Jun 01

June: Watermelon Tourmaline–Marriage of the Feminine & Masculine

Photo by: R. Weller/Cochise College

All eyes are rightfully on Venus this month due to her alluring dance patterns in the sky. The entire month of June is saturated in Venus retrograde energies, as she gives us the optical illusion that she is moving backwards in the cosmos.  We may experience this as energetic ripples cascading through our relationships, surfacing any unfinished business and karma.  Troubling aspects of a current romantic relationship may be highlighted, and old flames may pop back up to instigate a necessary healing and clearing process. Venus is helping us to clean house and rid ourselves of old habits, wounds, and attitudes around love.  Ultimately, this is a gift to help us refine our relationships and move our love to a higher place.

 But perhaps her most provocative move this month is the rare transit of Venus on June 5th and 6th, which we won’t see again for another hundred years. Directly before the Venus transit, we will have a powerful “super moon” eclipse on June 4th, which will mark a culmination point of energies and a shake-up to take us to the next level.  Then Venus will pass right in front of the Sun.  The Sun will imbue Venus with its positive and life-giving energies, empowering all that she represents and radiating her essence upon Earth. And what Venus represents is goddess energies, happiness, art, beauty, and love.  So the transit of Venus is a cosmic marker of the empowerment of the Divine Feminine…at last! The masculine has been running the show through most of recorded history, and now it is time for the feminine to come into her full glory and share her gifts for the balancing of the Earth.  Each polarity is vital and necessary, one is no better than the other.  The idea is to have both in balance, within ourselves and also on a societal and planetary scale.  June’s Crystal of the Month, Watermelon Tourmaline, contains both the masculine and feminine rays living together harmoniously in one stone.  It is the perfect choice for helping us to achieve the same within ourselves.

Tourmaline is a high vibration gemstone that is a treasured healing tool for many reasons.  It has a striated structure, which means that it has parallel grooves recessed down the length of the stone.  These grooves act as channels, where energy can flow through and be amplified.  In my crystal healing training from Katrina Raphaell, I learned that striated stones are perfect to place where energy is especially dense or negative, to quickly clear and transmute the problem.  I’ve also noticed in my practice that striated stones make great bridges or connectors in crystal healing layouts, as they naturally promote energy flow between two points.  Tourmaline is also piezoelectric, which means that it produces an electric charge or voltage when a mechanical force is applied to it. Piezoelectricity is what makes watches work, and only two other stones share this property: Quartz and Topaz.  Finally, Tourmaline has the widest color range of any other stone–there’s a match for every chakra.  Tourmaline can express in black, brown, red, red-violet, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, indigo, lavender, and violet.  Many times you can find several color combinations in one stone. This is the case with Watermelon Tourmaline, which caries both the pink and green color rays.  

Pink Tourmaline is a pure carrier of the feminine ray. It enhances the feminine qualities inherent in all of us: nurturing, receptivity, intuition, allowing, flowing, and cooperation, just to name a few.   Green Tourmaline is a pure bearer of the masculine ray.  It fortifies our masculine qualities, such as ambition, action, passion, stimulation, analytical thinking, and providing.  There is an uplifting magic that occurs when you gaze at a high quality piece of Watermelon Tourmaline. Although pink and green are almost perfect opposites on the color wheel, the two colors come together in Watermelon Tourmaline and compliment each other in such a beautiful and pleasing way. They do more than coexist, the contrast actually seems to enhance the vibrancy inherent in of each color ray.  The pink shines brighter next to the green, and vice versa.  And the combination produces synergy, an energy field of wholeness and amplified radiance. Isn’t this what we are shooting for in our romantic relationships: to create partnerships where each person enhances and brings out the sparkle in the other, and when combined create more than when separate? This is also what we are trying to create within ourselves, the harmonious integration of our internal polarities.  Watermelon Tourmaline models this for us and gifts us with the energetic blueprint for making it our reality.

Watermelon Tourmaline is the perfect gemstone for activating the higher heart, since it contains both heart chakra colors and has a naturally high vibration. Located a few inches about the heart chakra, the higher heart connects us to higher levels of love, in the spectrum of Divinity, the soul plane, and higher dimensional realities. Activating our higher heart helps us to connect to higher, more evolved forms of love that exist beyond 3D. It is a love that is accepting; without conditions, fears, lower emotional tendencies, or the need to control. Evolving the heart is the quickest route to raising our light levels.  It’s no surprise that Watermelon Tourmaline is a gemstone that connects us with Metatron and his energies of ascension and higher order.  

Watermelon Tourmaline’s lithium content is another important key in its ability to activate the higher heart. Lithium helps us to achieve a higher state of consciousness by naturally activating our third eye and intuition.  It also has a calming and centering effect. This makes Watermelon Tourmaline conducive to achieving meditative states, to raising our consciousness to the soul plane.  It also relieves lower emotional states such as panic, stress, anxiety and depression. So working with it helps us to move beyond these conditions so that we can get in touch with our higher feeling nature.  It gives us access to the quality of love and emotion inherent in the higher expression of our soul.

One of the key vibratory notes of the soul plane is joy, and Watermelon Tourmaline clearly connects to this high emotional frequency. In my opinion, joy is one of the highest states we can embody. Take a moment and remember a time when you were in a state of complete bliss and joy.  It feels like all of the cells in your body are singing and humming, and your heart is wide open and radiating pure love.  It is the feeling of being aligned with your true spiritual nature and soul authenticity.  When you are there, you feel a vibration that courses through you, harmonizing all aspects and bringing them into a higher alignment.  If you can maintain that state, even sad events can quickly be transmuted in the flows of higher reality perspective.  Since Watermelon Tourmaline naturally exudes the vibration of joy, wearing it as a pendant over the higher heart or placing it there in crystal layouts can help to infuse you with happy energy and a brighter emotional state.  You access the higher emotional nature of your soul through your higher heart; and Watermelon Tourmaline, with its striated structure, creates the bridge that allows these energies to flow from your soul to you.  
In honor of Venus and the energetic trends she bestows, I’d like to offer a powerful, two-part Watermelon Tourmaline exercise that is perfect to do this month. It is designed to integrate your masculine and feminine sides, while also connecting you to the energy and higher vision of your soul.  You’ll need one piece of Watermelon Tourmaline, and be sure to cleanse it before you begin.

Begin by lying down, and then place the Watermelon Tourmaline directly over your higher heart.  Then place your hands in the namaste prayer position at your heart chakra.  Place your hands facing each other, with your fingertips touching and palms slightly cupped.  This simple mudra naturally brings in an energy that balances your masculine and feminine energies.  Now hold the intention that you are tuning into your Divine Feminine, who is coming in at the left side of your body.  Ask for a symbol that represents her, and take note of the first impression that you receive.  It could be a color, a shape, an image, a scent, or a feeling.  Be open to her, and trust the first thing that comes to you.  Once you feel the connection, ask her what she needs so that she can come into her highest expression.  Spend a moment listening to what she is expressing, and take it into your heart.   Now you will do the same with your Divine Masculine, who is coming in at the right side of your body.  Ask for a symbol that represents him, and be open to receiving an impression.  Then spend some time tuning in and asking him what he needs to come into his full expression in your life.  

Once you have gathered this information from your masculine and feminine selves, it is time to integrate them both at your higher heart. First ask your Divine Feminine to send a beam of her pink ray straight to the Watermelon Tourmaline over your higher heart.  Then ask your Divine Masculine to send a beam of his green ray to this area.  Feel these energies blending harmoniously and spinning at the higher heart, unifying in a beautiful and synergistic way.  The Watermelon Tourmaline will facilitate the merging, imprinting patterns of higher integration.  

With your masculine and feminine now joined together, you can start phase two of this meditation:  connecting with your higher self on the soul plane.  Tune into the Watermelon Tourmaline, and invoke the power of its striated structure to build an energetic bridge spanning from your higher heart up into the realm of your soul. Visualize the bridge forming, then invite your soul to appear on the other side.  Take a moment to really witness all of the beauty, love, vibrant colors, exquisite patterns, and sheer brilliance that is your higher self.  Ask for and receive an infusion of soul energy straight into your higher heart. Really allow yourself to take it in, then ask your soul to show you a vision of your highest and most joyful path and the greatest potential you can achieve in this lifetime.  Bask in this vision, absorb your highest potential, and then ask your soul for advice about what you can do to begin manifesting this higher vision as your reality.  You can also ask your soul any other question you may have at this time.  Be open to receiving the beautiful wisdom that is available to you, and know that you can do this at any time when you need guidance.  Your soul is always here, and it delights in answering all of your requests for help. May this meditation help you get the most out of this cosmic healing opportunities available this month; and may Venus shower you with all of her blessings, moving you into a space of greater wholeness and love.