If you could only have 5 healing crystals in your toolbox, which would you choose?

In this wonderful, free download, I give you my top crystal picks for moving your energy into the highest space possible.

I feature my five favorite crystals for the ascension times, along with beautiful photos, a summary of their metaphysical properties, and unique crystal healing techniques that I have designed to help you apply their powers for your highest good.

I share:

  • How to create a Violet Flame cleansing bath.
  • How to download your Divine Feminine aspect.
  • How to send love and healing in a relationship that is struggling.
  • How to manifest something wonderful.
  • How to heal your etheric blueprint of past traumas.
  • BONUS: Simple Ascension Layout for the chakras, which includes all five crystals working together synergistically to open, clear, and activate your entire energetic system.

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In Light,

Adrienne Goff

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