and to slowing down, or even reversing, the effects and signs of aging.  Here are my top three crystal picks for helping you align with your true beauty.

Opal is a magical stone of rainbow iridescence that can help you to become as enchanting as it is.  Opals express in all color rays and have many appearances: milky, translucent, banded, sparkly, fiery, even jelly-like.  With all of these variations, one thing that all Opals have in common is their intoxicating beauty, making them a prized gemstone in many ancient civilizations.   Opals have been said to increase many things, such as love, power, fortune, healing, psychic vision, imagination, and luck.  Ancient lore also says that Opals bring out and enhance the beauty of the wearer, and this makes sense based on its properties. Any stone with a flashy, iridescent quality will naturally uplift your heart, mood, and energy, elevating you to a happy, high vibrational place.  And this is what makes you truly attractive to others. Since Opal is Quartz-based and has a water content, this also makes it an extra-powerful energy absorber and amplifier that can hold programs.  So the magical key of this gemstone is to use it in deliberate ways and with intention.  I would suggest choosing a special and beautiful Opal ring that really captivates you with its radiant energy and colors, and dedicate it to bringing out your true inner beauty.  You can even program this into the stone by repeating this intention as a present tense affirmation at least eight to twelve times.  Then, before you start each day, gaze into your beautiful Opal and allow the vibrant colors and energy to transport your emotional state and consciousness to the higher realms of joy. Spend a moment appreciating something beautiful about yourself, perhaps the wise spirit in your eyes or the generosity in your smile.  Each time you do this, you strengthen and reinforce your intention, and you assist and empower your Opal to amplify and highlight your most beautiful features for all others to admire.  

Aquamarine, a treasured gem in many cultures, has historically been associated with beauty, purification, and the ocean. According to folklore, it was found in the mermaid’s jewelry box.  Aquamarine has a calming and uplifting effect, raising your vibration and helping you to easily move into the higher flows.  It is known as the stone of release. It helps you to let go of grief, pain, stifling patterns, and heaviness that you’ve collected throughout the years, so that your beautiful soul essence can shine through and be seen.  Aquamarine is a beautifying stone because of its ability to purify on physical and energetic levels, and also because it heals, balances, and fortifies the endocrine system.  It carries the cleansing power of water, which can be applied to pollutants and toxins we are exposed to that accelerate aging and damage.  It strengthens the cleansing organs of the body, so that we can more easily release these harmful agents.  Aquamarine boosts the glands of the body, strengthening the thyroid, pituitary, and pineal.  Therefore, you can work with Aquamarine over the throat and forehead on a regular basis to balance the hormones, boost the metabolism, and activate your spiritual gifts.  I like this quote from the YoungAgainForever website:  “If we can find a way to keep our hormones flowing, and the glands working at the optimum level throughout the span of our lives, we would have found the fountain of youth.”  Perhaps this is why Aquamarine has been known as the fountain of youth stone.  I would wear Aquamarine daily as a pendant, so that it is in close proximity to the thyroid gland.  And if you are interested in gradually reducing or reversing the signs of aging, I would try the Beryl Rejuvenation Potion technique that I share in my book, Crystal Healing for the Whole Being. 

Amber, a fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, embodies the warmth and life-giving qualities of the sun.  Revered as medicine in many cultures throughout time, Amber was also known to enhance beauty.  It magnifies the qualities that makes the wearer attractive.  Amber acts in a magnetic way.  For instance, if you rub Amber against wool, it will attract paper.  So perhaps Amber’s power of attraction will rub off on you!  It is this same magnetic quality that gives Amber another of its helpful powers:  the ability to draw out negative energy from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and to help transmute it into positive energy.  In this way, it brings a sense of well-being and wholeness as it helps you to become more radiant and joyful.  Amber has been known to work on the endocrine and digestive systems.  With these systems highly functioning, you become teeming with life force energy and alluring vitality.  I would suggest carrying Amber with you as a loose stone that you can touch and rub throughout the day.  Rubbing a piece of Amber seems to activate its powers in a way that you can literally feel as bursts of positive healing energy.  I hope you enjoy working with these beautifying stones and recognize them as mirrors, reflecting to you your own enchanting beauty.