If you could only have 5 healing crystals in your toolbox, which would you choose?

Adrienne GoffIn this wonderful, free download, I give you my top crystal picks for moving your energy into the highest space possible.

I feature my five favorite crystals for the ascension times, along with beautiful photos, a summary of their metaphysical properties, and unique crystal healing techniques that I have designed to help you apply their powers for your highest good.

I share:
    • how to create a Violet Flame cleansing bath
    • how to download your Divine Feminine aspect
    • how to send love and healing in a relationship that is struggling
    • how to manifest something wonderful
    • how to heal your etheric blueprint of past traumas.
    • BONUS: Simple Ascension Layout for the chakras, which includes all five crystals working together synergistically to open, clear, and activate your entire energetic system.
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In Light,

Adrienne Goff


book-coverCrystal Healing for the Whole Being, 10 Practical Techniques for Personal TransformationCrystal Healing for the Whole Being is a must-read for anyone who is an aspiring Crystal Healer or for those who love crystals and stones and just want to know more. Full of beautiful photos, diagrams, techniques, crystal layouts, and crystal grids; it gives you all of the essential information you need to work with crystals to change your life. Get your autographed copy today!Crystals and gemstones can enhance your power to create beautiful realities for yourself. Inside each gemstone exists a world of sacred geometry, pure energy, and high sentience that can harmonize with you to initiate healing, expansion, and a windfall of blessings. If you are someone with an attraction to gems and crystals that has resulted in a growing collection, and you are now wondering what you can do with all of your treasures, then this book is for you! Crystal energy expert, Adrienne Goff, shares her secrets for creating life-changing results through her clear explanation of specific crystal techniques she’s gathered and created through over decade of work with the crystalline kingdom.Discover the power of programming Quartz crystals for manifestation, building crystal grids to enhance your space and your goals, and creating gemstone body layouts to illuminate your energy and consciousness. Some of the activities are simple, easy-to-do exercises involving just a handful of crystals. And for those who are more ambitious, clear instructions are given for building complex crystal mandalas to create a truly powerful force field of change. So invite the light of the crystal kingdom into your life, and discover through direct experience how their natural brilliance can uplift your whole being. Click here to order the book.
donaldson“I have had the pleasure of meeting Adrienne, different countries, different venues. And I love being in her company. Her energy is always so gracious and grounded, fun and true. Every time Adrienne speaks, out flows so much wisdom and knowledge straight from her heart. Her crystal wisdom is priceless and timeless. Thanks Adrienne!”

Kim Donaldson

Tauranga, New Zealand.